8,766 public servants threatened with sanctions for being irregularly absent

Business in Cameroon | In Cameron, 8,766 public servants are irregularly absent from work. According to the Minister of Civil Service Joseph Lé (photo), who revealed this in a statement dated February 14, this was discovered in the framework of the physical counting operation Coppe initiated in 2018.

Joseph Lé
In detail, Joseph Lé said, there are 3,721 state employees under the labour code and 5,045 civil servants. To that end, the official reminds the persons concerned to consult the lists available on the website of the Ministry of the Civil Service and to contact the competent services within 30 days. Failure to do so would expose them to the disciplinary sanctions provided for in the regulations in force.

Thanks to the Coppe, the government has already identified and removed about 10,000 fictitious public servants from the state’s payroll. It also saved about XAF30 billion in 2019; The servants removed from the payroll were either absent without justification, dead or had resigned.

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  1. Is paul biya and his 65 plus ministers at work today? Lead by example and be accountable. A fish begins to rot from the head.What a disgrace! In the papers today, ” lrc records its first poor performance on BEAC’s public securities market…unable to raise XAF 20 billion only raise XAF 5.2 billion”. Business in Cameroon. The bad news is that lrc can no longer borrow to fund two wars, pay civil servants, fund CHAN, AFCON, Sonora, Camair, XAF 63 billion owed ENO electric co. By Christmas this house of cards will crumble. When your creditors shut you down , investors have no appetite for your bonds, and you have no savings, you bite the dust!!!!!

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