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Samuel Eto’o denies claims he booked out an entire aeroplane to fly slaves out of Libya

KickOff | Former Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o has denied claims he paid for an entire aeroplane to transport slaves out of Libya.

The ex-Chelsea, Inter Milan and Barcelona striker was said to have flown his compatriots to the safety of their homeland, but the 36-year-old has revealed there is no truth in those claims.

He wrote: “Several sites have circulated a rumour that I would have given money to every migrant returnee, in relation to a topical issue. This rumour is absolutely unfounded!

“I would, therefore, take advantage of this opportunity, dear brothers and sisters, to emphasise that love prevents more evils than money can solve.

“So let’s not waste our precious time looking for thrills at the expense of grieving people, but let us use this time to prevent other brothers from being deprived of their dignity.

“Let us not just react when we can prevent, because among these victims are certainly people who have been our neighbours at some point, but to whom we have not daigné to look kindly.

“Let us build our Africa by having a positive impact on each other.”

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  1. Thats a really nice thing to write .

  2. when is the Cameroon government going to care for their own citizens in despair abroad? a banana republic with useless, arrogant thieving regime’s Ambassadors who brings their corrupt ethics abroad, cannot do anything humanitarian without bribes,they all dream and enjoy civilisation living conditions in nicer countries while theirs is a shameful slum, their pensioner president for 56 years, gives away huge sums of bribes money from ( tax payers & Overseas foreign aid for development ) to stay in power for another 43+ years while younger generations perish at home and abroad, anyone helping those migrants will be hunted as terrorist by biya the colonial French dictator, those so called third class slum elites have more concern for burnt buildings than human lives,cave people