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“We will not boycott May 20, we are simply not celebrating“- Joshua Osih

Joshua Osih, vice-president of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, has said the message of the party’s Chairman, John Fru Ndi, was misunderstood by the media and the public.

Joshua Osih
Speaking to Journal du Cameroun, Osih states; “We said that we cannot afford to participate in the celebrations of May 20 and the party’s upcoming 27th anniversary on May 26. We never said we will boycott”.

According to the SDF Member of Parliament, “Boycotting means trying to punish the party. We are not saying we are boycotting. We are simply not celebrating. The UNC did the same thing on 20 May, 1984. At the time, the militants did not celebrate May 20 after the attempted coup d’état. So we are not celebrating does not mean boycott. It means we are against”.

“We are simply saying that we cannot afford to go and celebrate while we have not solved the fundamental problems of the nation. The ongoing crisis is on its way to becoming a blank academic year for our children. We have people who are in prison just because they wanted to improve the state of the country. For all these reasons we say that we have nothing to celebrate, “Osih said.

John Fru Ndi, SDF chairman had earlier signed an internal circular letter to all party members in which he stated that the party will not celebrate this year’s national day.

Fru Ndi had blamed his party’s stance on President Biya’s inability to provide solutions to the pertinent problems being posed by respectful trade unions and associations, his willingness to provide Cameroonians with an inclusive electoral code and general government inertia which he says is at the core of today’s deep socio-political crisis that rocks the very foundation of the country.

The Chairman had also picked holes with the government’s nonchalance in resolving the Anglophone crisis. Fru Ndi’s letter to militants had aroused many reactions especially from militants of the ruling CPDM. Most of them wondered why the position to boycott whereas they could have just made their grievances heard while marching on May 20.

Since then, other political parties like Kah Walla’s Cameroon People Party, Ayah Paul’s People Action Party, amongst others have stated their various positions to boycott the May 20 celebrations.

Journal du Cameroun

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  1. Why is CMR celebrating féte d’unité, instead of independence day like other countries.This is to tell us that CMR is two and divisible.Why then is Biya saying that CMR is one and indivisible?.CMR is ”one and indivisible”.Is that suppose to be a declaration?All political parties owned by francophones are bent on celebrating the day,while the ones owned by anglophones have asked for the boycot of the falsehood féte d’unité.This country is truely divided based on linguistic background.What are they celebrating,in the verge of a blank school year?Biya,don’t put together what God has put assunder

  2. Mbappe - USA - Pinguis Killer Reserved

    SDF intends to steal the glory of Southern Cameroon struggle. They must know that the SDF and its criminal sister CPDM have been disbanded West of the mungo.,we don’t participate in Biya’s dirty politics no more. Aluta continua….

  3. Of course,SDF knows they cannot steal the glory of S.C struggle.All the SDF MPs have been asked to resign from LRC parliament and return back home.Even CPDM MPs from S.C have been asked to resign.They gave them deadline the first dedline April 31st and the deadline has been extended till the end of may if not,the vipers will visit them one by one.S. Cameroonians don’t expect them to attend the June Parliamentary session.They are the umbilical cord still holding us in this union.If they resign,it is game over between S.C and LRC,since there is no act of union,LRC would have no cllaim over S.C

  4. Est ce que c‘est le gouvernement qui empeche ces enfants à partir à l‘école? Ou c‘est lui qui a brulé commissariats, voitures, etc..?
    Est ce qu‘il n‘y a pas de mairie au NW pour que Joshua Osih se retrouve dans une mairie francophone? Les GRAFFIS (NW/ West) sont les plus hypocrites du pays. Ils sont libres de s‘installer partout dans le triangle mais n‘acceptent personne chez eux. Qui (hors graffi) est propriétaire terrien aux grassfields? Continuez à attirer les sawas du SW dans votre folie. Ce n‘est qu‘a Bamenda qu‘on peut suivre la musique du biafrais comme si tu étais chez eux.

    • Hahaha Mbamois, tu as jamais été a Bamenda? La colline où j’habite appartient aux “Ntongtous” c’est-à-dire les gens de l’Ouest comme on les appellent chez nous!

    • @Mbamois, Remember who created the Cameroon Federation! Do not be indifferent to the colonialist and annexationist policies of Paul Biya in Southern Cameroons and expect to have an “etat unitaire” extending beyond the boundary of LRC at independence. Why French-speaking judges in NW/SW courts or French-speaking teachers in NW/SW schools. How can LRC integrate in CEMAC without the consultation of the English-speaking part? Can the latter (West Africans) join ECOWAS? The policy of dividing Southern Cameroons into NW/SW has failed – can no longer serve Yaounde’s purposes. Release abductees.

  5. Last line of paragraph 7, states: ` most of them wonder why………. while marching on may 20`.
    Not an insult to the SDF stance, but a big one to the cpdm mentality.

  6. John Fru Ndi: We will boycott 20 May.
    Joshua Osih: We will not boycott 20 May.

    Good material for the Tower of Babel.

  7. What Sans Domicile Fixe (SDF) parade on may 20 will change to popol’s head morphology ???

  8. all celeberations in africa are a form of distraction.the only event that should be commermorated in africa is 1500 years of christiano islamic bistialization of africans by creators of wereh ngang,jesus,.
    the rest of time should be invested in work point.work in africa must be institutionalized to 14 hours 8 days a week.the least should be 12 hours on the 8th day.work must replace futilities like wereh ngang ;jesus,,llusion sellers everywhere poisoning the minds of youths with lies of a redish tattooed wereh ngang with long nose and swept to the side hairs.

    • Mr President Qatar

      NI BAH Acho,

      Are You in Benin for real. Long time bro. 20th May this and that. It is shameful we are celebrating national Unity when things are bad in other regions no schools and so on.

      I am praying for this Nation.

  9. MR PRESIDENT….yes i am in benin

    • Épée Dipanda

      Are you being initiated into Vodoo?

      • @Epee Dipanda
        As you must have noticed, plagiarism has reached it’s Apex in the fatherland; people simply appropriate for themselves other people’s ideas and identities. Sad but true.

  10. HouseKeeper! United States

    Southern Cameroons should never let this farce of 20th May happen. Mbivondo MUST continue to see resistance after the failed 11th February. As the infirmities of age get him closer to his dismal end, so must the people of Southern Cameroons cast a shadow on the twilight of his oppression. He may remain a despot to La Republique and he can kiss the arse of his French grandson dubbed president of Champs Elysee. Adieu!!! We the people have declared our independence. The world moved away from French ideas, only LRC is left in the cold. Campaore of BK was chased out, LRC military scouts are feeble.

  11. A national dialogue should be initiated this year to solve the problems of unification instead to celebrate May 20 in this condition. We are facing a real problem of UNIFICATION. But CPDM is doing things their way to keep compromise our Dignity and our future as Bilingual nation.