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Nigerians, American among deported Cameroonian separatists

The News | No fewer than two of the 47 Cameroonian Separatist campaigners deported to Cameroon by the Nigerian authorities last Friday, are Nigerian citizens by naturalisation.

And one of them, Professor Awasum Augustine, a lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, is an American citizen.

The naturalised Nigerians are Dr. Ojong Okongho, a businessman and Mrs. Nalowa Bih, a lawyer, according to a letter sent by their lawyer, Abdul Oroh on Tuesday to United States Embassy, the British High Commission, United Nations Human Rights Council and others.

The leader of the separatists in Nigeria, Sisuku Ayuk Tabe, who was also deported along with 46 others on Friday teaches at the American University of Nigeria in Yola.

Three others Dr Nfor Ngala Nfor, chairman of Southern Cameroon Council, Mr. Tussang Wolfred, a teacher and Barrister Shufai Blaise Berinyu, have already applied for political asylum in Nigeria.

Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, who was also bundled to Yaounde with them teaches at American University, while Dr. Henry Kimeng teaches at Ahmadu Bello University. Dr. Cornelius Kwanga iand Dr. Ogork Ntui are lecturers at Umar Musa Yar’adua University in Katsina, while Barrister Eyambe Elias is a refugee in Nigeria.

Abdul Oroh, a prominent human rights activist and former member of the House of Representatives in the letter said 39 other refugees were arrested in Jalingo, Taraba state, by the Police and all were deported, along with the leaders, who were arrested in Abuja by the Brigade of Guards on 5 January.

The latter were detained for several weeks by the Defence Intelligence Agency, DIA, he said.

Oroh described the deported Cameroonians as political activists and members of the Southern Cameroon National Council, “a body committed to preventing genocide and the oppression of the people of Southern Cameroon”.

“Our clients entered Nigeria legally through approved points of entry and have not committed any crime to warrant their arrest and deportation to Cameroon in breach of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law subscribed to by the Nigerian Government”, Oroh said in the letter.

Oroh said the refugees were fleeing from “oppression and possible genocide from the Cameroonian military and paramilitary forces as directed by the Government of President Paul Biya.“

He said the purpose of their meeting in Abuja was to brief the Nigerian authorities about the situation in Southern Cameroon, solicit the support of the Nigerian Government in peacefully resolving the problem and to sensitise the Nigerian people who have gracefully hosted the refugees in the spirit of African brotherhood and as good neighbours.

Oroh appealed for urgent diplomatic intervention `’to prevent the imminent prosecution and execution of the political prisoners as they cannot be guaranteed free and fair trial by the Cameroonian authorities.

” We also appeal that the prisoners be released forthwith to the UN High Commission for the Refugees in compliance with International Humanitarian Law. Assuming without conceding, that they were involved in armed conflict, they should be treated as hors de combat, guaranteed humane treatment and afforded all the judicial guarantees including presumption of innocence, which are considered indispensable by civilised peoples”.

In justifying the deportation of the Cameroonian rebels, the Nigerian authorities appeared to be relying on an International warrant issued for the arrest of Ayuk Tabe and others in November 2017, as the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon worsened.

So far, there has been no official word from the Nigerian authorities, either about the arrest or the deportation of the 47 Cameroonians. The only official confirmation came from Cameroon itself, where Minister of Communications, Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the “47 terrorists among them Mr. Ayuk Tabe has for some hours being in the hands of Cameroonian justice before which they will answer for their crimes”.

The deportation of the Cameroonians had a precedence in 2006, when the Obasanjo administration, allowed t former Liberian leader, Charles Taylor, who was on asylum in Nigeria, to be kidnapped and then shipped to Monrovia and later the International Court of Justice to face trial for war crimes.

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  1. No matter the nationality, gang membership and killing is not what the Lord is asking of us. Citizenship can be revoked once acquired. Asking for asylum doesn’t mean you should advocate for violence. Even Americans might likely rescind his citizenship but with due process otherwise he wouldn’t have made it to Yaounde. Good luck guys the head I want to see is Ayaba cho

    • Do you have any evidence of what you are saying? Do you even know what it means self defence? Shut up where you seem so empty so that the wrong impression might save you. The ADF, Tigers, SOCADEF, Banso Resistance Movement, Ndu Liberation Fighters, Kupe-Muanenguba Defence Force headed by the charismatic Ekane Epie are not taking orders from the IG so keep quiet. Did your brothers in Tombel tell you he order the bloodbath after it took away teriorist soldiers from LRC? Did he ordered the burning down of Kwakwa or the beheading of the rapist BIR? Did he order the sacking of Dadi, Kembong, Akwaya, Kombone, Ikilliwindi, Mbanga-Bakundu, Manyeme, Dikume-Balue, Did your brothers in Bangem tell you he ordered the SDO and DO hostage taking? Disappear now.

      • – So called FB ambazonians argued their FB leaders are refugees and can never be extradited.
        – Mark Bareta congo head threatened to activate code RED
        – Aimless and jobless diasporas were asked to protest at the Nigerian embassies across the globe
        — The list goes ON and ON

        You can see how noisy this struggle has become. Who will want to replace something that doesn’t work anymore with something that doesn’t work? LRC regime is crap and what so called ambazonia has shown on FB is that it is worst. All the FB thugs want to be a leader by making useless and pointless videos on FB – this is just a sign to show that this fight now is just about greed and power and not for the vulnerable people at home.

        – There is an anglophone problem but the way you guys have gone about it is not good.

        • – We are now trying to identify some of your properties and family members back in SC and we will also target them – it’s too much

          – All your videos and pictures on FB will be analysed and your properties family members in SC will be targeted. IF you want to make Southern Cameroon Southern Sudan, we will help you.

          For every vulnerable southern Cameroonian that is being killed now by LRC brutal army, ONE of your family members will be buried too.

          For each school or shop burnt down, one of you looses a property also – this is the way we have to go now so that we both incur losses – WHO IS THE LUCKY ONE TO START WITH?

          HOW MANY OF YOU ON FB HAVE LOST A FAMILY MEMBER? START counting your losses from today

        • Sounds reasonable. That idiot in particular should be a target. He feel comfortable where ever he is but he will with time pay the Price. Scamming other stupid so called Ambazonians in the Diaspora by collecting Money from as contribution for a stupid struggle. True, we have a problem in Cameroon but that is not the way to get it solve.

        • @ Mark Bareta
          One of the reason why some of us are against secession is because we know that if that happens, SC will become the new South Soudan ,if not worst !
          For the noise makers on social media, please deal with them only
          Leave their families back home out of this. Most of the time the families back home don’t know about the activities of thier sons/ daughters in the diasporan.

        • Agree with you Mark Bareta. You and Bobjazz know what you are talking about. There is indeed an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. I clearly saw it when I visited Cameroon. Anglophones are considered second class citizens. But the problem is the regime not the Francophone Cameroonians. Secession is not the solution. People like Ayuk are power and money hungry people. Ambazonia does not exist and who elected this man as their president? The 46 others who are together with him in jail in Yaoundé? Ayuk is responsible for the killing of innocent villagers by the Cameroonians defence forces.

    • @Bakossi
      You are 100% correct. Their nationality is not what we are after. They spilled the blood of innocent Cameroonians to satisfy their political agenda; they must and will pay for their crimes, no mercy.
      Put them on trial (which is more due process than their innocent victims ever received), find them guilty and execute them immediately after sentencing.

      We Cameroonians are refusing any negotiation, any dialogue and blah blah blah. The lines have been crossed and all we want at this stage is to spill the blood of all terrorists who murdered innocents Cameroonians, no more talks, it’s time to kill the cockroaches!

      Cameroon the majestic,
      Cameroon the beautiful
      Cameroon the promised land

      Forever united and indivisible….anyone who does not like this basic fact can go hang himself…

      • @USA: “Dans les années 58, lorsque le Cameroun demandait l’indépendance et la Réunification, lorsque l’UPC demandait l’indépendance, le peuple camerounais uni derrière ce parti et les gens qui étaient au pouvoir, à savoir la France qui a placé Ahidjo les ont qualifiés de terroristes et maquisards. On les a poursuivis dans les maquis, ils sont allés dans les brousses. Et plus tard, le président Paul Biya les a rendus héros nationaux, ils sont devenus comme les pères fondateurs de notre Cameroun. Aujourd’hui, c’est la même chose, il y a des gens qui ne sont pas contents de la forme de l’Etat centralisé, hyper centralisé entre les mains d’un seul homme fait dieu, Paul Biya et qui demandent la forme fédérale pour que chaque Etat fédéré puisse avoir sa quote-part”

        -Maitre Jean de Dieu Momo-

        • Une vraie bande de dégénérés mentaux!

          C’est quoi vraiment le sujet de la conversation? S’agit-il du Cameroun ou de Mr. Biya?

          Mr. Biya est comme nous le savons tous un homme politique. Le Cameroun par contre est un pays. Des gens qui se disent aussi éduqués et instruis comme vous le prétendez et pourtant ne pouvent pas faire la difference entre un être humain et un pays.

          Si vous voulez remplacer Mr. Biya, allez le battre aux élections qui arrivent, dans l’arène politique, puisque vous êtes aussi unis et intelligents comme vous le prétendez, ça devrait être donc facile non?

          Et si vous ne pouvez pas competir dans le cadre politique, ne vous attaquez pas à mon cher pays, le Cameroun qui est et restera à jamais uni pour tous ces fils et filles.

        • C’est évident que tu ne sais rien de l’histoire du Cameroun, va donc regarder le programme politique de l’UPC dans les années 50 et tu verras que la réunification du Cameroun était bel et bien une de leur revendications fondamentale…ils étaient bel et bien des héros nationaux qui n’ont rien à voir avec un groupe de Biafrais qui veulent détruire notre pays sous prétexte qu’ils doivent être president…

        • Ce n’est pas la même chose Nikov. Ces Ambazoniens ne veulent pas de système fédéral. Ils veulent se séparer du Cameroun et former leur république d’Ambazonia que la majorité des anglophones ne veulent pas. Ils détestent les francophones du Cameroun et les anglophones qui sont contre la séparation. Les maquisards se battaient pour la liberté et non pour la séparation. La majorité des camerounais les anglophones inclus savent que le problème c’est Paul Biya et la France et pas celui qui parle anglais ou français au Cameroun. Ces sécessionnistes détestent tous ceux qui parlent français au Cameroun. Ce n’est pas ce que les maquisards représentaient.

      • So the blood of those harmless citizens that were shot dead on the 1st of Oct doing a peaceful march were not humans? Are some Cameroonians more human than others because they put on uniform? I strongly condemn the killings of military officials but to come here and talk of their killings without mentioning those the military has killed is a disgrace and not objective at all. Try to b fair.

  2. Two sh****le countries cementing their position on the TI corruption perception index. The revolution cannot be killed. The idea is taking international dimension and will only explode. The shrewd Biya who thrives in avoiding public exposure is probably reeling now as his name and repressive policies are crossing lips in the US Congress. Nigerians are now aware of what their easterly neighbors are being toiled and subjugated. Obiang Nguema speaking against this evil will create awareness in his country. Calls are coming in within Nigeria of how naturalized citizens of Nigeria can be summarily extradited without judiciary process. Truly this arrest is a blessing in disguise. Unless a grain of weed falls to the ground and dies it will forever remain a grain weed. Short lived disappointment.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Terrorist dot

      No wonder you have been celebrating since you found out that sick seku ayuk tabe had been arrested and shipped to Cameroon to face justice.

      What a blessing to TRC and what an even bigger blessing to the delusional republic of ambazombies!

      Stupidity will send all your leaders to kondengui to be fried and eaten by the gendarmes whose comrades were killed by the ambazombie manyu tigers and the ambazombie defense forces.
      A blessing indeed for TRC!

      • You are so ignorant and foolish that I really don’t feel like wasting any words on you. All I can say is this “either we’ll be free or the criminal occupation army will continue to fall like flies, and we are just warming up”. Retarded moron.

    • A United States Congressman has taken the happenings in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region to the House of Representatives (HOR) seeking a formal condemnation of Yaounde’s handling of the crisis.

      According to House Resolution 718 submitted on January 29, 2018 by Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York’s 1st Congressional District, the Cameroon government must be condemned for actions taken against author Patrice Nganang who was detained and subsequently deported for allegedly ‘insulting’ President Paul Biya.

      The resolution chronicled a series of events from January last year when Cameroon government placed a communication blackout on its English-speaking regions after clashes with separatists.


  3. This is cameroon we already gave a gold mine to the americans and british just to smoke ya arse all so keep making noise and selling what don’t belong to you…you will all end like this..Monkeys!


    I just seen some images coming from I guess Yaounde Central Prison and all I could notice was the algae infested walls. You mean to tell me that La Republic lacks paint or why on earth will a central prison in a country look like that ? Chai ! Na for separate! If anything we should fight the civil war because those fools in the East of the mungo have no plans to stop whorshiling their Emperor Biya. The fight will enter New dimensions as Nigerians in the SW and NW will be targeted, and more colonials fighters will disappear! The level brainwashing and comfort of francofoools in that Sh$THOLE gives no chance of new leader of Cameroon anytime soon!

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      There is God Ohh.

      wait til you see pictures of the prison were the ambazombie terrorist leaders are being held… Even pigs will find that prison uncomfortable. There are rats, cockroaches, ants crawling over sick seku ayuk tabe and his friends in there now! What a blessing to the TRC to arrest these criminals and what a blessing to the delusional republic of ambazombie supporters!
      Wuna go separate we see? Shumbu them!


  5. Its unfortunate that some people still believe in this so call arrests, Sisiku will surprise you all.

  6. @ patrick

    who cares about SISIKU , HE started crying already, he will talk by force just waited and be patience.

    who cares if some of them are an American citizen, I don’t give a shit about the citizenship.

    believe me or not he will talk fast

  7. You are wasting your time.

  8. @Patrick U have just spoken my mind.I am surprised that some people still believe in this so called deportation of bona fide Nigerian citizens and American citizens and political assylees in Nigeria to LRC.Till now,no official statement from the Nigerian gov’t concerning Issa Tchoronko’s claims,and to make matters worse,LRC have not shown us any image of HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, and some people still believe in Issa Tchoronko’s scam.I have said it,and i will still say it,let LRC enjoy their last joker while it last…

    • We feel you.
      It is hard to take what just happened.
      You will eventually wake up and realize it is all over.

    • @ Kongosa, Please go and study international law. Ignorance is a disease.

    • Are you serious? Mamamieeee!!! Na so the madness serious? There is no hope for you pa. Hope someone will be around you when you awaken, we don’t want you to kill yourself when reality finally sinks in.

    • @kongosa
      “No confirmation from Nigeria” You are not serious. You are the same guys who rejected their Arrest because Nigeria said nothing up till date. It’s funny if you are still waiting for Nigeria to confirm what the Minister said. But you forgot to mention that they have not also rejected it. Where are you? You believes will not Change the reality. The fight continues and they are in for the worst.

  9. Hang them all.

  10. Beating aMBAS WITH MALL A is the only solution to this problem as the ambas are sleeping in an everlasting utopian illusion. A country is fist of all the land, that land is Kamerun or Cameroon today if you want, people are simply the living ON the land.

  11. Chess and game theory showed that this particular venture will,end up is failure. So why are these guys still trying to hold onto their blood thirst?

  12. According to the NationalTelegraph, ” La Republique President, diaper-wearing octogenarian Paul BIYA may have died or at least in critical state in Intensive Care Unit; suffering from advanced stage of prostrate cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis” .

    • Still he want to rig elections. What’s wrong with some people?

    • I would strongly recommend ignoring such meaningless publications that only help to sow confusion in the minds of the people.

      Obviously a person in such a state would be desperately praying for his life and making peace with God rather than ordering the destruction of other lives.

      • Doc,

        The publication is NOT meaningless. Biya is in trouble this time around. He is either dead or incapacitated. The news is credible and compelling The de facto rulers of that ISLAND OF EVIL at present are Beti criminals, such as Eboutou, Beti Assomo, Meka et al.

      • Well, you are assuming that he is a normal and rational human being, by now it should be apparent to you that he is not.

    With every responsibility there is a judgement; the greater the responsibility, the greater the judgement.

    Presumed street smartness may provide temporary euphoria for those so inclined but ultimate responsibility rests with those vested with it. Today we are celebrating George Weah and Ellen Sirleaf Johnson in Liberia with hardly any mention of one time flamboyant leader Charles Taylor who had the knife and the yam and was nudged and hailed into heinous crimes by like-minded, street smart buddies. Taylor is today doing a 50 year jail term.
    Nigeria, like Cameroon, has responsibility to a higher authority. Those who rule know so and understand which voices to listen to when they act because ultimately, it is they, not the zealots on the street, to answer for their acts.

  14. @james I have said it.And i am still going to say it.LRC is trying to seek relevance by saying that HE Sisiku and co have been extradited to LRC.And Nigeria is part of he conspiracy.But we are too smart for that.Let them enjoy their last joker while it last…HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is still under the custody of the Nigerian gov’t.

  15. @bobjazz U are still opening your mouth talking about federation when Biya stated clearly,on the 31st of Dec 2016, that the form of the state is non-negotiable?Are u serious? Well,the Ambasonian gov’t has given Nigeria and LRC up to the 5th of February to show proof of life of HE Sisiku Ayuk and his gov’t.U people thought this game u are play was going to be easy,but just wait.U will vomit the truth of those people’s where about.Ambasonia is not joking.

  16. Very strange that, when they are doing noises, they still Cameroonian but when they catch them, they became foreigners ….. they will pay the bill on behalf if any nationality

  17. @Colby Do u think HE Sisiku is monseigneur Balla? The game is on.Biya has beaten more than he can chew.LRC and Nigeria has until the 5th of Feb 2018,to show proof of life of the Ambasonian leader.The game is on.