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Un Boeing de la Camair-Co ramené au Cameroun

L’avion qui était immobilisé en Afrique du Sud depuis des mois pour des raisons financières, a atterrit à l’aéroport international de Douala dans la nuit de samedi

La compagnie aérienne camerounaise Camair-co vient de récupérer son Boeing en Afrique du Sud. Le 737-700 y avait été immobilisé depuis le mois de septembre, pour une dette d’environ deux milliards de F CFA représentant des frais de maintenance non-payés.

Ledit avion a atterrit à l’aéroport de Douala dans la nuit de samedi, 07 janvier 2017, au grand soulagement des responsables de la Camair-Co.

«Le retour du Boeing 737-700 NG constitue un grand soulagement sur le plan commercial. Car, cet avion permettra la bonne exécution de nos programmes de vols tant sur le plan régional que national, tout en assurant le transport de nos valeureux Lions indomptables et leurs supporters pour la Can 2017», indique une note publiée par la Compagnie.

le retour de ce Boeing marque un répit pour la Camair-Co qui fait face, depuis le mois de décembre, à des difficultés à desservir convenablement sur son réseau, du fait d’une flotte insuffisante. En effet tous les cinq avions que compte la compagnie étaient cloués au sol pour des problèmes liés à la maintenance ou la formation des équipages à l’étranger.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    The government of Cameroon has been ordered by the UN Human Rights Court to pay a sum of  7 billion Fcfa to compensate  the CPDM Mayor of Njombe-Penja for 8 years of illegal and arbitrary detention on the orders of a French company Plantations du Haut Penja(PHP).

    He should contract a French bailliff to seize the plane of Camair-co in Paris. He should promise the bailliff 10% of the amount recovered.

  2. Just after the end of year busy schedule is completed and all the foreign airlines have made good profit and fustrated cameroonians again. This happen every year around this same period you do’t need a high level IQ to see that this is organised crime. if you look at the share holders and the peoples managing theses companies that create this troubles to camair co specially around this high profit period you will find out they are all connected to air france and the europeans airlines…This is shame for our peoples a simple manager should see this coming and work hard for this not to happen specially around this time of very high profit for airline company…but again the man probably got double his yearly salary in a bank account in france.

    • @ Pharaon

      Please consider the bigger picture!!!! Government officials are a great liability to the national effort whenever they use excess zeal to imperil the lives and livelihood of ordinary citizens. The case of the may of Njombe is only one out of many others wrongfully put in prison as a result of the ineptitude clothed in arrogance of those who wield power. Watch what Governor Okalia Bilai is doing to citizens of the South-West Region. How does it sound for a military man – gendarme/police – to forcefully seize the headgear of a lawyer and subject the latter to ridicule in public? Multiply such ordered compensatory payments by the number of victims in this category and see what it portends for the national treasury, the much vaunted “image de marque” of the nation.

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

        Governor Okalia Bilai is Landgrabber. He and his Beti brother Zang III, the SDO of Fako, have stolen and are still stealing Bakweri land. He knows that the stolen land will soon be recovered and given to the rightful owners. His arrogance will not help him

    • Pharaon @Turkish airlines and royal air martocco both do a certain amount of advertising and organisation which is frankly in dirrect compatition to the european ones .Turkish airlines lets you change tickets at a decent price and give a great service going out of their way to make sure you achive your travel plans and value the customers they serve of the African continent and are visibly proud when you tell them your happy with their work i doubt very much they would ever siggest you use a european main airline instead of theirs.
      When Camair is on skyscanner and has a complete multiligual website (that bit shouldnt be too difficult!)for international and national flights bookings and secure purchases it might get more customers.

  3. If you cannot construct state of the art roads to usher in economic activities, you will likely be unable to manage a bus system and do you think you would be able to manage a national airline? These things are intertwined folks! We call it aesthetics, national taste. when a country lacks a national taste , it cannot stamp its trade mark on any aspect of its national life.