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Paul Atanga NJI réclame sa Mercedes de fonction !

237online | Ministre de l’administration territoriale depuis le 2 mars, Paul Atanga Nji a rapidement assis son autorité et sa fidélité à Paul Biya.

Depuis sa nomination, cet anglophone natif de la ville frondeuse de Bamenda (Nord-Ouest) a effectué trois tournées à l’intérieur du pays pour déminer la crise anglophone et inciter les chefs traditionnels à appeler à la candidature de Paul Biya pour la présidentielle d’octobre 2018.

Fort de ses nouvelles prérogatives, Paul Atanga Nji n’a pas hésité non plus à entrer en conflit avec son prédécesseur, René Emmanuel Sadi, nouveau ministre chargé de mission à la présidence camerounaise. Il lui reproche d’avoir conservé la voiture de commandement du ministère, une Mercedes 500 noire.

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, le secrétaire général du Palais d’Etoudi, a été sollicité pour un arbitrage. Une position des plus délicates, Sadi étant considéré comme un des “dauphins” de Paul Biya.


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  1. Atanga Nji, Ekema & co this is clear sign tha LRC & frogs shall never consider u as equals no matter how hard u work to please them, if not why should the service car of a particular ministry be used by a messengers because ur former position now occupied by Sadi Rene is the position of a messanger, Atanga Nji your stomach will kill you , why did u not call the PM to intervene who the head of government but you called on the SG of presidency. The earlier you withdrew from LRC the better

  2. “…..pour déminer la crise anglophone…”

    The opposite result was achieved :

    1. His so-called ULTIMATUM was ignored as a NON-EVENT
    2. the momentum of the legitimate struggle has even increased

    In sum, the appointment of ex-convict Atangana as Interior Minister was a blessing in disguise for the struggle. He helped to increase the momentum


  3. Atanga? is that a Southern Cameroonians name? he used Nji just like many francophones whose forefathers position themselves to infiltrates, maintain the colonial french regime in place, why are some SCs not smart to call a cow a cow? this fake franco- anglo has no SCs blood, all those bamelikes in the English speaking regions will always be traitors no matter how awful Ahidjo killed and displaced them, many SCs are weak minded they must stop being over sympathetic, kind and complain about self defense which must fight lrc by all means of brutality, all patriotic SCs are paying a price for their peers kindness and generosity which has not paid but creating a lot of problems,lrc is the same slavery method used by the whites,in 57yrs SCs sing,dance,parade for a failed wicked dictator biya

  4. A criminal who is supposed to be in Jail owns one of the biggest position in the mafia corrupt government in Yaounde..
    This says it all..
    We are many steps below a shithole country…

  5. A well educated person cannot have this type of a character. this shows how low thinking this Atanga Nji can be. this is the route to his fall. Before he was appointed, his current ministry was split into two with the vital section created as an independent ministry. But he still doesn’t see anything fishy in it because he wants to remain a stooge to this barbaric regime. but let me remind him that he will be met with the same brutality from his master of all crimes. let him watch out.

  6. He asked for it, when he sang the song of `there is no Anglophone problem`.
    Some came up with the logic that Mr. Biya doesn`t know, what is happening on
    the ground. This is falsehood.He is just playing the cunning fox and now he
    passes the buck to a fool. He doesn`t want to be sacrificed alone and so, he
    took Atanga Nji, as the sacrificial lamb. But they are all in the same pot of soup.

  7. Epée Dipanda

    And Judas then laid claim to the 30 pieces of silver!


    Super Minister = Min. Terr. Admin + Min. Decentralisation = Mercedes 500
    Min. of Terr. Admin = Min. of Decentralisation = Mercedes 250


    Ex-convict Atangana is NOT entitled to the Mercedes 500.
    The Mercedes 500 was meant for the super Minister ( Terr. Admin +Decentralisation)
    Ex-convict Atangana was given only 50% of the super ministry. He is therefore entitled to 50% of the Mercedes 500 i.e. Mercedes 250.
    He should therefore stop complaining since he claims that there is ZERO Anglophone problem in the informal union.
    The truth of the matter is that ex-convict Atangana now a victim of the marginalisation of the Anglophones. tangana Nji only 50% of the ministry and the budget.

    • To add insults to injuries, the Francophone super minister took away the Mercedes 500 and gave ex-convict Atangana only a Mercedes 250.

      As a corollary, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for ex-convict Atangana to defeat a member of the Beti crime syndicate.