Cameroon customs seizes over 1,000 litres of hydrogen peroxide in restive Anglophone region

xinhua | Cameroon’s customs authority has seized 1,100 litres of hydrogen peroxide in the country’s restive Anglophone region of Southwest where an armed separatist conflict is in progress, according to a statement by the customs on Wednesday.

The highly dangerous chemical substance was seized in the border town of Idenau by border customs agents, the Cameroon customs said without stating if any arrests were made.

Separatist fighters who want to secede from largely French speaking Cameroon and create an independent nation in the two Anglophone regions of the Central African nation regularly use the chemical in the fabrication of explosives, according to security reports.

Officials said the seizure was a result of collaboration between Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities who recently pledged to fight border crime and terrorism. Enditem

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