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Calls for Release of Separatists, Political Prisoners Intensify in Cameroon

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | Consultations have begun in Cameroon ahead of a national dialogue ordered by president Paul Biya. Civil society groups and opposition political parties are calling for the unconditional release of Anglophone separatist leaders and other political prisoners before discussions begin.

Cameroon Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute began consultations with political party leaders, civil society activists, opinion leaders, traditional rulers, lawmakers and clergy on September 11, one day after President Paul Biya called for a national dialogue to solve the separatist crisis rocking his country.

Prince Ekosso, president of the United Socialist Democratic Party, says among the recommendations they are strongly making for the announced dialogue to be successful are the unconditional release of all people he says are illegally held in prisons and detention centers and an end to the separatist war in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

“Mr. Biya should call for a cease-fire. He was the one who declared war against the separatists. Release all those who are political prisoners in Cameroon including Maurice Kamto and Tabe Ayuk Sisseku [Julius Ayuk Tabe], and he should create a situation where all Cameroonians can express their will,” said Ekosso.

Biya declared war on the Anglophone separatists in November 2017 and said he would crush them if they did not surrender.

In August, the Yaounde military tribunal gave life sentences to Julius Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the separatist movement, and nine others it said had been found guilty of secession, terrorism and hostility against the state.

Opposition leader Maurice Kamto, who came in second in the October presidential election, but claims to have won, is on trial with dozens of others in a military tribunal on insurrection charges.

Biya has insisted that he will maintain Cameroon as one nation and indivisible. Justin Roger Ndah, assistant secretary-general of the opposition MRC party says they are urging the government to accept discussions on the form of the state.

He says Paul Biya should not think that speaking about the form of the state during the expected national dialogue is a taboo subject and an indication of his weakness. He says it is fundamental for all issues disturbing Cameroon to be brought to the discussion table and required constitutional amendments be made when the time comes.

Siddi Haman, a senior official of Biya’s CPDM party says people should see in the expected dialogue the president’s true will to bring peace to the country.

He says all Cameroonians should have confidence in Biya, who, as the father of the nation, has called for the dialogue. He says after the dialogue the president can use his constitutional power to grant the desires of the people, as the most important thing he is asking for before he leaves power is to maintain Cameroon as a peaceful, one and indivisible state with every one living in harmony.

The conflict in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions has killed more than 2,000 people, internally displaced more than 500,000 and caused more than 50,000 Cameroonians to seek refuge in Nigeria, according to the United Nations.

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  1. National dialogue, and the president will be absent. Cameroonians, are very dull
    fellows. Biya, did not agree and has not accepted a national dialogue.
    If in his so call national dialogue, the people of the far north, talk about the
    encroachment of the desert, will it be deliberated to their satisfaction? Biya`s
    speech, was mainly focussed on war, not climate change. Again, cameroonians
    are people without a heart, reason why, someone can be president for live. So
    much, why the country with rainfall as a given right, still see many areas without
    good water to drink, 60 years after independence.
    I bet you all, Biya has taken everyone for a big ride.

  2. Every indication, points to the fact, that cameroonians, don`t know the meaning
    of living in `peace`. This qualifies them as a people in a `drunken forest`.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Joshua the ambafool terrorist

      According to you ambafool terrorists:

      Living in peace to you means the abolishment of education for the youth
      Living in peace means beheading any teacher or child you see going to school
      Living in means threatening to kill any member of the population who dares to go out on your lockdown days
      Living in peace means burying women alive like the woman your friends buried alive in Batibo a few days ago.
      Living in peace means killing anyone who does not agree with your ambafool stupidity

      It is obvious that the rest of the world and Cameroonians do know know how you can call that living in ‘peace’.

      Idiot ambafool terrorist. Nyamfukah!

  3. When “Armchair Journalism” replaces investigative journalism, this is what remains: from the moment war casualty figure reached 2000, it has remained there, fixed in spite of the daily toll over the weeks, months and years!

  4. Releasing our leaders is a non starter. The manner the butcher from Yaoundé killed our people is something that can never be forgotten by this generation, or future generations. The butcher of Yaoundé, and his cohorts has indicated by their actions, they care less about Ambazonia people. History suggests we do not belong with francophones. However, let Biya release our leaders, then, involve 3rd impartial parties to mediate the suggested dialogue.


    “Au moins cinq militaires ont été tués dans l’attaque d’une base militaire par des combattants du groupe terroriste Boko Haram dans l’Extrême-Nord du pays.
    « Les terroristes ont attaqué nos forces dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche dans la localité de Soureram près de Fotokol », a souligné un responsable de la Force Mixte Multinationale, précisant qu’« au moins cinq militaires ont été tués et huit autres blessés ». Selon cette même source, les combattants de Boko Haram ont saccagé le poste militaire et pillé des armes”

    * MY TAKE *

    Boko Haram should be invited to GRAND DIALOGUE.
    Biya created his commission on disarmament for the “secessionists” and Boko Haram militants to disarm. However, the Dictator “forgot” to invite Boko Haram for dialogue. WHY?????

    • Biya is a very MOUTHY Dictator. In 2013, he went to France and declared war on Boko Haram promising to NEUTRALIZE the group. Six years and counting Boko Haram is still causing havoc in the Far North. The BULU Dictator foolishly declared an UNWINNABLE war on the peaceful people of SC promising to NEUTRALISE those who do not surrender weapons. Of course, GENUINE Amba boys will NEVER EVER surrender weapons. They are prepared to fight till the last man standing to liberate their fatherland from LRC colonialists.
      Shouting that LRC is “one and indivisible” does not make the country ” one and indivisible”. The rulers of the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Sudan, Serbia, etc once also sang the same “one and indivisible” song. The rest is history. Dictator Biya will surely have a rude awakening.

    • Dictator Biya’s SH*THOLE NATIONAL DIALOGUE is a NON-EVENT since the warlords will boycott it. The warlords have the guns and control ground zero. To add insults to injuries, LRC terrorist soldiers are still perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC as I write.
      The recommendations of the SH*THOLE NATIONAL DIALOGUE will never restore peace. It will even make the situation worse. The conference will be dominated by CPDM militants who will impose the DECENTRALISATION agenda of Dictator Biya. Of course, any outcome without a change in the FORM OF THE STATE will be unacceptable to the majority of Southern Cameroonians. The support for warlords will therefore increase. Pa Che will continue to upgrade the weapons of Amba boys resulting in the intensification of the war

  6. Waste of time because Biya would never ever dialogue with people he calls terrorists. This man was never elected by Southern Cameroonians so what is the game? Dialogue only for the form of government.br


    S??I??S??I??K??U?? ??J??U??L??I??U??S?? ??A??Y??U??K?? ??T??A??B??E??

    N??F??O??R?? ??N??G??A??L??A?? ??N??F??O??R??

    T??A??S??S??A??N??G?? ??W??I??L??F??R??E??D?? ??F??O??M??B??A??N??G??

    H??E??N??R??Y?? ??K??I??M??E??N??G??

    C??O??R??N??E??L??I??U??S?? ??N??J??I??K??I??M??B??I?? ??K??W??A??N??G??A??

    F??E??D??E??L??I??S?? ??C??H??E??

    C??H??E?? ??A??U??G??U??S??T??I??N??E?? ??A??W??A??S??U??M??

    E??G??B??E?? ??O??G??O??R??K??

    E??Y??A??M??B??E?? ??E??L??I??A??S??

    S??H??U??F??A??I?? ??B??L??A??I??S??E?? ??S??E??V??I??D??Z??E??M??

  8. argentina a christian country with people with very low intelligence just signed a contract to sell millions of tonnes of soya beans to china.we are in the same distraction,if not democrazy,it is mvondo biya,or blibliblibli

  9. SANS SALAIRES, les militaires de la republique
    du Cameroun pillent des maisons, v-i-o-l-e-n-t,
    incendient des villages, tuent tous les animaux,
    chiens et chat pour manger. Ils prennent des otages,
    font du chantage et tirent sur ceux qui ne respectent pas les
    ghost towns pour SABOTER la Revolution de L’AMBAZONIE.
    Ils tuent des gens et accusent des AMBA BOYS pour pousser les populations
    à se retourner contre Les VAILLANTS AMBAZONIENS, combattants de la LIBERTE.

    Tous les JOURS , la milice tribale tue, assassine, massacre, détruit, et pille l’AMBAZONIE.


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