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South West: Taxis Back To Street, Shops Opened

Buea has regained socio-economic activities with many sectors going about normal bustle except schools and Courts.

The city of Buea, South West Regional capital, regained life yesterday, January 10, 2017after the ghost city observed Monday, January 9. Traffic returned to normal as movement of taxis and private vehicles was observed. The markets and shops were flung open with buyers busy soliciting provisions.

The Bishops of Cameroon used the South West soil to call for school resumption as they met in Mamfe, Manyu Divisional capital, yesterday for their Episcopal conference.

However, the Court premises were without Lawyers. Schools remained empty with no shadow of a student observed in any of the primary and secondary institutions as well as the University of Buea. A few teachers moved in and out of the schools and generally the school heads were present for the formality of keeping public utilities open to the public.

Hospitals remained busy receiving patients unperturbed and the local administrators shouldered another restive day holding meetings and calling far-off areas to find out the situation on the ground.

The South West Governor hurried to the Council hall by 10.30a.m. to chair the opening of the budget year for the Region and rushed back to his office to hook up to the six administrative Divisions under him, notably, Lebialem, Kupe-Muanenguba, Manyu, Meme, Ndian and the host Fako Division.

The South West Region begins the financial year with an envelope of FCFA 26 Billion of which some FCFA 13.5 billion will go for running cost and FCFA 12.5 for investment. The Governor used the budget launching that pulled vote holders from across the Region to wish Happy New Year, urging that all authorities, parents, pupils and students get back to school so that the sad page of ghost schools could be turned.

News from without talked of the release of those arrested during the on-going strike, an act that received favourable applauses as it seemed the very latest condition for dialogue to prevail.

Cameroon Tribune

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  1. Rain onto others Belgium

    OK Cameroon Tribune not so different with CRTV. NO SCHOOL

  2. Biya commander in thieves United States

    Why is this news? The authority controlling West Cameroon asked for people to resume their daily activities except for schools and courts and the people have respected
    All for one, one for all.
    We are winning giantly

  3. It is inadmissible that we import finish products of primary necessity like flour tomato paste fish cooking oils while we have the must fertile soil on earth to grow condition transform and commercialise. Without concentration on micro industrialinaction no development. Protest has never build the economy of any country.from ekondo titi to tiko is more than Belgium but we import flour from Belgium. In acceptable

  4. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    LRC released 17 children and still detains 21. However, Cameroon Tribune says “News from without talked of the release of those arrested during the on-going strike, an act that received favourable applauses as it seemed the very latest condition for dialogue to prevail”.

    Of Course, the condition was the release of ALL and not some of the children kidnapped in Southern Cameroons and taken to LRC.

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Simply put, the condition for dialogue of the Consortium has NOT been met. The strikes therefore continues

  5. Jesus!!! only 26 billion allocated for south west.in fact we need to separate.

  6. man no di know China

    Massa,shops them get for open nor and taxi di run because we be decide say ghost town na only for one day.How u then tolk like say na Wona victory?na,we for mongo side di talk all man hear now.make no man no try we how far

  7. Cameroun Tribune =Crtv = LRC propaganda outfit which have lost credibility long ago. According to them this is news since they are very itchy to tell the world that life has returned to normal in the occupied territory of Southern Cameroons.

  8. Admin is will be pleasing to tell us the budget of other regions especially the south.

  9. I sincerely hope that the ensuing discussions/negotiations put a seal on education at the tertiary level, forestalling Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo’s strange experiment code named “transferability of students from one institution to the other”. What the heck is that?

    When Cameroon students seek admission in foreign universities beyond the national border, where does this “transferability” fit in? Should any university not be able to have an internal set up for admission evaluation and provision of remedial courses where necessary?Isn’t it disgraceful to frustrate university administration simply to facilitate the admission of undeserving students? Why the arcane practice of parachuting strange students into an institution to displace those earlier admitted according to stipulated criteria of entrance exams/requisite diplomas?