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Stecy SA, la nouvelle société de transport urbain de masse, est opérationnelle depuis le 13 février

Le ministre camerounais des Transports, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, a procédé le 13 février 2017, au lancement officiel des activités de la Société de transports et équipements collectifs de Yaoundé (Stecy SA), qui assurera désormais le transport urbain de masse dans la capitale, au prix de 200 francs Cfa par trajet.

Fruit d’un partenariat public-privé entre le groupement portugais Eximtrans Sarl/Irmaos Mota et la Communauté urbaine de Yaoundé, la super marie de la capitale, Stecy SA a démarré ses activités avec 40 autobus, et ambitionne, sur le long terme, de porter son parc à 150 autobus.

Pour un départ, la compagnie dessert 13 lignes dans la capitale, au départ de la poste centrale, et envisage de lancer deux lignes VIP. Notamment pour le transport des étudiants de l’université de Yaoundé II-Soa, et pour les voyageurs se rendant à l’aéroport international de Yaoundé Nsimalen.

Outre la mise en circulation de 150 autobus, le contrat entre l’Etat du Cameroun et le consortium portugais, qui s’est engagé à investir 13 milliards de francs Cfa sur une période de 10 ans (l’Etat versera quant à lui une subvention annuelle de 1,6 milliard de FCfa), prévoit également la construction de 26 terminaux modernes, équipés de toilettes, de kiosques à journaux et de points de billetterie pour les tickets et abonnements.

Ce contrat prend également en compte la construction de 65 abris-bus et de 579 arrêts bus, tous dotés de systèmes d’information aux usagers portant minimalement sur la fréquence et les horaires de passage des bus.

La nouvelle société de transport de masse est le fruit de l’organisation par le Cameroun de la CAN de football féminin entre novembre et décembre 2016. Mais, pour diverses raisons techniques, la compagnie n’avait pas pu lancer ses activités avant le début de cette compétition.

Stecy SA remplace ainsi sur les routes de Yaoundé la société «Le Bus», un consortium formé entre des institutions publiques camerounaises et le groupe américain Parker International Industries. «Le Bus», entreprise créée en 2005, a mis la clé sous le paillasson depuis quelques mois. Ses 600 employés avaient alors tous été mis en «congé technique».

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  1. Where are the roads for these big buses?

    Na wa’ho for La République, kikikiki…

    • You can say that again Zam-Zam. They always look for way to steal more money from a presumed fake invested revenue. I think La Republique should be aware that the brains still in the government is outdated with nothing more to offer. They just need to step down and enjoy their stolen retirement benefits. Jesus…

    • A city without roads …..

      • Haba Pinguisss…when Yaounde breaths ,it means the entire cameroon is well n´est pas?

    • Why must we rush to critisize? At some time t we expect eople to think positively. It is a positive step and why not wait for a while to see if it’s a success or failure? Is the bus currently on farm land? In Europe you still find large differences in terms of infrstructure if have the opportunity to visit towns in different European countries.

      • @Derick,
        I don’t know how old u are, but i will tell u this is the 4th time, if am correct buses have been introduce in Yde. I will point out some simple facts to you, ask yourself what happened to Le Bus?
        The underlining problems the government keep brushing aside is the narrow, broken down roads. 6 months the buses will be broken and the same problem that will arise is there is no money to repair, and that is true because there are not going to break even. U can the change the name of the bus company, the the same chronic problem remains which is roads and traffic. The truth is if you are late for somewhere, the last thing u will wanna ride in Yde is a bus. That think will take 4hrs from obili to politect.

        • @Palava Fine
          My comments were simple except you refused to understand the sense in it. If you got it right, then the question of age which Looks provocative to my understanding could not have come up. What do you understand by this?
          “At sometime t we expect People to think positively. Let’s wait for a while and see if it is a success or a failure”
          You should be able to relate this to the past and also the expectations of a positive Change that we all desire. I will like to let you know that i know all the mess that has been Happening in Cameroon for the past 30 years but as a Cameroonian my desire is for a positive Change. You certainly have the same have the same feelings if you a Cameroonian. What i will politely suggest to you is to better understand comments from other contributors before commenting against.
          We are all aware of a broken infrastructure in Cameroon. It is man made an not natural. You can extract this in my initial comments and quote above.

        • Derick @ in Yauonde people get personally organised and its commendable in away that they get from A to B in the most ecological / cheapest / healthiest way possible with a good amount of sharing ,without giving some “Uber” company a cut and while moving around in this way people are obbliged to be curteous to each other and pretty democratic ( you have a duty to upkeep the status quo with a big dollop of paticence ,unlike road rage in the west) in accepting personal space is compromised to get from A to B .This is a posative for overall community spirit in not feeling alone or not being part of society .Tweeking registration of any driver ,safety of vehicales and swift hard rules if theft ,violence or intimidation arises while a customer is in carriage could be improved by drivers unions when they rarely happen ,but the infrustructue already built up by the population is already sound , thes buses can be complimentary to times of extra movement but the natural daily system in place is already commendable ,cheaper and safer .

  2. Ras Tuge Reserved
    February 13, 2017 at 13:36

    No, mister! They must be punished… punishment must be meted out and examples shall be set on people that disrupt the functioning of the state.

    Ken Saro Wiwa, the iconic Ogoni activist was hung and what happened? Life must go on.

    Zam-Zam Reserved
    February 13, 2017 at 14:43

    Dialogue must continue, Ras—hanging has never scared any determined folk on earth—not even the Ogoni pple.

    We need professional negotiators on both sides to handle this issue, and third parties from Africa too.

    But before launching such negotiations anew, it should be made very clear to ALL that not even an INCH of CMR shall be divided. Any party mentioning such a thing during negotiations would bear the cross alone.

    This stuff is even a hoax orchestrated by some power-hungry men in black so we massacre each other—and they’ll march in and settle their boxes—full of dictatorship. Such men in black (with the complicity of foreign hands) are on both sides.

    Our FOREBEARS all opted for brotherhood—I strongly believe in them than Einstein, Shakespeare, or even Jesus…
    Ras Tuge Reserved
    February 13, 2017 at 15:36


    Hitl*er was extremely determined in all his madness; yet, he was made to understand that his ambitions were not those that were shared by the universe. Bin Laden was ferociously determined in his devious incest; yet, he was put to sleep in the most flamboyant manner! The examples are plentiful my friend. Rasta call it sey Iron sharpening iron, and they shall be taught with a filing tool.

    The government has been too lenient so far despite so many overtures that continue to be rejected.

    Now, i am not going to get into chants about dialogue and all what not… You realize that some devious elements have brazenly declared secession as their ultimate ambition… And you are talking about a dialogue when you know fully well that these folks want a sizable and extremely resourceful section of the national territory?!!! What are you talking about, man?

    The Southwest shall not be part of this devious scheme; and the Southwest Redemption Movement has been founded to flush out this elements from our region. Let the foolishness be taken to Bamenda. We are sick and tired of this awkward charade.

    How do you dialogue with folks that are out to diminish your yard? That, my friend is a declaration of war.

    The SWRM has begun to fish out recalcitrant elements that are hiding in Buea and elsewhere in our region… and we shall continue with absolutely no fear. If you want to break my ties with my bloodline Douala brother; and claim a relation with me because the imperialist hypocrites put such madness in your head… then I-Man shall rise up and tell you NO!
    Ras Tuge Reserved
    February 13, 2017 at 15:39


    i have left a reply for you which Admin hopeful will let you see.
    Épée Dipanda
    February 14, 2017 at 11:57

    An inch of Cameroon? Funny…you are fighting for my ancestral home more than me?
    Hon Wirba told you….you did not defeat us in war….we will fight.
    Ambazonia must be free!
    Zam-Zam Reserved
    February 14, 2017 at 15:52


    ina this our time it is no longer feasible to silence the voices of a determined folk. It would lead to nothing but radicalism, and the dialogue I am talking about would no longer be possible.

    And when I talk about dialogue I am not talking about dialogue with terrorists. I am talking about dialogue with people in Cameroon not terrorists in USA, South Africa, Canada, etc.

    It is only through this dialogue that our people are going to understand what you are saying, namely, that the severing of bloodlines is not acceptable, in fact, it is not even possible. Land demarcation does nothing but that. Be it bloodlines: NW vS Bami or SW vs Sawa.

    Many of our people who’re chanting that partitioning of CMR into 2 states are just being ignorant, and/or blatantly refuse to face reality in favour of utopia.

    To whom is it a secret that NW and SW cannot sit on a table and share kola nut for up to an hour without exploding? Talk less of other small factions within NW vs NW and SW vs SW.

    Many of our people making noise about secession are pple who have not even sojourned in both NW and SW for a long time. Most of them spend their time in their enclosed njangui houses circles, without ever stepping their feet in the njangui houses of other villages, and they later believe that the mind set in their village njangui house holds for all Anglos.

    That is why many who don’t know you would immediately conclude that you are not Anglo, simply because your thoughts don’t match those of their njangui houses. Meanwhile, they forget that you too have got your own enclosed njangui house. And you would also hear them talk some phony talks like Anglos have never been so united for the same cause like they’re today. As if they can read the mind set of all Anglos through some crystal ball. Only a fool can believe that enemies of yesterday have suddenly become chums today! Through some magic wand?

    To avoid the obvious situation which is going to ensue seconds after secession, SW for SWesterners and NW for NWs, a one state solution still remains the best option on the table. We are not shrewder than our forebears.

    That said, we must all join hands and fight the system so we can finally see a real decentralized system, where each entity manages its own affairs. This is the only solution that would cause terrorists to fly away from their nests, forever and ever—they’ll have no alibi to use and lure poor pple into their terrorist-ranks…

  3. See how those gangsters are sitting inside the bus?? Bang bang bang ? gunshots. Take them out. That’s the only existing cure for cancer! That’s right cancer comes in forms of suits and ties ? no matter how hot the weather is. It happens only in Cameroon

  4. This web site definitely has all the information I
    wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  5. Oh la republic land of the cursed, bad management from the Frogs will see this run to the ground in no time. Hahahahahaha, a few will make a handsome profit and enrich themselves. Have the Frogs ever managed a successful project.

  6. Be nice to know one lesson – just one – learnt from the operation of SOTUC (Societe de Transport Urbain du Cameroun) whose entire fleet of buses is now parked and overgrown by grass at Bepanda in Douala.

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