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Les réfugiés camerounais au Nigeria repoussent l’aide humanitaire de Yaoundé

RFI | Les réfugiés camerounais au Nigeria écrivent au HCR pour dire non à l’aide humanitaire que Yaoundé se propose de leur apporter. Pour cette aide, le gouvernement a lancé un appel à la générosité à travers le pays.

Des opérations de collectes ont ainsi été lancées et ont déjà permis de récolter des centaines de millions de francs CFA. L’enveloppe globale de 12,7 milliards sera complétée par le budget de l’Etat et des contributions des pays amis.

Les populations des deux régions anglophones en sont les principales bénéficiaires, mais aussi les près de 22 000 personnes qui ont fui le conflit et se sont réfugiés au Nigeria. Sauf que ces derniers n’entendent rien recevoir du gouvernement.

« Nous n’accepterons aucune aide et ne voulons voir aucune visite de la part du gouvernement camerounais », écrivent en substance, la dizaine de signataires de cette correspondance adressée au bureau du HCR à Abuja. Ils disent agir au nom des 21 000 réfugiés camerounais anglophones au Nigeria. Ils énumèrent ensuite les raisons de cette défiance à l’égard du pouvoir de Yaoundé.

Entre autres, le fait, argumentent-ils, que la situation de précarité dans laquelle ils se trouvent aujourd’hui est le fait du gouvernement qui se propose de leur venir en aide. Ou encore le fait que le leader pro-indépendance Sisiku Ayuk Tabe et ses ses compagnons, dont Yaoundé avait obtenu l’extradition après leur arrestation en janvier dernier au Nigeria, soient toujours détenus au secret et sans jugement.

« Le problème des réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile camerounais au Nigeria n’est pas la nourriture », ajoutent-ils, en rappelant qu’ils invitent le président Biya à traiter les causes profondes de la crise.

La correspondance est aussi marquée par un certain nombre d’exigences dont principalement « la libération sans conditions de tous les prisonniers que ce conflit a générés et l’ouverture des négociations sous l’égide des Nations unies et de l’Union africaine ».

? Crise au Cameroun: Emmanuel Macron vante la décentralisation

Le chef de l’État français a parlé au téléphone avec le président Biya à l’occasion de ce voyage au Nigeria, et suggère de recourir à la décentralisation pour tenter de sortir de cette crise…

Je pense que ce dont la région a besoin, c’est d’ouverture, de trouver les bons modèles de régulation, d’accompagner des réformes de décentralisation, de libertés régionales qui sont offertes, dans un cadre national clair.

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  1. Oh yes we biafrans ss refered to by our very low IQ french neighbour’s are a proud people capable of taking care of our own. Give your side to the hungry hungry drunks down south.I really think @mbappe mom needs aid more than we do

    • I like your humour!
      It seems like you guys are lacking in PR.
      This is the reason your “fantasy” is doomed to fail as you lack strategies as we can see here

  2. Be nice to know where rejected aid money ends up.

    • …and the Einstein definition of insanity keeps cropping up. Yesterday the decapitation of the Consortium was calculated to suffocate and kill a people’s yearning for justice and fair play. It failed as a foreign-based governing structure took over. That too was decapitated by a most unorthodox means. It still failed as a new governing structure quickly filled the void.

      Given such manifest realities, sanity would consider a different approach than enrolling mercenaries to go after the present crop of leaders. There must be a better way of tackling this problem than bloodletting!


    The refugees are aware that LRC was simply using their predicament as a smokescreen to raise some badly needed cash for the country.

    “One and indivisible” LRC is broke

    The country needs money to:

    1. pay the salaries of civil servants
    2. sustain Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE war
    3. finance Dictator Biya’s phoney elections
    4. Whet the insatiable appetite of embezzlers

    Believe me or not, the so-called “Plan d’urgence” is a financial crisis rescue plan for LRC. It has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with the refugees of SC.
    LRC is simply using those refugees to raise badly needed cash.
    To add salt to injuries, an ex-convict and murderer was appointed to manage the money. It is like asking the lion to take care of goats


      Macron proposal of DECENTRALISATION should be considered as the last kicks of a dying horse. Nothing more nothing less.

      Macron is simply wasting his precious time and energy. This is so because Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to shake off FOREVER the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels. There is nothing, I repeat nothing France, LRC, Nigeria, the AU, the UN or any other entity can do to stop the present momentum of the struggle. BYE-BYE LRC, BUEA HERE WE COME


      France is proud to celebrate the storming of the Bastille (14 July 1789) every year as a national holiday.
      However, Macron is proposing DECENTRALISATION in order to continue to keep Southern Cameroonians as slaves of LRC. Of course, SC was NEVER a colony of France. Southern Cameroonians will, therefore, ignore any proposals from France. BTW, France is part of the Anglophone Question and not the solution.

      The right of SELF DETERMINATION cannot be suppressed with the help of the military or DECENTRALISATION.
      France has accepted a REFERENDUM as the solution to the New Caledonia Question.

      France did not:

      1. create a Commission on Bilingualism, or
      2. translate the OHADA text or
      3. bribe the Fons to say they were against “secession” or
      4. send the military to commit war crimes or


      LRC and France know that DECENTRALISATION is not a solution to the Anglophone Question. Dictator Biya had already sent Bishop KLeda to preach DECENTRALISATION in SC. His idea was rejected.

      The MAJORITY of the Anglophones have stated with one voice that they are fed up with the INFORMAL COHABITATION.
      Biya or Macron can NEVER suppress the will of the majority of Southern Cameroonians..
      The killings, bribing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by LRC and Chad can only DELAY. It can NEVER EVER suppress the will of the people.


      The so-called “one and indivisible” has run out of options.

      She started by disseminating LIES that monkeypox has been discovered in SC and asked the refugees to leave the forest because the monkeypox would kill them. The villagers said NYET.

      Now the same LRC is raising badly needed cash using the refugees as a smokescreen.
      The refugees have said with one voice that they do not want anything from LRC.

      However, LRC is still collecting money using the refugees as a smokescreen.

      LRC is a country ruled by embezzlers and conmen. That is the reason an ex-convict has even been appointed interior minister and custodian of the money from the “plan d’urgence”


  4. My question is who is finance the UN and where the money is coming from . If the UN can’t finance or help Syria; Palestine ; Nigeria or South Sudan what make you think they will help terrorists group like ambazonia

  5. So funny, that France will tell Nigeria, what to do to another african and it works.
    What actually makes Nigeria so vulnerable, other than the corruption that is endemic
    in that country. Look at the size and location of both countries, and there is every
    indication, that Nigeria will be in a better position, to be reckoned with. But corruption
    and the love for money, has reduced Nigeria to the status of a begger and small power.
    Macron and his sojourns to Washington, Nigeria, his envoy to Cameroon etc, are not
    just story telling, but something to take seriously.
    Secondly, the positions of the UK, US and even Germany, shouldn`t be seen as a reliable
    last resort. Remember, that they address themselves as AllIES, and we can not forget

  6. So funny again, is the role of the churches in this struggle. Why, would the Catholic church,
    come to relate and work in the interest of Biya`s gov`t by hosting soldiers in their houses etc?
    In a situation like this therefore, can the church be a reliable negotiator in case of a call for
    dialogue or negotiations? Pure No. Time has proven the church as a party, that speaks on
    both sides of the mouth. The clergy are evil men covering their tendencies in big white casocks
    which help paint a false image of who they actually are.
    It will be treachery, to call on the church, for any negotiations in this crisis. It is evil in disguise.

  7. The headline of this article should read, 10 self appointed Ambafool leaders are trying to prevent the urgently needed aid to helpless Cameroonians refugees in Nigeria by sending a letter to the HCR in Abuja.

  8. The government ordered villagers in 16 villages in Manyu alone to evacuate to an unknown destination, the government declared war on the people of West Cameroon Making them refugees in neighboring Nigeria.
    The army has killed, raped, looted and burn more than 70 villages in West Cameroon.
    Who in West Cameroon can trust any aid from the Franco-Cameroonian government? Absolutely nobody.
    Macron a French President talking about decentralization of Sovereign Cameroon on Nigerian soil, where are the panafricanist to cry foul? Hypocrites !!
    They only 2 nations who supported the independence war of Biafra against Nigeria are France and Israel! Why?
    These are the same nations that voted against the independence of southern Cameroons WHY?
    Who is fooling who?
    Nigeria shine your eyes!

  9. How you ku teik chop go givam for person wey you be tell yi for leave and wey yi dey under rain? Na who di chop under rain? How you fit di feed pipo with one hand , di spank dem with the other hand?

  10. They’re sending relief to refugees of a crisis they have been unable to solve. Cheer hypocrisy

  11. Epée Dipanda

    I don’t think any southern Cameroonians invited France here.
    Referenda are organized in their own territories and he wants us to do Decentralisation…very funny. Where was he when his subjects in Larepublique failed to implement that Decentralisation since 1996?
    Where was he when the parliament of his vassal state refused to discuss the “troubles” in parliament?
    Where was he when all the moderates seeking a federation were arrested and locked up giving way to radicals?
    Where was he when our people rising up as one man demanded an end to their marginalisation?
    Only a fool would think that the trash called LaRepublique can continue to colonies Ambaland, chopping ad voluntas ad eternam

    • From the beginning they took us for fools and never involve us in the business for over 50years.They need to be polite, gentile and keep pride aside and we shall be nice to them since we have been used to each other and their leader who does this shall be forgiven for his trespasses for heaven seek and remain an icon in history as the USA ambassador said.FIXE WHAT YOU HAVE DISTROYED BEFORE DYING LRP. Dividing anglophone with elite has been the order of the day but now we are resisting and AMBA IS ONE AND INDIVISIBLE.BURROW IT AGAIN AND LAMENT

  12. #2035Emergence

    I watched a documentary about the American-Vietnam war and before the U.S. could get involve in that war, the French were the colonizer who raped girls and women, kill and shoot young boys and men, burn houses and destroy crops of the locals before they were made to carry their bag and flee an unwinnable war in Vietnam. The actions of these french soldiers sounds familiar to what is going on in West Cameroon(Ambazonia). The master has passed down the the cruel demoralizing tactics to the slaves in East Cameroon which we now see happening in Ambazonia. Just like the French, they will carry their bags and flee or go to the negotiating table.

  13. Son of the soil

    What I like with you ambafools is that you always condemn and bring no other solution than war.I love the way you put things. Destroy your in regions,kill your own people, and when you fail,you will really be colonize by the very people you are insulting, and you’ll live it.the small dollars and euro you work wherever you are only serve to kill your own. The adage is true, black man, black heart.idiots.

    • Epée Dipanda

      Last time I checked you too were a nigger, go figure.
      In any case we am fools have decided to leave you intelligent larepublicans to be wise in your own. You will learn to work for your keep.
      God Bless Ambazonia

  14. Anger accumulated for many years can only be exercised the way you are seeing.Food today from contribution and what next.Let us identify the problem and go straight to the point rather than putting pride ahead and deceiving CAMEROONIANS.Teach them to fish.Why give assistance today when in days ahead there is going to be no food.The people are preferring to die.GOVERNMENT should change strategy.