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Un gendarme tue trois de ses collègues et une civile au Cameroun

Au moins quatre personnes, dont trois gendarmes et une civile, ont été abattues par un autre gendarme à Kousseri (nord du Cameroun), à la frontière du Tchad, indiquent des sources sécuritaires.

L’incident s’est passé vendredi soir, selon une source qui affirme avoir assisté à la scène.

“Un gendarme a tué par balle quatre personnes, un capitaine, deux femmes gendarmes et une civile”, rapporte-t-elle.

Ce bilan a été confirmé à l’AFP par une autre source sécuritaire de la région, pour qui il pourrait s’agir d’un “règlement de compte”.

“(Le forcené est) entré dans le bureau du commandant d’escadron avec une kalachnikov. Le commandant a sorti son PA (pistolet automatique, ndlr) pour le dissuader, mais il (a été) abattu”, explique la source témoin.

Le tueur a ensuite ouvert le feu et abattu deux autres gendarmes, dont une femme enceinte, ainsi que la femme d’un gendarme, une civile, qui se trouvaient dans les locaux et aux alentours de la gendarmerie.

“Il voulait tuer cinq personnes. Il a réussi à en abattre quatre. Il avait eu des problèmes d’argent avec l’une des victimes”, a expliqué la source, sans davantage de précisions.

Une troisième gendarme recherchée par le tueur a réussi à se réfugier dans les locaux d’un commissariat de la ville, selon la source qui précise que le gendarme s’est rendu à la police aux termes de négociations.

Selon plusieurs sources concordantes, une enquête aurait été ouverte pour déterminer les mobiles exacts de cet acte.

Avec AFP


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  1. l,enemi dans la Maison

    that is the consequences of allowing injustice to become law. you don,t send the same person on the field all the time while others enjoy security at the office all the time. we will resist your injustice even from within until the differences between the two cameroons are clearly ironed out.

    • I read this comment somewhere and thought it was funny; ” someone actually suggested that they died by drowning”.

  2. People are dead the first thing you cry about is injustice. God is watching.

    • l,enemi dans la Maison

      where was that your god before the people were shot, cruel deception, they will die more. by the way ,do you know how many they have killed in Bamenda in the last 8 months?

  3. This is just the start. LRC has not seen anything yet. One of these days when Fame Ndongo shows up anywhere in Southern Cameroons, he will face the same consequences.

    • And that Southern CMR is paradise? Correct?

      Little dreamer, what would perhaps do you some little good would be for you to first of all acknowledge your own individual little piece of s*** in our collective big s***.

      Your problem, my problem, our problem, is not that of Western CMR nor that of Southern CMR. Our problem is WICKEDNESS, GREED, MORONITY—Anglo and Franco alike.

      Anyway, keep on enjoying your intellectual dust bathing—at least birds do it for a vital purpose…

      • Zam-Zam

        Don’t mind them. When the blood spilling begins, these self-righteous blabber mouths will be the first to whimper like the cowards that they are. Hateful idiots!

        The colonizers really did a number on us.

    • @zamzam; hope you will still have to say next year. You certainly don’t know where you are coming from and therefore to know would be destination. Unfortunately you don’t know those killed and who killed. The bad News is that families are morning. If you don’t like it to be your Family, don’t rejoice that it happen to others, anglos or frogs. Be mature

    • @Admin,
      can you please do something about this screen name theft?

      We’re already confused a people enough, more confusion would definitely not be that healthy for some of our half-damaged psychics…

      Admin: if your nickname is ‘stolen’ or someone else is impersonating you, please report it to us, start your message with ‘Admin’; we will compare IP numbers and use other means us to identify the culprit. Those who engage in that unfortunate practice will have access limited to our server. Thanks

      • Dear Admin,

        I will without fail.
        Thanks for all your efforts to keep things moving.
        All those that still have strength to break cola nuts into fine quarters and place them on a plate for all to share surely can see farther, even assuming blindness decided to strike them, all of a sudden. Their inner eyes would still be better than those of others, who’ve have still got their physical eyes intact in their sockets.

        Keep it up…

  4. Preach hate and one day it will be your families. You don’t own the country.

  5. Why have we not have the equivalent in SW? War will not be a solution, killing soldiers will give France legitimate reasons to kill your families. My God is alive and he looks after his sheep. He sees the suffrage that’s why Israelites stayed in bondage for 400 years. But the level of hatred you people have for your own fellow compatriots is unbelievable. Keep it alive. People don’t want the truth anymore but Jesus is the trust and only the truth shall set you free. How is your attitude differ with the talibans or bokoharam? Death is coming and you people ready your familie.

  6. SW? War will not be a solution, killing soldiers will give France legitimate reasons to kill your families. My God is alive and he looks after his sheep. He sees the suffrage that’s why Israelites stayed in bondage for 400 years. But the level of hatred you people have for your own fellow compatriots is unbelievable. Keep it alive. People don’t want the truth anymore but Jesus is the trust and only the truth shall set you free

    • @Mac
      When you are talking of hatred, you should be fair and just.Francophone/Anglophones who is more welcoming?.I have lived in Douala, Yaoundé and traveled in nearly all the regions in Cameroon.I do not condemn any one where, but lets be frank and sincere,anglophones are very welcoming people.We are not here for any vengeance, but, we need to understand each other as brothers and sister.The francophones has violated our love for them by taking our leniency for granted.

      • @Adolf, Welcoming depends on whom you meet and what you have. You want us to be honest right? Do anglophones love themselves? You certainly know the expression ” Come no go”. If come no go which descripes a group of residence from another provice is identical to welcoming, then you are correct to say anglophones are welcoming. Are you also aware that they are millions of frogs facing most of the Problems anlgos have. We are all victims of a regime and in this regime you also find anlgos.

    • If you are a sheep, we are human. Bro don’t go so low.
      The use of the word sheep and/or Shepard in the Bible is figurative.
      Don’t forget.

  7. Guns in the wrong hands…..not too good for national development!

    • Original Black Bantu

      John Diinga@
      I don’t think the problem is the 23 years old adjudant who did the cleansing work but rather people like Captain ondoua, the legion commander and first victim. According to the article, he tried to intimidate the young man with his PA; this makes me think that we are missing a great part of the story (the arguments between the two). According to other sources, the so called ondoua couldn’t find any other girl than the fiancee of this young man to (repeately) satisfy his sexual desire and all the victims are those involved de pret ou de loin.

      Our Problems – Power abusers = 0

      • If this were the one and only time a soldier shot and killed his superior officer, one would understand. Remember Tiko? And surely there must be others where an undisciplined soldier went beserk and opened fire. Remember Ephraim Banda Ghogomu’s Calvary at Akum?

        Of course his fiance did not withstand his boss. That (her infidelity) should disqualify her. Should that give room for cold blooded murder, the young soldier playing judge and jury?

      • Original Black Bantu

        If there was justice in our country, I would have had a different opinion. You and I know pretty well that our justice is nothing but a pyramidal network:at the top, those in power followed by those connected to them through their belonging to philosophical (occult) circles or family ties.

        I do agree with you that this is not an isolated case but we have to be honest and recognize that they represent nothing compared to what the so called people in power have being doing (till today) to those without connections: I will skip many abuses and ask you to examine le commandement operationel+2008

        • @Bantu, It happens even were there is justice. In America he will be sentenced to death. Are you sure the very Young soldier will not do same when he goes to the village during weekends or on Mission somewhere else? We know how they do things and i have the feeling that he can’t be different. He had no right to kill period.

  8. Doesn’t social media identify the shooter as a disgruntled anglophone? Only the truth, however ugly, brings justice. All violence condemned. A society should discuss all issues honestly and find common solutions.

  9. Rudolf. No one is saying this had not been happening, there is discrimination but to stoke fear in people is wrong especially when we spread lies to our own people for political gain. I have said again this is a wrong strategy. The puppet master is France. Why not join hands sit with your brothers and reduce France influence in Cameroon? That’s the real propaganda and remember they choose the high ranking officials and if you don’t follow they kill you. How will local leaders bring good changes meanwhile the France has powers? Mesonge will be the next Vice President in a few weeks still them

    • Very hard to reduce French influence in LRC because Francophones love it, celebrate relations with France and can serve in the French military. The French mould the education of Francophones by treaty and shed blood to preserve LRC. This connection began in 1918 under the League of Nations, was affirmed by the United Nations and cemented in a Cooperation Accord treaty signed Dec 24, 1959 by Presidents Ahidjo and Gen De Gaulle. It is Southern Cameroons that is alien to the Yaounde-Paris connection and has no mandate to break it. Shed blood bond is very strong.

      • COOPERATION FRANCO-CAMEROUNASIE (Charles de Gaulle/Ahmadou Ahidjo, December 26, 1959).
        #1 France shall determine Cameroon’s political, economic and sociocultural orientation.
        #2 France shall manufacture Cameroon’s money (CFA Franc)
        #3France shall guide the determination of Cameroon’s educational programs at all levels
        #4 The French public treasury shall have a portfolio called OPERATION’S ACCOUNT to cover 100% of Cameroon’s foreign exchange. This was revised to 65% in 1972 for BEAC (Brazzaville) and 1973 for UMOA (Dakar) and stands right now at 50%
        #5 France shall be given priority in the expl

        • -oitation of Cameroon’s strategic raw materials. In the event where France is not interested, Cameroon may then seek other partners or exploit the raw materials itself.
          #6 10 November 1961 Military Assistance. Whenever a Cameroonian president is overwhelmed by an external aggression or an internal rebellion, he may call on the French for assistance. In the event where a Cameroonian president is unable to seek assistance by any form of communication, the French ambassador to Cameroon can make the request instead of Cameroonian authorities.
          N’est-ce pas Georges Pompidou, Valery Giscard

        • d’Estaing, Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarcozy, Francois Holland, Emmanuel Macron?

        • Tells you the Cameroonian head of state is just a caretaker of a French estate. There was panic in 1972 when ST Muna was briefly no. 2 after President Ahidjo.

          The alliance soon brought back the post of Prime Minister and appointed Mr Biya into it. That is how the job was stolen from Anglophone ST Muna

        • John Dinga@ the french and anyone running Cameroun didnt have the power to change the original League of Nations agreement for our specific area ., The agreement of these two men is nonsense ,its against WTO rules to start with, and France is also breaking EU unfair compitition rules since joining the union ,if enforcing it.

    • Original Black Bantu

      I don’t like focusing on those false treaties which, I believe, the goal was to make any future independentist feels powerless. Targeting france in isolation will never free Africa as a whole. We need to understand that the foundamental idea of world domination is rooted from UK(Mother), designed and carried out by USA (daughter) and operationlized by france and other EU (house girl) ask yourself what are:
      – Companies exploiting our resources?
      – Those using the resources?
      – NGO that are distracting us?
      – Media that are intoxicating our mind?
      – Financial institution chaining us with debts?
      – et

  10. Original black bantu!You said it all my brother!Thank you!Until we Africans try to find a way out of this grip we find ourselves in nothing would change.Late Thomas Sankara the Upright man tried to show us the way and until we follow his ideas we are doomed as a race.

    • Original Black Bantu

      Thank you @Enow,
      Our hope is to see many African starting up like Sankara to defend the right cause. One dosen’t need to be a super-hero to stand-up. For example, developing a simple website to present to African what are the companies/country that are exploiting our natural resources can wake many up.

      • OBB @ just saw your geat comment now …check out royaldutchshellplc …..all attached its an eye opener !