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U.S. military continues to support Cameroon’s military

That’s despite US accusations of targeted killings

CNN | WASHINGTON (CNN) – The U.S. military is continuing to provide assistance to military forces from the African nation of Cameroon despite the U.S. ambassador to that country recently accusing Cameroonian troops of carrying out “targeted killings” in its campaign against the country’s Anglophone separatists.

The African nation has been beset by violence between the government, which is led by French speakers, and Anglophones who inhabit English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

“There has been no change to the assistance (the Department of Defense) provides to Cameroon as a direct result of violence in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon,” Pentagon spokesperson Maj. Sheryll Klinkel told CNN.

Following his meeting with President Paul Biya last month, U.S. Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin gave a speech that accused pro-government Cameroonian security forces of conducting “targeted killings, detentions without access to legal support, family, or the Red Cross, and burning and looting of villages.”

Barlerin also accused Anglophone separatists of committing “murders of gendarmes, kidnapping of government officials, and burning of schools.”

The U.S. has hundreds of troops in Cameroon tasked with training, advising and assisting local forces in their fight against ISIS West Africa, Boko Haram and other violent extremist organizations in the Lake Chad Basin region.

Asked if any U.S.-backed Cameroonian units were participating in the actions in the Anglophone areas, the Pentagon told CNN that all military assistance to Cameroon is “subject to an end-use monitoring process to ensure that DoD-funded assistance is not directed away from its intended purpose.”

She added that U.S. law prohibits the Department of Defense from “providing any training, equipment, or other assistance to a unit of a foreign security force if DoD has credible information that the unit has committed a gross violation of human rights.”

Klinkel said U.S. Africa Command, which oversees U.S. military operations on the continent, “will continue to coordinate all matters of security cooperation closely with Ambassador Barlerin and fully supports his efforts to encourage Cameroonians to commit to dialogue and resolving issues in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon in a peaceful and democratic manner.”

However, when asked if the U.S.-trained units had been transferred from the fight against ISIS and Boko Haram to the Anglophone regions, Klinkel said the Department of Defense “fully recognizes that Cameroon is a sovereign nation and can transfer personnel between units.”

This is not the first time questions have been raised about the U.S. military’s support for Cameroonian security forces.

U.S. Africa Command launched an investigation last August to determine if U.S. personnel were aware of allegations of torture of suspected terrorists being carried out by U.S.-trained Cameroonian troops at a base that was also frequently used by U.S. military advisers.

Klinkel said the results of that investigation have not been made public.

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  1. What did you expect? Peace and stability in Cameroon is key for whole whole subregion. A divided country can only bring kaos. This is for the misguided souls who still hope for a foreign intervention. Not happening.

  2. “….. the Pentagon told CNN that all military assistance to Cameroon is “subject to an end-use monitoring process to ensure that DoD-funded assistance is not directed away from its intended purpose.”

    The US position is clear and unambiguous:

    1. The military aid is geared towards EXCLUSIVELY Boko Haram

    2. It has NOTHING to do with the so-called “secessionists” ( the correct word is S-E-P-A-R-A-T-I-S-TS )


    • @Mvomeka
      You remain at just all Levels. The deployment of Cameroon soldiers within the terretory is the sole responsibilty of the Cameroon gevernment and can’t be influenced by the United State. The cooperation between the Cameroon government and the united states remains unshakable so far as Boko Haram remains a distabilising factor within the Region and world at large. Go to CNN international and select the link or Register, American politics.
      There will be no foreign Intervention in Cameroon but you will be used by small weapon dealers to give you arms to kill yourselves and loose at the end. Arms struggle is not and will never be the solution to our Problem. Stupid Ambazonians open yours. Fools.

      • Actually the mere presence of Americans in Cameroon is by itself a destabilizing factor.
        We don’t need Americans to take care of our own security.
        There is no example of a place where Americans have been and that place is peaceful.
        No lecture me on Europe as that is another topic

        • This idiot is echoing exactly what the ogre Banda Kani was singing at Adrique Media. How come you don’t end with telling the Ambassador he will return to America in a coffin too? Block headed fools. Pascal Nyamdig has echoed another rotten meat you should feed on by calling us dull, stupid and useless, surviving and getting entrance into public schools through presidential generosity. I wonder if you frogs understand up till now that the 2.5 years we have been resisting your oppression is to squash presidential excesses. Ambaland shall be a reality come rain and sunshine!

  3. @James Keep consoling yourself.Is US supporting Cameroon military to fight boko haram for nothing?the answer is a big no.Most countries,including the US,may not be in support of the partition of Cameroon.But make no mistake to think that they are in support of the centralisation of political powers,in the hand of an individual,in a so called,bilingual country.The only country that may be in support of the centralisation of political powers in French Cameroon could be France.No other country,is in support of u,people,centralising powers in Yaounde.

    • @Kongossa. The absolute best secessionist could get of out this crisis is Effective Decentralization, or, in an extraordinary circumstance a 10 States Federation. Separation or Two States Federation will never happen bcoz it benefit no one other than Ambazonian dreamers.
      They (foreign powers) don’t care at all about your personal grievances, but their interest only.

      • Epée Dipanda

        Get a life James we have rejected Decentralisation. It was promised in 1996 it didn’t happen then it will not happen now. Besides only you francophones know what that word means.
        We are restoring our independence.
        Nothing can stop it, all we need is a conveyor belt. If Americans will stand up to history and be on the side or a marginalised and tricked people seeking freedom they will be held in high esteem by our people. If they pass that opportunity by we will certainly seek out another.
        Make no mistake we are geared for the long run and our children understand what we fight for. Larepublique can never ever defeat us on our own land.
        You will eat humble pie. It may take a while but you will certainly be made to “mordre la poussiere “

  4. @James The US ambassador could not be talking about “targeted killings” without proofs.For that reason,Donald Trump have told Biya to step down,so that he can be sent to ICC to face justice.If Biya cares,he should listen if not,let him continue the war of ”targetted killings”…A word for the wise is sufficient.

    • @Kongossa. USA can cares less if Biya is in power or not. All they cares about is stability in the region. Biya is one of US best ally in Africa, for Cameroon has always voted in favor of the US whenever Biya was asked to do so.
      You tend to overanalyze stuff. The US ambassador was in its role of denonciating what he sees. ( he also talked bout secessionist crimes by the way.) But to go from there to conclude that they want Biya out is delusional. Keep dreaming. You can hate Pr. Biya, but the man is a tactical genius. When has the US ever send their ally to ICC?

      • Mr. Ambazonia

        @James, what are US interests in the region. I have not been able to identify those interests from your write ups. Kindly edify. Thanks

        • Peace and stability. It’s that simple. Cameroon is the only country in the region that has demonstrated political stability for decades. People from Nigeria CAR Tchad…all run to Cameroon to seek refuge in times of war. Where would they go if we blow up?
          Economically, we are the food basket of the region. Our ports regulate commerces in the region including US trade.
          Militarily, our central position in the gulf of guinea give strategic advantage.
          So, if you think that your small grievances can trigger foreign powers to blow us apart, you are idiot.

        • @Ambazonia
          Go and find out. You think they are stupid.

    • Bla bla bla

  5. Dites -le aux moutons de ce forum.

  6. @James On the contrary,the best u can get out of this is a two states federation,which is the lesser evil.There would be no federation of 10 states,because the other 8 regions does not have any problem.They say they love the status quo.If they had any problem,they too would be fighting for it.But most of them are saying that they want but decentralisation which Biya has not implement for the past 21 years.If Biya cares,he can give them decentralisation.But we don’t need it.
    ”’Separation or Two States Federation will never happen bcoz it benefit no one other than Ambazonian dreamers.” Ha ha ha ha..of course,seperation will also benefit future generation of Ambasonians.After it must have benefitted the Ambasonian dreamers.So,seperation is nice for Anglophones and their children unborn…

    • @kongosa

      Even your forefathers will come back

    • No point of arguing with You, becoz you still think Ambazonian have anything to say in this matter. The solution will be discussed at a higher stage. Ayaba Cho and co can continue thinking they play an important role.
      But when time comes they will simply be asked by there host country to keep quite or face deportation.

  7. Enemy of progress who told u it was an old news. The only thing you knows It’s to upload video and pics on social media

  8. @James ”Peace and stability”. ”Cameroon is the only country in the region that has demonstrated political stability for decades.”
    Really,like i said,keep consoling yourself.Gabon,Equatorial Guinea and Congo is more stable politically than Cameroon. We have already blow off and people are already going to Nigeria. If we continue to blow off? People will run to Congo,Gabon,and Equatorial Guinea. Console yourself bro…….

  9. Mr Amba. Learn Geopolitics. Why Do You Think Nigeria Does Not Support You As You Thought? Why Do I Believe France ( You Hate & Index) Is The Master Mind Of This? I Wish I Could Join Army Voluntarily To Fight Ambazombians. You Want People To Believe That It’s A Matter Of Anglo/franco Just As Boko Haram Claims The Killing Of Moslems In Order To Get More Sympathizers. You Said You Are Winning The War Yet People Are Still Displaced & Dieing There. More Killings As You Wish Bu You’ll Never Achieve Your Goal. I Just Pity My Compatriots That Are Trapped In Your Evil. FYI, I Have No Family Member Among Civilians, Army, Terrorists Like You In The War Zone.

    • Epée Dipanda

      Mbamois, be what you want. Join the army in Larepublique.
      We Ambalanders are done with you. We have tasted your love. We don’t like it. Live with it.
      Ambazonia is gone…for ever

  10. Mr. Ambazonia

    @James you said:

    “Peace and stability. It’s that simple. Cameroon is the only country in the region that has demonstrated political stability for decades. People from Nigeria CAR Tchad…all run to Cameroon to seek refuge in times of war. Where would they go if we blow up?
    Economically, we are the food basket of the region. Our ports regulate commerces in the region including US trade.
    Militarily, our central position in the gulf of guinea give strategic advantage.
    So, if you think that your small grievances can trigger foreign powers to blow us apart, you are idiot.

    Again, how is Cameroon’s stability USA’s interest? How does Cameroon influence US trade at their ports? How would the breadbasket of the region interest USA? How strategic is the location in the Gulf of Guinea to the US?

    • Sorry, i can’t fix stupid. I can’t believe Ambazonian are fighting for a system of education that made you.

      Let’s just say world peace benefit the US in a sense that iit reduces their military spending.

      • Epée Dipanda

        James Your ignorance is beyond measure.
        Do you understand the meaning of the petro dollar?
        Ambazonia being free is in line with America’s foreign policy. A free Ambazonia will import more American goods. Simple.
        America will support Ambazonia because it is right to do so.
        By the way Mr operator of this website where is the report from the joint session of the congress and senate on Cameroon ?

        • Ok. Becoz you see France letting its market freely go to the U.S. right? Not that France can match USA power, but the reality is that they (France and US ) don’t step in each other’s foot. They are allies, especially with the new romance between Trump and Macron. France can never let Cameroon oil go elsewhere. You can hate them, but in terms of diplomacy France has no match.
          You better believe that any action any foreign power will undertake vis a vis to this crisis will have to go through France. Like it or not.

        • [email protected] France bit off more than it could chew ,its clinging on to something that is not going on so well .It cant handle the sheer weight of responsibility of the region ,other countries are fed up of having to touch base on getting crap deals in Fracaphone africa due to them when many other markets dont have this restraint.People want to do buisness with Africa not With French companies exorbitent finders fees,commisions,political mercenery clout ,slaps on the back.Mr Macrons wink isnt really good enough .Shareholders need transparency and accountability growth and projections not French placed stumbling blocks in Francophone areas .Maybe im not painting a true likeness here but…..

  11. What exactly is the author of the article trying to say when he says : the government led by french speakers ? Last time I checked the head of the government as in the PM was an Anglo , the Minister of territorial administration was another Anglo ? Anglo are represented in all parts ofnthe govt so how exactly is the govt franco led ? What type of nonsense is this? You western monkeys can try as much as you want there will never be a civil war here in Cameroon . The republican army is fighting against secessionists just like they are fighting against Boko who also want to carve a caliphate out of Cameroon . This is not an Anglo vs franco fight . There are anglo soldiers all over the Nw and SW fighting to preserve the integrity of this country . Cameroon will prevail against all odds. Punks

    • French slave, your colonial language is more than you, it’s not wracking you barbaric brains about English that will play the magic. What powers does the political eunuch of a PM have? Does he pick his ministers based on merit? Is there not always a Francophone deputy of his who is the real power broker. Out of 60 appointed ministers under the PM how many are English-speaking? The gov’t is therefore rightly dominated or led by francophones. You grew up u set trees and your primitivity is evident! I thought you have barking that the army is fighting against terrorists! Your thuggish language is evolving into calling them secessionists! Why should Anglophones be “ represented” in the first place if the country is one? Shouldn’t it be a seamless cohabitation of two equal parts ?

      • Hey Chinese donkey since 03 decades you have been in China which expertise have you brought back home?aside of labelling yourself “Anglophone”and running empty mouth.

        • They use our taxes to send you to go and squeeze a PHD out of desert sand and I use my own money to go abroad, instead of showing us what your desert PHD will bring us, you want more handouts from me! At least you can’t deny that we are the owners of the beautiful houses your drunk and lazy selves rent. See how you bark now online. You have learned it from the desert people who always shout:” Death to America”. You only understand the language of killing. Blood thirsty thug!

      • Look at the animal talking about slaves , ah ah we were cutting french balls while you slaves were serving tea to your brutish masters , have it not been for the franco gaining their independence and coming to your rescue by pressuring the UN and the British you people would still b used as mop by them while beating your chest like gorillas in the name of indirect rule. Left to punks anglofool like you you would still b bending over and serving tea . You and I are not of the same cut , know thy place . There is a reason why for 60 years I have put a collar around your neck with foot on it . And my urine and feces will forever be more dignified than you because it is in your DNA to be a WUSS . 3 years and counting you are still marching to Buea ,how far ?

        • You barbaric fools were cutting the balls of Bamilekes to prove your beastiality against your brothers and appease your French overlords. How did they reward you? They gave you a pseudo independence, took away all your money. Without money the only thing you trained yourselves at was stealing from the other ethnic groups. Kondengui is there as proof. As the French have their feet on your throats, your numbers increase at Kondengui and you go on a killing spree to survive. For 60 years you have stolen our taxes and now our feet are on your necks, that’s why you are the ones in prison. Gorilla thug , you don’t understand this irony of things? Three years and you have not wiped out all Anglophones as you did to Bamis!

        • @ Pinguiss
          Some times it helps to restrict yourself to areas where you can actually find two legs to stand on!!!!!!! Blaming for blaming sake does not endear you to those whose attention you seek.

          Indirect Rule?
          The fact of the British colonialists using indirect rule (by use of existing structures) speaks to the capacity of the locals to govern themselves well. Obviously if there had been a hiatus, the Brits would quickly fill it. Please admit and give credit to a people that they did command a level of acceptable self government.

        • I’m so scared chinaman has exposed us what a genius, you want a cookie ? Know that you have busted open the Beti Zionist conspiracy what do you plan to do ? NOTHing as usual all talk no action . You descendants will forever serve and obey to mine get that in your thick skull same with your wrapper tying buddy

      • Old senile man @ Dinga you see why the entire forum is laughing at ? Just look at you just posted , so you need validation from your British master to know that you can rule yourself ? Ah ah what a wuss . You just confirmed what I said previously left to punks suffering from inferiority complex like you the British would still b in sw and nw in the name of ya least they think we can indirectly rule ourselves , what an embarrassment, unlike you we dont care and didn’t care indirect or direct we wanted the french out . Period we did not need their validation or approval to know that we can self govern. From the north to the south the history of our territorial expansion and rule speak for itself . But I understand primitive people like you saw in the British a paragon. Now eat my crumbs.

        • Gorilla thug, did you have a fight with the British and forced them to leave? The British left their dignity to a people who carried on with their democratic institutions. The French on the other hand forced you to welcome them. Because of you beastiality you directed them around to wipe out your Bami and Bassa brothers. After that the French knew how easy in the eyes you were, so they put their feet on your neck up to this moment. They throw crumbs to you and you finance their lifestyles. Your money is with them. Your anthem, language , are all from them. What can a running dog like you teach us about the British who took their hands off us. You think you can also sold us to the French for food and wine like you did the Bamis and Bassas, lazy layabout!

        • @Pinguiss
          “We” means so many things to so many persons, doesn’t it” And when you say “We wanted the French out” your tread on dangerous soil. Those who wanted the French out are, regrettably, not those at the helm. Remember? Felix Moumie, Um Nyobe, Ernest Ouandjie were certainly never in the same mix as Ahmadou Ahidjo, Paul Biya etc, were they?

          History keeps repeating itself. What was true in the past can still crop up in the present, n’est-ce pas? Today we have the BAC Board which is slowly swallowing the GCE Board. Does that ring a bell to you?

  12. Actually the mere presence of Americans in Cameroon is by itself a destabilizing factor.
    We don’t need Americans to take care of our own security.
    There is no example of a place where Americans have been and that place is peaceful.
    No lecture me on Europe as that is another topic

  13. @James U are a child to think that Donald Trump will support u.America has no choice but to support a free Ambasonia becos of the Ndian oil and the Cobalt in Kumbo,not forgetting American goods that Ambasonia will be importing.America knows that if they allow Ambasonia slip off their fingers,Russia can come in,and u know what that means,if Russia comes into this region of the gulf of Guinea.So,let me tell u,we have so many choices.If America don’t do what is right in Ambasonia,we will invite Russia to do the job.And believe me,Russia is the last country that America want to see around the gulf of Guinea.

    • What Ndian oil ? Lmao not only Ndian has no oil . But Iran and the USA are pumping more oil than ever on the market .simply put for a simpleton like you oil is not worth anything definitely not a war or breaking a country . But I wasn’t expecting a first class fool like you to have a clue . Invite whoever you want it’s been 3years now . Empty vessels

      • Are America and Iran pumping oil in to the market because there’s no oil in Ndian? Confused thug! Because you fly in at night to exploit oil offshore, you thieving selves think people don’t see your actions!

        • You are funny. Ndiang oil is a tiny speck, and is not worth breaking a country.
          The oil reserves in Sudan was much more larger than Ndiang. That may have been the reason of spliting that country. Again, you don’t have enough resources to trigger American Interest.
          Not to mention that Trump is a Nationalist, he cares less about other countries, except when US interest is at stake.

        • All talk no action typical from a slave minded individual. You know us you see us blah blah coulda woulda shoulda . We are not hiding when do you plan to act ? I guess never , too scared ? You know we will blow you up and wipe you completely off the world map and it still wouldn’t be such a bad deal since you already live in caves and mountains and we all know that throughout the history of the world only cowardly tribes /societies hide in mountains and caves .no wonder your territory is so small . Now get back to your cage

        • Pinguiss,
          I don’t doubt your trigger-happiness to blow people up. When you have nothing in the head, you blow people up! When you can’tbuild a single expressway in your country for 57 years, your beastiality takes over. But you can never suppress the truth! You started by saying there was no oil in Ndian, now it is very insignificant! What have you done with the proceeds of the small oil you have been tapping for an eternity? Now your miserable existence depends on foreign loans and you have the guts to raise your thieving small voice!

  14. @ Fire Fighter. You are saying ” our tax this, our tax that” HAVE YOU EVER PAID TAX IN KAMERUN? OPPORTUNIST. May be you are among the ghost workers. FYI I’ve never served the GOK.

    • Somebody who has never served the GOC would not bark orders for people to be gunned down like you. Only a hardened criminal does so, in order to cover his thieving as and protect his loot. Kleptomania is in your DNA!

      • …thieving ass…

        • No Chinese donkey we are urging the government to wipe out terrorists cause all peaceful mediations have failed the only language now is the one of force till you get your senses back terrorists must lay down their weapons I have said before that people are travelling to learn and enlighten the ones left back though some like you became more foolish and I asked myself what was the essence of travelling if it was to be more idiot than before?

        • Camel,
          You thought branding people you grew up with terrorists and gunning them down and razing their houses was going to go down like your usual rigging of elections, but to your greatest surprise you are about to sheepishly come back to the negotiations we urged you to initiate at the beginning. Slow learner, Biya travels every month and drives to the airport in foreign countries through some of the most beautiful streets in the world. Why has he or any of his ministers not replicated this in your backyard? French slaveslike you are natural parrots, but cannot initiate any action. Between us in Cameroon who has the best schools, cleaner cities? Is that not us copying how others live elsewhere? Idiotic French slave, think before you shoot off your barbaric mouth!

  15. @James and Pinguiss Don’t worry.We know the game of geopolitics.And we know how to play it.Ambasonia must be free…

  16. Phew people get mighty defensive when petrol oil is mentioned !!!