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One soldier killed in northwest Cameroon

Anadolu Agency | Defense minister blames death on Anglophone activists, amid unrest in English-speaking region

YAOUNDE, Cameroon

A Cameroonian soldier was killed on Friday by suspected English-speaking activists in the country’s northwest, Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo told Anadolu Agency.

“Pvt. Yaya Emmanuel, a member of the 22nd motorized infantry battalion, was slaughtered this morning in his room in the Mamfe locality,” Assomo said, blaming the death on English-speaking activists.

He is the fourth Cameroonian officer to be killed in the English-speaking region in less than a week, but the crimes have not been claimed by Anglophone activists.

English-speaking regions of Cameroon have lived for almost a year in a state of unrest, witnessing strikes and demonstrations denouncing discrimination against the Anglophone minority in favor of the Francophone majority.

Violence left dozens of protesters dead and over 100 injured last month after tens of thousands of people began a peaceful march to proclaim the independence of Western Cameroon, also known as Ambazonia, according to the International Crisis Group.

French Cameroon gained its independence from France in 1960. In 1961, a federal state was set up when British Cameroon broke away from Great Britain and joined French Cameroon. The federal state was later dissolved in favor of a unitary state in 1972.

Since then, English-speakers say they have been marginalized, forced to use French in public institutions and schools, and use the French-Cameroon legal system.

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  1. You reap what you sow!!! RIP.

  2. If biya and his rogue advisers had heeded to the sense of reason to order their
    brutal and poorly trainned troops out of Ambazonia, all the attendant followup
    stories would not have happened.
    This is mismanagement of state affairs and a peoples revolution is the solution
    at this time.
    In Bamenda region and the SDF, main opposition party HQ base, and it is silent.
    What excuse, do they have?

    • Bad governance does not mean some barbaric people should prevent students from going to school or kill. Those terror makers will never succeed.
      They are destroying their own region. They do not believe in democracy as they agress, insult anybody( Franco or andlo) in Cameroon or abroad who does not share their views.
      That terror strategy has weaken the overall anglophone movement. Nobody can deal with terrorists.

      • They are destroying the region they built with little input from you! Why are you mad about it? When we told you not to carry out terror on unarmed people , you were beating your chests and trumpeting the prowess of the Bir. Nobody can deal with state sponsor of terror and any other kind of terrorists!

        • Hundreds of unarmed Southern Cameroonians were murdered in cold blood by soldiers of LRC. Citizens of LRC praised the BIR for a job well done.

          Three LRC soldiers of LRC have now been killed, most probably by Agents Provocateurs of the same LRC. Citizens of LRC are promising retaliation on Southern Cameroonians.

          One thing is certain: There is no military solution to this struggle. The people of SC are determined to seek a FINAL SOLUTION to their predicaments. The FINAL SOLUTION WILL BE GOTTEN COME RAIN OR COME SHINE. There is nothing LRC or France can do to stop the present momentum.


          No dirty tricks, no commission on bilingualism, no bribing of traitors, etc, will resolve the present impasse.


        • ambazonian from LRC

          Why are writing down those kind of stupidity. And you are denying the facts that zombizonian terrorist want to turn a whole part of this country into a far west. Many francophons leaders and members of the civil society are condemning since the beginning of this struggle the mismanagement of the situation by this government of bandits.
          It is not because some civil servants set disorder because they want to keep their privileges that it means that all the franco to support them

  3. Call a terror maker a terrorist. Those who kill are playing with fire. Where are those foreign organizations who always accuse the government of violating human rights? They are suspectedly silent.
    Radical anglophones are there to kill and claim they are discriminated. It is just an excuse. Francophone regions and people have the same problems. On the contrary, some anglophone are even more connected to the system than more francophones.

    A time will come when those killers will be arrested and brought to court. Stop finding excuses by telling lies and insulting those who prove you wrong. That is a very animalistic attitude.

  4. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  5. Bad governance does not mean some barbaric people should prevent students from going to school or kill. Those terror makers will never succeed.
    They are destroying their own region. They do not believe in democracy as they agress, insult anybody( Franco or andlo) in Cameroon or abroad who does not share their views.
    That terror strategy has jeopardised the overall anglophone movement. Nobody can deal with terrorists.

    • Truth, alias Bel,
      We know who you are! Take on 1000 screen names, but the reality is sinking in. We can see your desperation!

  6. This is actually a very bad strategy from those biafrais.
    YOU WILL BE GLUSHED DOWN you know where.
    This is the wrong move from morons.
    Now the GOC has the needed arguments to go hard or cum the area.
    Remember the BIR aid trained by Israel and you can see how Palestinians behave.
    Not to worry Israeli trained BIR Zia going to dig these &[email protected] from their hideouts and capital punishment is still effective in Kamerun


    • You really don’t like your country that’s why you want these soldiers to fight a war without knowing their enemies or the sponsors of their enemies, the BIRs have families and love ones, they’re human’s just like you and i, you want them to protect your interest, please Cameroon can’t face the war that is coming, the whole world knows that things will never be the same again, we must change our mentality in Africa and solve problems on time.

  7. where its the SDF
    where its the human right
    where its united nation

    if you want to kill go kill Paul Biya no law enforcement ” stupid terrorist ”

    ambasonia you re failing big time “

  8. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword”. (Matthew 26:52)

  9. The Nigerian,South African and the American Governments are not hiding their support for us, Our interim president will be in the UK to inform the authorities of the outcome of the just ended conclave in Nigeria and the putting in place of a government to replace the Jau government that Ahidjo toppled in the late sixties. Our military is not to kill francophones but because we are not part of French African colonies we will bring down all their symbols beginning with the Gerdams,the DOs, the SDOs and the appointed Governors these can be done through dialogue but if La Republic continue to use force yaounde Will be worse than Mogadishu in the years ahead. Park and go in peace now.

    • Owona nguini

      Note this, nothing good will ever come from Yaounde. How many people have been murdered by the same gendarmes? La republic said nothing no they are crying all over the place. Ambazonia n lives matter too

    • ambazonian from LRC

      Mr patrick, it is important that you stop smoking weeds.

    • ambazonian from LRC

      As long as we can cross Mungo bank , go and come , me I will continue to love all cameroonians. No later than yesterday, I took off the thong of a amba queen with big nyass in a lodge in douala. I noticed that this bamenda fresh girl was too much into Ambaland and I was shouting in the bus that Amba shall be soon free.

  10. This is what happens when dialogue becomes a luxurious commodity.
    The gov’t has poorly handled the crisis, SCNC has poorly presented its case. And CMRs are killing each other.

    Soldiers are definitely not going to weep and bury their comrades.

    We’ll soon be crying Barrister Ba-lla for his non-violence vision tho…

  11. Zam-Zam the SCNC presented its case in the nineties and not today, La Republic will soon know who’s behind the SCNC. Enough is enough Sir

    • Nana,

      what is certain is that there shall be no partition but killings. All camps are gently falling into their own traps. The gov’t by blatantly refusing to see into a federal kinda system, and SCNC holding its grounds that negotiating is a waste of time. The gov’t now thinks that revisiting its stance is a sign of weakness, SCNC cannot change course, the people would finish them. What seems to be the only option now is simply that the strongest is going to dictate his ideology.

      Wish soldiers and those emulating them could know that their lives/CMR has ZERO significance in the eyes of those in Etoudi and USA—we can all kill each other as we wish.

      Anyway, glad to know that some sons of refugees too are engaged in the Anglo prob—bad news for Firefighter tho…

      • Even the children of the refugees know the truth, i pity those who think the BIRs can handle this matter bro, Nigeria will soon take bakassi and all the oil fields in ndian, Ecowas will say no more genocide in our backyard, the African Union will say respect your boundary as at independence, France will say i took that land from Britain and they want it back, the Americans will say we asked the government to dialogue but they refused we gonna sanction them now, and the UN will come in and ask the people to decide their future, that will be the end of one and indivisible Cameroon Biya will be in his grave Cameroon will be separated, i will be the loser you will be the loser the northerners will pick up arms things will never be the same again. The war is coming we are seeing it lets stop it

        • Nana,

          all what you’re saying there may sound like a mbuh house talk, but at the end the situation would surely not be far away from all what you’re saying. Once the bushfire would be set in real motion our destiny would no longer depend on us but on others. Even the separation issue would no longer be relevant, cos all masks are going to be unveiled by then, and the people shall all discover the truth behind this whole theatre of the absurd.

          Once real fire starts, Etoudi would wash its hands, likewise SCNC. And other dormant SCNCs would surface from all corners. Meaning, a case for foreign intervention—they’re just praying for such scenarios to strike their deals without too much big books on their path.

          And gone would be our CMR…

        • Any rape is better than 50 years of rape by Etoudi.
          I have said it … The black man’s rape is no better than the white man’s rape.
          Bamenda and Buea have been raped for long…enough is enough.
          Jimmy Carter gave 60 million USD for universities in Anglophone Cameroon in the 70s. Etoudi stole the money and spilled our blood before Buea was made a university..
          Trained Anglophone lecturers were sent to teach in Primary school. Ombe has remained a shadow.
          If we scatter la Republique as it is today, who loses?
          Hahahaha for your information as things stand, Anglophones are not benefiting from their resources.
          We are marching on to Buea.

      • Zam-zam,

        There’s absolutely no more need for any dialogue at this point in time. The state must take its responsibility. Rather than take the rasclaaat bull by the bloodklaaat balls, the government has been playing cat and mouse with illusionist adventurers that remain resolute in their abject delusion. That’s a tricky and impotent game… and chants of dialogue are integral to that wasteful game, man. Clearly, these jamdong weak tricks will prove burdensome for the state if heavy-handed measures are not taken swiftly. IT IS ADVISABLE TO UP-SHIFT GEARS WHEN YOUR ENGINE IS MAKING TOO MUCH NOISE!!!

        Thus, the ultimate remedy to this madness is military, if the state must impose its authority, period! You might not like it, but that is what I, the political man declares to the nation.

        • Ras,

          one of their strategy consists in pushing the system to massacre as many Anglos as possible, so they, SCNC, would say to the pple, “we no bin tok”?

          But what they fail to understand is that the system is also praying for them to continue to slaughter soldiers to make their own case as well.

          Anglos are angry cos of killings, Francos who have all along been sympathetic, they too are now beginning to see the slaughtering of soldiers as a deliberate act targeting just Franco soldiers. After Franco soldier, who is next on their list?

          And when the genocide starts, the system and SCNC would all rush back to their respective countries in EU and USA…

    • Sorry. You are just giving the government more powers. What do you mean by enough is enough? It’s easy for the government to to negotiate and lable your group as Terrorist and you will not be different from Hamas , ISIS and Alqaida. That is when you will know what enough is enough means

  12. L’élève gendarme Glorian Cédric en formation au Camp Yeyap à Yaoundé et détaché à Mamfe est mort noyé dans une rivière non loin de leur campement. Après La séance de sport du matin avec ses camarades, les gendarmes sont allés à la rivière pour se laver et pendant qu’ils se baignaient, Cédric a été emporté par les eaux », souligne l’un des gendarmes.

    Ses jeunes camarades de l’école de gendarmerie du camp Yeyap ont décidé de piquer une tête dans la rivière des environs de leur camp. Seulement, les eaux étaient plus tumultueuses qu’ils ne pensaient. Le fort torrent a emporté l’infortuné.

  13. Owona Nguini

    The deads of some of the gendarmes are faked. Issa is a vuvuzela. How many Ambalanders have been assassinated by the gendarmes? Are two gendarmes worth more than a hundred Ambazonians killed? You can understand that La republic feels the pain each time one of theirs is killed and they never cared or talk about when an Ambazonian is massacred by their occupying forces. This is African colonizing Africa will have to stop. La republic has to withdraw its occupying forces from Ambazonia. Issa gives conflicting reports, the soldier in Mamfe committed suicide.

  14. The desire to do journalism ought to be matched by a modicum of ability at the craft, otherwise the society is served mumbo-jumbo rather than enlightenment.

    Good news reporting tries to answer questions like WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY etc. The above write-up handles the WHERE aspect very poorly and by inference, the others as well. For indeed Mamfe is not in NW Cameroon.And drowning is certainly not synonymous to killing.

    Armchair journalism is as bad as what crooks in cassocks give the people as religion or the word of God!

  15. @Zam-Zam The gov’t gave the SCNC a bad name(terrorist)in order to kill them.They are doing everything to justify the killings of anglophones who want seperation.The gov’t are the ones killing those gendarmes inorder to justify why they should kill anglophones.On the 1st of Oct,the gov’t passed a communique that people in NW and SW should stay in their houses.Some people decided to stay in their houses.Yet,the army break into people’s houses and start beating them and shooting them on their legs.People started feeling that staying at home is still not safe.People ran into bushes,while some ran to Nigeria and have become refugees.Biya has refused dialogue and is doing everything to drag us to war.He does not care about the lives of those soldiers.All he cares is his power.

    • Kongosa,

      me ana you go only understand dis toli na only when yi go dong be too late. Ah sabi sey man liké you di still pray sey mek the situation no turn liké we di all suspect, but eske ova big books dem for CMR go ever gree for shidong down then tok liké man pickin dem?

      Eske CMR no bin be a federal state b4? Wehti yi di cost gobna for try some arda federalism, even daso small for at least calmé some pipol dem b4 tings dem all turn red?

      Who fit put me all dis actors for dis crisis dem lass for on top table eh, ah go musto mek sure seh dem go all turn back for ntang witi mukala lass.

      Anyway, we go surely chakara dang wa kontrei first bifo we start regret…

    • The supreme head of the Cameroun armed forces cares about his security. Isn’t it time to for the dull colonial soldiers of la republic to face their bosses? The stupid soldiers can equally mutiny

    • @ Kongosa, Real Cameroonian Anglophones are fighting against marginalization and only those who have Biafra blood in them like Sisisiku want separation. If you guys want to join your brothers in Biafra who are also fighting to separate from Nigeria, why don’t you join your real leader Nnamdi Kanu and form your Ambazonia Biafra republic there. Cameroon was created by God as one, divided by the Europeans and brought back together as one by God. No hostility from any Biafra supported group called Ambazonia will ever separate us. As much as I hate Biya, I am prepared to support him flush you out and make Kondengui your new home. We are in the 21st century and we don’t want any uncivilized animals to repeat what happened in Rwanda here. If you were real Cameroonians you won’t want that either.

  16. The Cameroon army brutally murdered more than 123 English speaking Cameroonians in the English speaking regions of South West and North West from September 22 to October 1st 2017.The president of Cameroon said nothing about these killings.After October 1st 2017 many more were killed ,hundreds arrested and more than 1000 injured by gunshot.The government of Cameroon is treating its English speaking minority like shit and if war brokers out in Cameroon the 35 years Biya regime should be held solely responsible.From all indication the Anglophone minority is fighting to protect their people from extreme abuse of power.

  17. It has always been evident even to the most casual observer, that this issue was going to be a damp squib.

    One does not engage in a strategy without examining one’s capacity for endurance. The idea that a economically barren region, such as the North West, would maintain momentum indefinitely was unrealistic. Ever since the early 90s the people of this region have been hoodwinked by political quacks, to the idea that political dissidence is a bankable asset. Unfortunately, civil disobedience as a political tool, has shown its limits. The NW has little in terms of strategic resources; a low tax base and is not a port of entry. Consequently, the main victims of any prolonged tussle with the establishment, will be the indigenes of this region.

    • You have been tiptoeing around for too long, but your colors of a chameleon have started running. Thanks for joining the plethora of ethno fascists who out of shear envy and cowardice, erroneously put themselves on a high moral pedestal and start dishing dirt about the NW. The SW is glutted with resources, so the first thing one would expect from a proud son of that region like you is to point to what these resources have brought you. The first political quack and venerated thief is Inoni, and you know where he is. The other one is Musonge, who as PM did absolutely nothing. Pick the peck in your eyes first, before venturing further afield. The SW has moved away from Biya’s lapdogs and French houseslaves
      like you and is safely in the hands of foresighted and modern leaders like Ayuk Tabe.

      • Firefighter,

        you are a real villager—villageois. You see devils everywhere, and you are the only angel in the universe.

        You castigate others for being anti-NW, yet in ur write-ups one clearly sees that you’re a staunch anti-SW. One only needs to scratch your jigger-infested toe a little bit, and you would vomit all the bile that you are amassing in ur bowel.

        You probably think that when all will be over you’ll just march in with your gallons in Limbe to syphon njoh fuel—that is the illusion Sisi is selling to you.

        That same Musonge and Inoni will be waiting for you and your cunning gallons at all entrances into SW tho…

        • You Zamzam is truly showing your rotten inside belly. NTONGTOUH GENOCIDAIRE!! Your people are covered in mud and live with pigs in the house, their latrines have pigs underneath, their meal is full of half cooked pork and they sold pigs to send you to Germany where you have been hiding since the 90s and here you are asking a sane individual to address his jigga. Is it not worthy to pick the peg from your own eyes? You refuse to acknowledge the economic exploitation from the SW because you are a hypocrite. Tell me why since the 80s, timbres in SW carry Sangmelima stamps? As for those of us in the NW, we rely on our Human Capital that doubles as the best resource in any organized society. That’s why we abroad have been able to sustain our region and I guarantee we must flush out colonialist

        • Kikikiki, so you’re now the mouthpiece of SW exploitation?

          How many SW have reacted to Limbekid’s write-up? You this Old Town boy, you think you’re more sensitive to exploitation in CMR than who?

          Be barking, your time will come.

          No be you di mimba seh you be sense pass king? Na daso for entrance for SW weh we ko know who be grand chef—na witi Limbe salt wata weh dem go fill ya own gallons, then dash you some small kalabot for tek finish wuna compound for Old Tong.

          Kuku clean ya mop fine-fine…

        • Zam-zam,

          Don’t be too hard on the dwarf, man… at least he was honest enough to address the scheme of ‘economic exploitation of the SW’ which his own NW people brazenly established; and later handed over to the so-called Francophones like jamdong recipes.

          There’s much restoration work to be done in the oppressed SW. The SW is in dire need of total rehabilitation after decades of plunder by elitist criminal gangs from the NW and the rest of the nation. Thus, that notorious scheme will be totally destroyed in this era. Some NW folks are dreaming that they will somehow manage to dupe the SW once more, but that will not happen; trust me, man. All the same, give the midget some credit for not struggling to claim what does not belong to him.

        • @Zam-Zam the ntongtouh nyongo man, the ramifications extend beyond confining the Beti political gymnastics to SW exploitation only as through same mechanism, we saw the relegation n abandonment of Santa Coffee Estate, Marketing Board, HTTC, PWD, Power Cam, deliberate refusal to harness the Menchum fall n digging of the last stretch of commercial road linking up station to ur Ntongtouh pigsty. The mere fact roads used by tax payers of this region for commerce hv been converted to dead traps is enough to summon the thieving regime and sentence them as charged. I knw hiding in Germany 4 > 20 yrs n watch as achievers like @Ambros took off n left u 4 dead has done untold damage to ur psyche. Go back home n experience the decay.

          RAT TUGE JUNKY,

          I’m 185cm tall. Wrong audience. Disgusting idiot!

        • Hahaha, Ras !

          He is just playing cunning, he knows how hot that mulongo would suddenly become should he dare claim anything outside of Old Town. It is now a matter of bragging about human capital, as if it ought not to be so.

          He has become wise though—he knows many Big Bros are watching him here, step by step…

        • Unsolicited generosity from a dwarf! Little punk ass midget, if you were 1,85, you would not say it!

        • Short man,

          you ran away from Sweden, where you had a visa to plant trees, and landed thereafter in Toronto with some one elese’s pp. Here you’re bragging over the nothing new.

          The question I’ll never fail short to pose: “were Canadians as shrewd as you are, what would have become of you in Old Town ?” Playing také and smoking nku all day long on the banks of Ayaba wata?

          1,85m? Kiki, you lie. Who dash monkey banana? Tall pipol no di mek plent noise so.

          Wusai Alhadji for Belgium deh for kam hear me some correct lie for here seh 1,85m…

        • —fall short—plenti—

    • @ Limbe picking, Ayuk Sisisiku who is the so called leader of the separatist group is not from the North West but from a village in the South west bordering Biafra in Nigeria. NW Cameroonians have nothing to do with this violence. All they want is equal treatment by the Biya regime. The so called Ambazonians like Sisisiku are those who call themselves Anglophone but have the Biafra blood in them especially those at the Biafra border. They are the people burning down our schools and markets and preventing our children from going to school as they don’t care. Who in their right senses will want to burn down their alma mater and markets. They should go and join their Biafra brothers who also want to separate from Nigeria and form their Biafra Ambazonia republic there.

    • No port of entry but the NW is day-dreaming about an economic capital… at least, according to the insanity that is being shoved down the throats of the gullible termites of Ambazombi nation by their exceptionally inexperienced adventurers, opportunists, and political neophytes in the title of leaders.

      Let us imagine however that the SW and NW become a nation by the stroke of some celestial miracle, as i always love to put it… you think that the SW will allow its wealth to be distributed free to the NW? NEVER! Millions of us, SW children, will abso-fåcking-lutely object violently to such insanity. Now, the so-called secessionist vandals are not having this debate… they are way too frightened; but i am telling you, it will be a crude awakening. Anyman stay fo him corner!

  18. The second person to save the unwanted killings in Ambaland, is Tchiroma. His disdain
    for anything Anglophone, is telling on every pronouncements that he makes or has he
    for once, said anything that can say a people are in pains and gov`t should look into it?
    Gov`t spokesman, means everything he should say must be to paint the Anglos black?
    They thought we would be intimidated, killed etc and Ambalanders will surrender.
    Slow and steady, we are going to prevail. When a sleeping dog gets up, the story is
    never the same again.
    Gone are the days of Anglophone leaders of the 50ties and 60ties. Our resolve, is attainable.
    Anyone might want to disagree with our resolve but the hand of the clock, can never be
    turned back, cause a resolve, is a resolve.

  19. Decision making based on false information can be costly and painful; citizens are better off not dishing out half-truths to their leaders.
    Many moons ago, Southern Cameroon’s J. O. Fields and Sir James Robertson of Lagos dismissed Southern Cameroons as a piece of barren rock not worthy of standing alone because Her Majesty’s government would regularly pour in subsidies to sustain it. When oil wells were discovered between Victoria and far away Bakassi, Lynda Chalker came crashing with her “We are coming back. We are coming back in a big way with the Land Rover Plant”. Well?

    When SNEC (Societe Nationale des Eaux du Cameroun) began to replace the iron pipes with plastic ones, citizens complained but were reassured that the plastic ones were better than the old ones. Yet experienced

    • engineers who knew better said it was all a hoax and went on to explain that the iron pipes (British) were coated internally with a substance to give them long life and reduce rusting. They were ignored as the plastic ones (French) replaced the irons. It did not take long to see the fantastic plastic pipes bursting here and there, unable to stand stress/pressure. Even Monsieur Louis de Guiringeaud, the visiting expert from the Hexagon claimed that French projects did not take root in Anglophone Cameroon because of language problem. Yet the “Chefs de Terre” were still deployed all over, including Jakiri and Mamfe!
      Why do individuals take upon themselves to utter half-truths to those who lead? And why do people refuse to look back and learn from past errors in making current decisions?

  20. How I know my country, we get the killer soon, only time