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Two more Anglophone activists slammed heavy jail terms

Journal du Cameroun | Two more anglophone activists have been slammed heavy jail sentences by the Yaounde military court in relation to the ongoing crisis in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.
Alobwede Van Kingsley and Bezeng Mervin Akwang were slammed heavy jail sentences on Monday, April 16 by the Yaounde military court.

Alobwede Van Kingsley was found guilty of charges including secession and rebellion and was thus slammed a 13-year jail sentence with a one million FCFA fine.

On his part, Bezeng Mervin Akwang was handed an 11-year jail sentence for being an accomplice to Alobwede Van Kingsley and was also given a one-million FCFA fine.

They are the latest set of Anglophones to be sentenced by the military court after Penn Terence, Joseph Ngwang Ngalim and two others were recently slammed heavy jailed sentences.

Another badge of Anglophone activists arrives the Yaounde military court on Tuesday including Mancho Bibixy as the defense counsel is expected to present their case before a judgment is passed.

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  1. Let them be radicalized ; we can’t have two captains in one boat . Bibixy is the next person “behead him “

    • This chronic stupidity Biya making, allowing this harassments to go on and on by his military mercenaries at the military court, harassing a people who have a legal right to protest if they feel marginalized, showing despicable insensitivity to their plight will in the end bury Biya, because the development of full scale civil war in Cameroon will cripple the economy and once the Francophones are nudged out of their comfort zones, this will spell an uprising against Biya, who currently enjoys the fact that these insecurity issues are for the interim confined to the North and South West Regions.

      Where are the visionaries, the old wise men of Africa? Isn’t there an African proverb that what the old man sees while sitting down a child can’t see standing up (even from the highest mountain)?

  2. What is the Explanation behind arresting people from a different part of country and taking them to different part of the Country for trial? And what is the Explanation behind assigning French speaking judges to judge English speaking defendants ? Am kinda curious

    • When public opinion does not count, anything is possible. Elsewhere the mere drop in polls is enough to have heads rolling. So when the leadership is impervious to popular feeling…

    • @Korak, to give you an explanation to your question, I will assign you to to explain why America captured Taliban and Al qaeda terrorists in Afganistan and Iraq and jailed them in Guantanano Bay? If you can see reason for this, then that applies to why ambazonian terrorists are taking to Yaounde.

  3. This is not ”a heavy jail sentence”. They deserve 25 years each if guilty.
    @ Korak. Why was STRAUSS KHAN ( A FRENCHMAN) JUDGED BY AMERICAN COURT? Why were talibans ( arabs) judged in USA ? You can just commit an offence in Italy & ask to be judged in ambazombia or ask them to use common law. In Kamerun, all terrorists/ embezzlers have to be sentenced in Yaoundé.
    I would like to hear ” LIVE EMPRISONMENT OR DEATH SENTENCE BY HANGING” for the most radical. Let them come and attack the prison with their ‘odeshy’ as they do in Nigeria. EXCRÉMENTS DE CH!ENS VOUS ÊTES.

    • You a an idiot fool as yourself if they hang or kill them wat will you benefit ambaland shall b free come rain o sun we a going usless idiot

    • And what will happen even if they are given one million years. In your thick brain Your life president will be in power forever.

      Even if all those in Jail remain there the momentum on the ground is different.

      You think the same like those of your fathers upstairs. Thinking use of use is the best way.

      Time is another name of truth.

      Continue provoking them.

    • Logic seems to have eluded you sir. “You can just commit an offence in Italy & ask to be judged in ambazombia or ask them to use common law.” Did Bibixy commit a crime in Yaounde if at all any?

    • @Mbamois

      hahahahahah you re killing the game

    • You are working very hard to earn your place at the famous DIALOGUE table, aren’t you? Good luck with your rare knack.

    • [email protected] Strass committed the really disgusting crime in New York and was still on USA territory when the warrent to arrest and charge became valid.
      If a Frenchman is caught in a USA hotel room with an underage kid for no realistic normal reason even if they are both french dont worry USA will charge him in America.
      If a crime is comitted oin the state of Italy you get hauled back to the same relevent application of law which in that state is Neopolianic.
      If accused crime took place in a diverse juristriction within one country when it luckily has two official applications of law ( good for buisness) you wouldnt change it due to fairness to the defendent ,the original arrest warrent being of same duristriction and the lawyers defending and accusing trained and diligent to that mater

      • Also common and neopolionic are both so complicated and diverse its immpossible unless one spend 15 years passing exams to practice in both ( not economicaly viable either) .The added expense to a firm representing in both would be an enormous economic hardship to any defendent ,plus the court/state itself .Maybe common law is being applied anyway ,Cameroon has the ability to process in both who knows!

  4. @Mbamois This your court is making me laugh.Death sentence is the penalty for terrorism,not 11,12 years and so on.This Yaounde kangaroo court,surely does not know how to apply the law.I thought they have balls.They should man up and apply the law as it is……

  5. Their only crime is fighting for the liberation of their true country Ambazonia.
    Any sentence handed down to our people in the kangaroo courts of lrc is null and void as per the constitution of Ambazonia.
    We are very proud of them,and we pray they hold their heads high untill we get them out of there.
    We will continue to fight and pray for your well being.courage brothers.

  6. The foolish decision of the kangaroo military court can NEVER stop the present momentum.

    The INFORMAL union is FINITO.


    • Is it on top of your 80 years old German woman you fight against the government of Cameroon? hahaha !!

  7. @Sam ”11 years in a Camerounian prison is equivalent to a death sentence. Watchout!” Ha ha ha ha..Is that why u are afraid to apply the law? I think that judge should be replaced.He does not know how to apply the law….

  8. 12 years in prison?…I think we have seen this movie before…….

  9. All of these, calls for separation and not dialogue.

    • Nobody is holding you down, Joshua. Perhaps it is even desirable if you leave as soon as possible and reunite with your woman in Jericho! You are free to leave… unfortunately, the land will stay exactly where it was designed to belong.

  10. Boko Haram’s war cry is ” anti-western education” and yet every single entity of their weaponry is the product of Western education – cell phones, vehicles, guns, money and others. That smacks of hypocrisy!

    At home attending school has also been used as a loud war cry. But do zealots ever pause to realize what the products of schooling are doing for the society? Miscarriage of justice is not usual perceived or seen until we or our relatives are victims. Healthcare is fantastic for the others “out there” but for us and our families, the best care is in France. Even as we (Issa Tchiroma Bakary) rush to France we close our ears for the appeal of fellow citizens and predecessors (Augustin Kontchou Koumegni) to also be flown abroad. Good only for the goose, not the gander, n’est-ce pas

  11. LRC bears all the hallmarks of the Topography of Terror (German: Topographie des Terrors).


  12. is this the solution of the problem by throwing young people in Jail?..
    The president is there moving with DIAPERS and should be in old peoples home, but still many of the devils in yaounde, profit to steal money claiming all is fine..
    There have been no agenda put in place to bring peace..
    No Agenda put inplace to bring back innocent families in Nigeria..
    And we come out to celebrate the jailing of young activist standing up againt a corrupt, mafia nd manipulative system that have taltaken cameroon so backward the past 35 years..
    I think if an average cameroonian dont stand up against Biya and his Gang, then he needs help..
    These people rulling cameroon the past 30 years need to be hanged as soon as possible..
    Firing Squad is the only alternative…