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Anglophone crisis in Cameroon: the lobbyists’ war rages in Washington

The Africa Report | Tensions are inexorably rising between the United States and Cameroon. Washington has imposed sanctions on a top Cameroonian official, but the authorities in Yaoundé are launching a counter-offensive. Cameroon has hired a public relations firm with close ties to the Republican Party to promote its image in the US.

Since the beginning of July, US lawmakers have taken two unprecedented measures against the Cameroonian government.

  • On 2 July, the State Department imposed a travel ban on Gendarmerie inspector general Colonel Jean Claude Ango Ango and his family from visiting the US “due to his involvement in significant corruption related to wildlife trafficking.”
  • On 23 July, Congress adopted Resolution 358 condemning “abuses committed by the security forces” in the country’s English-speaking regions. The resolution calls for “dialogue without preconditions” to resolve the conflict, but Yaoundé continues to exclude secession from any discussion on how to end the crisis.

Résolution du Congrès améri… by jeuneafrique on Scribd


In March, US under-secretary of state for African affairs Tibor Nagy also described the imprisonment of the country’s main opposition leader Maurice Kamto as “unacceptable”.

$220,000 to restore Cameroon’s image

Cameroon entered into a contract with the lobbying firm Clout Public Affairs, a subsidiary of the Axiom Strategies group, on 12 July.

  • The company is owned by Jeff Roe, a Republican Party political strategist who ran Texas senator Ted Cruz’s campaign in 2016.

Déclaration d’activité … by jeuneafrique on Scribd

  • Clout Public Affairs is expected to promote a “positive and favourable image” of the Cameroonian government through digital advertising, “by placing targeted points of view in conservative media”.
  • According to the Foreign Agents Registration Act document, the $220,000 contract covers a four-month period, ending in October 2019.
  • Two former aides to senator Cruz, David Polyansky and Catherine Frazier, as well as former Huffington Post editor Jimmy Soni are working to restore Yaoundé’s image in Washington.

New strategy to counter political opponents

The road ahead looks difficult for Clout Public Affairs. While Anglophone activists, represented by leaders of the secessionist cause, are organising more public rallies, the opposition, on the other hand, is calling for a relaxation of the political climate in Cameroon.

These two forces are united around a common objective: to encourage the US to weaken Yaoundé’s position.

  • Activist Ebenezer Akwanga, former opposition presidential candidate, Akere Muna and Kamto’s lawyer, Adil Shaban, are the most prominent figures.
  • Their actions are financed by crowdfunding, or from their own pockets.

The adoption of Resolution 358 by Congress is one of the most tangible manifestations of their efforts. It states that “government forces … have attacked medical facilities and health workers in the North-west and South-west regions”.

“The investigations conducted there have not yet delivered their conclusions,” said Eric Leonel Loumou, a communications strategy specialist. “This shows how secessionist activists succeed in getting their rhetoric across to US elected officials,” according to Loumou.

Muna has been on tour in the United States, including the State Department on 16 July. Two days later, Nagy came out in support of the Forum of Former African Heads of State to address the political crisis in Cameroon. Muna also supports the initiative and reportedly enjoys close ties with the former heads of state.

The bottom line: In March, lobbying firms, Glover Park Group, Mercury Public Affair and Squire Patton Boggs did not prevent the suspension of US military assistance to Cameroon due to “serious human rights violations” in the fight against Boko Haram. Will Clout Public Affairs lobbyists succeed where others have failed?

The article first appeared in  Jeune Afrique


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  1. now that Ambazonia eats humans. Trump must Know. When those senators come to find out which they will and when they visit Cameroon which they will and see the slide show of atrocities . They will run at full speed in the opposite direction from Ambazonia and any activist.

  2. AmeriKKKa!
    A country where beeing black is a sin, is giving lessons to the world!
    A country where you can get shot doing some choping bying some food, or just having fun!
    Talk about ” La folie des grandeurs “….
    We don’t shoot people like that in Cameroon!!
    You critic our system? Take a good look at yours !
    You critic our Président??? Look at that clown you call president!
    You want to give lessons to the world? Come with clean hands and good morals.

    • @BIKUTSI:- Who do you think can help stop this madness in Cameroon? France?..UK?..The poor govt of cameroon have given all to France, is selling all our land to china and have all sorts of military cooperation to France where we still pay colonial TAX. We are so stupid, fighting and killing ourselves and the govtr is not willing to see the damage and call fora peaceful dialogue..Look at our problems and stop this play game..America and its blacks are leaving far better than the slaves in southern cameroon.
      Biya is the worse leader in Africa.
      :Poor Integrity. …
      •Lack Of Adaptability. …
      •Little Vision For The Future. …
      •Lack Of Accountability. …
      •Poor Communication Skills.
      35 years of divide and rule..Blame ganme..MRC and Amba are seen as enemies.
      He is a mad man and should go..

  3. I feel for the crime syndicate ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. I really do.

    Those criminals think that American lobbyists could do what the BIR could not do i.e. STOP THE PRESENT MOMENTUM OF THE REVOLUTION.
    LRC is simply wasting taxpayers money. They can even contract angels from heaven as lobbyists. It will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.

    Once more, I feel sorry for LRC crime syndicate ruling LRC. I really do.

    The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine. There is absolutely nothing anybody or group of persons can do to prevent the resolution of this palaver. MARK MY WORDS!!!!

    • **** PROPHECIES 100% FULFILLED ****

      1. “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.” (Balla, A., 2016)

      2. “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

      YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!!!


      LRC has once again been HUMILIATED by a US court.

      “A US Court in California has rubbished and dismissed a certain terrorism case a noisy Nsahlai filed against comrade Eric Tataw and other Southern Cameroons Political Activists.
      We are told that the seek for notice and genocidal Law Firm had sent a huge document to brave Eric Tataw implicating him to a flimsy terrorism charge citing his videos with specific references to the Garri word. The Court woefully dismissed the case.”

      As a reminder, another US court recently dismissed a so-called “terrorism” case against Tapang Tanku Ivo. LRC is now very confused. She thinks that courts in the US are the same as the KANGAROO courts in LRC.


    • **** DOOMSDAY SCENARIO ****

      «le pays est au bord de l’implosion et le décideur central cherche en vain des formules magiques pour résoudre l’équation Cameroun».

  4. Anglophones ALONE were asked of they wanted to join larepublique in 1961 … the resolution of this crisis lies in asking the same people. Not francophones or France if we should go our separate ways.

    • no body ask southern cameroons to join any one, thats why its is already independent, cameroun was one of the countries that vote no as 64 vs 23 countries voted to grant sc its independence, i
      thats how sc got its independnece ,not joing or not joing, thats your camerounese government criminals lies

  5. Said the first Ahidjo: “Apres moi, c’est le deluge!”
    The prediction brought April 6, 1984.

    Said “le nouveau Ahidjo”:
    “Apres moi c’est le deluge” and the Chinese came, and Heracles, and Hotel Intercontinental, and lobbying firms to counter Ambazonia.

  6. Biya must be taken to the street like Saddam Hussein I don’t care who will help us…I will take evil help to do this and manage later with him!

  7. We need a truth and reconcillation group to take cameroon out of this mess..
    Power was given to the most primitive set of people..They have played the game of divide and rule for too long and today cameroonians are very smart..The north was seen as enemies in the 80s, later the Southern cameroonians were refused the presdident post as Frau ndi won in 1992, these retarded Gorillas said an anglophone cannot rule cameroon. Anglophones were targeted and suppressed..Later on MRC won and we heard these idoits say Achu eaters cannot rule cameroon..
    This is where cameroons problem is. A group believe they are the choses group to rule, have damaged the econonmy , sociol and political life for over 35 years and still think they are the best..
    Cameroonians wake up and protect your country .

  8. Ambazonia, that special name of a new country emerging from the darkness of la ripoublique.

    Ambazonia is emerging from the 60 years slavery of la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun.

    I was born in Ambazonia
    I am from Ambazonia
    I will always dwell in Ambazonia
    I love Ambazonia

    Ambazonia is rising to be GREAT forever

    Wisdom shall always guide the brave people of Ambazonia. FREEDOM is a human right. We shall prevail against all odds.

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