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US Ambassador leaves Cameroon amidst diplomatic fracas

Journal du Cameroun | The United States Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Balerin has left the country for the United amidst the diplomatic fracas between both countries.
According to a source at the US Embassy in Yaounde, the Ambassador left for the United States for his due leave and is said to resume duty on June 7.

However, the departure has been interpreted in several quarters as a result of his meeting with Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations Lejeune Mbella Mbella on Thursday.

According to a strong worded communiqué read over Cameroon’s State radio on Wednesday, Lejeune Mbella Mbella expressed Cameroon government’s strong disapproval of Ambassador Balerin’s statement on May 18 after meeting with the Head of State Paul Biya.

Peter Henry Balerin had accused the Cameroonioan Government of carrying out targeted killings in the North West and South West regions and called on the Head of State Paul Biya to think of his legacy and proposed Nelson Mandela and George Washington as models.

The Cameroonian Minister expressed the Cameroonian Government’s strong disapproval of the Ambassador’s outing both in form and in style.

He reminded the US Diplomat of the Cameroonian people’s collective will to elect their President and said it has never been the President’s wish to stay in power.

According to the communiqué, the US Ambassador apologized to the Cameroonian government and said his comments had been misunderstood and distorted by the press.

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  1. He delivered the message to strongman Paul Biya just like Bill Richardson told Mobutu in a certain afternoon of May 1987. The message landed like a thunder bolt at Etoudi. Mr Biya has failed to transform Cameroun and instead invented an authoritarian and monarchical style presidency, far worse than President Ahidjo, that finally destroyed the Cameroon federation, usurped democracy and thrown the country into an internecine war. The fact the US Ambassador got summoned at the Foreign Ministry speaks volumes.

  2. Mr. Ambazonia

    The article says, “According to the communiqué, the US Ambassador apologized to the Cameroonian government and said his comments had been misunderstood and distorted by the press.”

    If at all the ambassador insulted the Cameroonian people or people, he did so himself and on media. Won’t he follow up with same measure in his apology? Why would Mr. Minister summarize the ambassador’s? Did Mr. Ambassador become dumb after the meeting with Mr. Minister?


      That is surely an apocalyptic situation for Biya.
      LRC has inadvertently internationalised the Anglophone Question. Theis scenario is unquestionably a blessing to our struggle.

      • “Today Mbella Lejeune Mbella wants to assume that only the regime is competent enough to feed the international community with fabricated lies and because like ever liar and lies, there is an expiring date and that expiring date is now and the regime is caught flat footed.
        When a regime wants to collapse, every decision that it initiates is its Waterloo and Watergate and Mbella Lejeune has done his worst blunder that his summons of the American Ambassador to Yaoundé was written and signed by him.
        When did he even read diplomacy and have Cameroonians now seen the emptiness of the graduands of their much trumpeted International Institute for Public and International relationship?
        Mbella Lejeune Mbella has lighted a gaz plant that no fire fighting brigade even from France can doff off”

        • “Cameroun: Qui est Peter Henry Barlerin, l’Ambassadeur américain qui donne des insomnies au régime trentenaire de Paul Biya ?”

          Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have finally bitten more than they can chew.
          France cannot save them from the wrath of Trump.
          Believe me or not, Trump does not care about Macron.


          1. Macron asked Trump to sign in the Pris climate Agreement. Trump said NYET
          2. Macron begged Trump to respect the Iran nuclear Agreement. Trump said NYET
          3. Macron asked Trump not to increase the tariff for Aluminium and steel from the EU. Trump said NYET.

          It is evident that Macron cannot prevent Trump from punishing Biya.
          That is the reason Biya is now having sleepless nights

        • 1. Macron asked Trump to sign the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump said NYET

      • @Mvomeka
        Are you convinced this is the right judgement? I don’t think that any action to be taken by the US will be without the collaboration of the French and eventually not a plus to secessionism. What i strongly believe is that these two powers that are seen just everywhere fighting on the same oneside can help Cameroonians in general by insisting Mr. Biya doesn’t go in for elections or ensuring that he doesn’t continue as head of state. In Yemen, Easten Ukraine, Mali, Syria, Afgahnistan, Lybia etc, the French and Americans are on the side. Why do we anglophones know think they will be in opposite camps in Cameroon? It is necessary that we look beyond our boarders inorder to know exactly what awaits us.

    • Rain onto others

      But If really the Ambassador has apologized, why did the minister summon him again . Don’t trust this terrorist government

    • No, he won’t go back to the media after being educated about the praxis of diplomatic agencies.

      These things are too big for you fellows to understand. Don’t be surprised that the ambassador gets replaced for his embarrassing conduct. The conclusion of this report speaks volumes and that’s that.

      • Mr. Ambazonia

        Oh! Professor of diplomacy, when he went public and declared some in US are sprewing hate speech, it was time to pop champagne.

        Minister taught him Diplomacy 101 and immediately went to press. Maybe you crafted the curriculum Minister used. Minister who taught Ambassador Diplomacy 101 crafted by you can go to press but Ambassador can’t.

        Thanks for the deceitful lessons. But no thanks!

  3. The Ambassador was recalled by the State Department for consultation.

    His departure is surely a blessing to our legitimate struggle. He is now free to inform the Executive branch and Congress about the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity being perpetrated by LRC terrorists.
    He will draw their attention to fact that France has imposed a cruel Dictator on Cameroonians for 36 years and counting.
    This french puppet has transformed a once breadbasket of Africa into a BASKET CASE. He will warn them that another 7 years term of this Dictator will surely transform the country into another Libya or Syria
    Surely Donald John Trump will sooner or later give Biya an appropriate response.
    The Anglophone Question has now officially entered US politics.


    • @Mvomeka
      I really like that expression: From breadbasket to basket case. I wish you were wrong!

      • @JD,


        “CHINE ?? :28 ministres : pour 1 milliard 450 millions habitants
        INDE ?? : 41 ministres pour 1 milliard 200 millions habitants
        USA ?? : 21 ministres pour 323 millions habitants
        Allemagne ?? : 15 ministres pour 88 millions habitants
        France ?? : 22 ministres pour 67 millions habitants
        Russie ?? : 26 Ministres pour 146,88 millions d’habitants.
        Nigéria ??: 24 Ministres pour 194, 6 millions d’habitants.
        Cameroun ?? : 65 ministres pour 23 million d’habitants.

        Le Cameroun serait-il la première puissance mondiale ministerielle??”

        • Vaoicomputers

          it is what is known as political clientelism.The ministers are his customers

  4. You fellows underestimate Cameroon at your own peril.

    The government has been very merciful in the handling of the delusional scoundrels that have taken up arms against the Motherland.

    Some say America will destroy Cameroon in one second but they forget the country they are talking about.

    The issue in Cameroon will be resolved by Cameroonians. So whether the ambassador has been recalled for consultations, or to be reprimanded; or even just to enjoy his due leave, as the report states, Cameroon will confront the unjustified act of aggression and crime against peace.

    The world’s biggest reserve of uranium has been discovered in the northern regions of Cameroon, and this ambassador with such poor diplomatic skills may simply have compromised America’s hopes for an invitation to dinner.

    • “Has been discovered”? Transforming ancient history into current event is quite a feat! As far back as 1969, Louis Paul Aujoulat knew of uranium deposits in the Adamaoua and as main adviser to the government of President Ahidjo, did everything to make sure no drumbeats took place (a similar policy that was adopted when Victoria changed names to Limbe to keep the hawks away from the discovery of the black gold along the west coast).

      But then the story of uranium is not different from that of coffee, cocoa, rubber, banana, coltran, diamond, gold and the rest. The country’s reserves of coltran do not automatically become cell phones, do they? Primary products need processing and that is where the country’s external partners cannot be dismissed so easily!

      • They cannot be dismissed for now… but they cannot invite themselves! What was known about the uranium deposits in the sixties is just a minute fraction of what has actually been discovered today: an extensive deposit that spans two regions in northern Cameroon.

        We are no longer in the dark ages… By the way, we have some 300 US soldiers (technicians) already up there while the US ambassador is fumbling.

        • You claimed Biya was going to put an end to the French Empire in Africa, now that you and your handlers have fallen on your own sword, you are brandishing the countries resources and taunting the same people you derisively call white devils! You wanted Biya to bar the way for the French, now you are showing of resources to Americans! Narcotics have got the best of you!

        • …showing off…

        • Vaoicomputers

          This is the reason why you are languishing in Sweden and smoking weed has become a way of life.

  5. I must say I’m extremely glad at the rate at which Paul biya is inavetainly putting a gun to his own head.

    • Hahahaha… it looks more like the ambassador would hasten the deportation from the US of all those (tiny minority) that are fuelling acts of aggression, and promoting crimes against peace in Cameroon. He left hurriedly after having a serious discussion with the Cameroonian authorities.

      Wuna tink sey man pikin fo Cameroon na get seed fo waist bot weaget it, man.

  6. Let put it simple in basic arythmetics: Trump is a good freind of Macron/ Bolloré, who in their turn are good freinds to Biya. Cameroon in their eyes is not even considered a Country. Cameroon for all these big maffia bosses who control this capitalist world we are living in, is just a big plantatation ful of natural ressources. Nothing more. They can’t care less if some negros are killing each other and dying like flies somewhere in that jungle.
    If these people wanted to move Biya, they will have done that long ago.
    How on earth can people beleive in 2018 that AmeriKKKa will come to their” rescue ” somewhere in Africa just because they speak English?
    USA will never put their interests in jeopardys because of some black Africans lives. NEVER.
    You are on your own people! Fix it.

    • Sanctimonious hypocrite, why are you struggling to prove the friendship between Biya, Macron and Trump? Is it not because you want to water down the fright that got hold of you in the past few days? I remember you people mocking at Anglophones for having been rejected by the Queen. Now that Biya has been openly rejected by Trump, you want to force friendship between them to lessen your heartbreak. If Trump doesn’t care about negoes killing each other, did he through his Ambassador accuse the Cameroon army of engaging in targeted killings and burning of houses? Why do you like shooting off your licky mouth when you have nothing in the head?

      • @ FF
        I really don’t like wasting my precious time. I’m a very busy person. I come here when I have a minute or 2 over.
        Now can you explain to me why should or would Trump engage himself in this your jungle crisis.
        Do you really beleive that what is going on in Cameroon is a priority on his table?
        He could one day tell Macron to fix that plantatation if he sees his countrymen (Americans) started to loose money and Bussiness opportunities from that jungle.
        Amazing how you guys think you matter to Trump or the western world.
        You can all die in that jungle, they will not care, as long as their interests are not in jeopardy.
        Next time I will explain in Bulu, maybe you people will get it!
        2018, you are still thinking that the white man is God?!!

        • Soyakutsi,
          Thanks for coming down from your high moral pedestal and wanting to have explanations from me. Secondly, you should be busier fixing your own backyard in Cameroon, not slaving away in Sweden. That said, i’ll go headlong into answering your query, and I will start with a question. a la Camerounsis. Was Zaire not a sphere of influence of France in May 1997, when America sent former Governor Richardson to ask him to leave power? Did France not have juicy oil deals and fields in Iraq when America ignored her entreaties and hammered Saddam Hussein? You were an adult when Jacques Chirac got a cold shoulder from America and Britain wherever they met, until he retired, weren’t you? Who has more oil, you or Iraqis? Your Bulu never helped Biya fix Cameroon! France/ UN are whites!

        • …a la Camerounais…

  7. We don’t need a stranger to our territories to lecture us , therefore no nation in the world lecture Donald Trump administration; no more white surpremacy; nazi bye

  8. Mr. Biya is still in charge. His efforts to make LRC succeed the failed Federation has been resolutely rejected in Southern Cameroons. Mr Biya can still outsmart his critics by facing the beast head-on.

    Announce date for a self-determination referendum in Southern Cameroons like in Quebec and Scotland. This will arguably end the crisis and safeguard the territiorial integrity of LRC and Southern Cameroons. Otherwise, it could get worse.

    @Ras Tuge, Western powers do not replace their Ambassadors in a crisis.

    • You are in a poor position to dictate terms. Your best bet is to charm rather than try to confront the Motherland.

      Your concluding statement is such a totalizing claim! Where did you conduct your studies and how many Western powers did you investigate before generating such a fascinating theory?

      • Not a theory. The victor does not yield. The defeated yields in a bone-crushing treaty inclusive of reparations and restitution terms. Old soldiers die hard.

        • Oh, I see… not a theory, you chant! So it is just your uninformed opinion which is obvious by the way. These are the types of things you use to trick your gullible followers to their untimely deaths.

          You still have the opportunity to participate in a Cameroonian dialogue but the longer you reject invitations to the AFRICAN FIREPLACE, the weaker your bargaining power gets. You stand no chance militarily.

        • @Ras Tuge. Well-informed. Conflicts end in treaties with consequences. No military solution possible in Southern Cameroons. Territory was not part of LRC at Independence and has own culture. Treaty of Versailles did NOT bind Kamerun peoples into a single political entity. Africa Commission ruled in Gumne v. Cameroun that Ambazonians are a people – have inalienable rights. LRC cannot unilaterally change terms of joining without genuine consent from the people there. War is madness.

        • Well-informed? Not so sure about that. There will be military necessity if acts of aggression and crimes against peace continue. Moreover, Martial Law will eventually pacify the vanquished in the region. We are not there yet.

          The polity, Kamerun was a German colony that was split without the consent of the people. The people will determine their own destiny in this era.

          Ambazonia has absolutely no historical significance in the debate. There are no records of an Africa Commission ruling between Cameroun and Ambazonia. Judicial matters are about facts and a mere alteration of a letter in a name may nullify a case.

          Cameroon won the Bakassi case against Nigeria on the basis of a century old map of German Kamerun! This complicates matters for you.

          Sometimes war can be a necessity!

        • @Ras Tuge, keep on twisting the truth! Cameroun won case because of Southern Cameroons. No maritime boundary exists between Cameroun and Nigeria, ad infinitum.

        • Vaoicomputers

          Brilliant arguments bro!!

        • MD,
          Kudos bros! You’re something!

        • [email protected] agree you won this arguement with facts…

  9. Very satisfied, that the Anglo struggle, will go to DJ Trump on first
    hand basis. And the Ambassador, will not mince words, because
    that is the kind of person Trump wants.
    Bravo, our struggle is endorsed. Distractors, can argue to please

  10. The people of West Cameroon since 2016 have been asking the government for structural reforms to allow then rise out from intentionally imposed second class citizenship to live their lives as full Cameroonian citizens.
    The government has decided absolute force, militarization, brutality, torture and today Genocide is a better solution
    When your brother from across the river has embarked on a mission to kill you, your children, rape your wife, burn down your home, why is it important to this same brother who comes to rescue you?
    To the 200,000 displaced Anglophones, 70,000 refugees in Nigeria, the 10,000 missing, the over 5000 killed, the 72 villages burnt , it does not matter if USA, UK , Ruwanda etc come to their rescue , we are being killed by our own blood daily!

    • @ As if we are not part owners of the guns, uniforms, army etc etc.

      But that lone stone from the US Ambassador { David } will bring down
      the Goliath at Etoudi. Just a matter of time.

  11. Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose this Political Crisis and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that they have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR (Public Relations) Campaign to clean up their Failures!

  12. Epée Dipanda

    I had said here some time ago that before the gods kill a man, they first strike him with madness. Vintage Chinua Achebe is obviously lost on these Bulu nation wreckers. It is exactly what they are doing ….going mad. Trump will do the rest.