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Cameroon House Speaker denounces foreign interference in internal affair

Xinhua | Cameroon’s House Speaker of National Assembly Cavaye Yeguie Djibril on Monday denounced foreign interference in the country’s internal affairs which he referred to as “conspiracy.”

“Cameroon has become an object of conspiracy intended to destabilize the country. To justify their interference in internal affairs, the conspirators pretend to denounce it. According to them, the political system in Cameroon is against all dialogue, upholds violence, and refuses to promote human rights,” Djibril said in the capital Yaounde at the opening of the June session of the National Assembly.

“These allegations are unfounded. The National Assembly condemns and denounces this with every ounce of energy,” Djibril said. “We welcome their support but not their interference.”

Foreign powers in Europe and North America have repeatedly blamed Cameroon government for “lacking the will” to solve the conflict in the English-speaking regions of the country where armed separatists want to create an independent nation.

According to Djibril, the government was “working very hard” to restore “durable peace” and security in the two Anglophone regions.

“There is a proper framework for this kind of relationship and that is what the speaker has been saying today and extending an invitation to the European Parliament for an information and study visit to Cameroon,” Joseph Owona, a senior member of parliament told reporters.

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  1. `lacking the will`. Hmmm. The idea behind it, is that the dumb military, should kill
    all the youths, since, they dared to challenge Mr. Biya and co. Secondly and in keeping
    with the plan to totally assimilate and own SC, everything should be done, so that SC,
    don`t own the land they claim to be theirs.
    While feeding fat, Mr Speaker, remind yourself even once, that not all days, are christmas`.
    Your friend and brother, was burried a few days ago, without the usual state protocol. That,
    is just the tip of the iceberg. We will see and hear more.

  2. Nooooo Joshua Ambazombies are mad and Anglophones love the francophonised treatment they are getting for 40 years. Anybody who disagrees is Nigerian.
    The third wave of Anglophone rebellion will teach people a lesson. 3 years ago this lizard called Cavaye refused to hear anglophone MPs. Who doesn’t recall his shameful attempt to silence the honorable Wirba? Today it is a conspiracy.
    They must know that none of our fallen will rest unavenged.

  3. Loin of the desert.

    It’s one thing to say the world in interference to our internal affairs (Conspiracy) as you say and its another thing to for you to check if what there are saying is right. It is very clear to everybody that the government of Cameroon lack the will to solve that problem.

  4. Loin of the desert.

    If a country is in crises for more than 3 years now, and this can not be rise in the house of Law. It a clear lack of will. If the government say he is ready to dialog, and don’t show a road map for such dialog to begin, again it shows a lack of will. The list is long. I ask my uncle once. who was a top Government officer? How can move Cameroon forward…. He answer was very very clear, Kill more than 50% of current government workers. then we can start seeing changes. The current system of governance in Cameroon is very deep in corruption. If any leader intends to break down this system, they have to cut the head and the tail of the snake and deal will the body to death.

  5. When people holds position which are not compatible to their level of education then expect these type of statements.

  6. is cameroon a sovereign state or a French Colony?..
    A sovereign state is a state with borders where people live, and where a government makes laws and talks to other sovereign states. The people have to follow the laws that the government makes. Our laws are made in France, our bank is in France, the military cooperation gives France the right to intervene at will, Sonara is managed by France…

    and now we read “Cameroon House Speaker denounces foreign interference in internal affair”..
    What does he mean?..Is this country not a cake shared between France and China..?
    Old half death people , feeding the Countys majority with bread and sardine and just want to remain in power..
    People wake and chase Biya and his Thieves out of our country….

    • @ biko, well said my brother.

    • You are right. These senile dotards double speak. I remember this REGIME of bloodthirsty octogenarians inviting Secretaries of the Common Wealth and Francophonie even before the African Union. It’s only good when money exchanges hands and these so-called foreign dignitaries praise the REGIME and then sign loansharking contracts with companies like ELF & Total to sap the resources. Mental slavery at its core just for Biya, Cavaye et al to stay in power.
      The West doesn’t are, they never have & never will. From slavery to colonialism, then neocolonialism, despots have replaced slave merchants/catchers but the misery of the African endures.
      Biya executed the french plan of Divide-&-Rule, Cavaye delivers the North, Dipanda delivers Douala & the ballot, Musonge & Achidi the SW & NW. The AFRICAN!

  7. Cavaye Djibril, takes us for fools, thinking, that we all attended the type of school,
    that exist in his native home town, with grass on the roof and elephant grass stalks
    as pillars to support the roof. I know you all, saw that picture. Pictures, don`t lie.
    But the plain truth, is that they have been exposed and there is no hiding place or
    escape route anymore.

  8. Samuel Beckley

    They should try and restore peace in the 2 anglophone regions as much as possible…

    • It is not a priority for them. Biya held elections even when the two regions were deep in crisis. He needed to guarantee his stay in power & he did it in the same old-fashioned way, rig the elections. Since 1992 Cavaye was guaranteed speakership, Tchiroma who was fresh from jail was promised lifetime ministerial posts just to usurp UNDP’s strength in the North and push back on Ahidjo sympathizers. The NW lost its speakership since Fonka Shan because they voted at 95% for the SDF.

      In compensation to the SW & NW CPDM elites, the two regions would be given a rotational Prime ministerial role which is not in line with the power structure. Littoral had the supreme court and the Bamis were punished for opposing France during colonial times and joining an anglophone inspired SDF party that won.

  9. A Bunch of old wizards holding the whole country hostage. You people will go by love or by force. The witchcraft you people have imported into a country once called Africa in miniature will take more than 10 decades to clean up. The time has come for your departure. No hiding place for any of you quarks. After you guys no body above 65 will be ministers. wicked old men

  10. Men, Did you look at these people who call themselves Senators? Wow! The youngest is at least 80. These are all great grand fathers who should be in their villages repenting and waiting for their death. They are so wicked they want to destroy the country before they all go to hell as they already know their destiny.

  11. You o take foreign money, buy arms witham; then take those arms to kill Ambazonians then, Ambazonian go rembourser, nessa. CRIMINAL LRC country of the Blacklegs and the mediocre.

    FINI l’esclavage
    Fini le njomassi
    Fini l’exploitation
    Fini slavery and exploitation of Ambazonian ressources.

    We shall prevail against all ODDS

  12. Cavayegue Djibril is a member of bolo haram and is happy to see our people being killed?Old and without any initiatives the man is happy that he holds the post of speaker of the parliament without being qualified for the post.Cameroun is a country ruled by despots.France is actively involved in Cameroun ,is that not foreign interference?

  13. One thing, is certain: we have not taken this struggle seriously as it would have been.
    How, will it look like, if we had gone into a friendly agreement with Biafra, Ogonis and
    BH? Our complaints, are just the same: marginalization and colonization. Call it caliphate
    or statehood, you are talking the same thing, in different words. Common men, lives are
    gone and our vissions, shall not be achieved by playing it light with the few, who are
    bent on succeeding, come ran come shine. Foreign entities, know our complaints are true
    and genuine, but we aren`t as serious, as they love it to be.
    We are taking this whole thing, lightly. We need to be serious because we have sacrificed
    more than enough, but the journey, has blurred lines. It is becoming a child`s play and
    the adversary, is dancing.

  14. Ohhh cameroon. Why is this fool ranting? He has been there for more than 37 years. 3 years ago and still counting, anglophone parliamentarians have been literally hitting the walls of the parliament for this issue to be solved. 3 years. It’s one point he should know the world is not as oppressed as cameroonians to see. These biya’s goons really still don’t believe the have cross the line as to human rights. That’s the issue. The believe they own cameroon and the human beings call cameroonians. So they have the right to even kill a 4 months old child and no one should say anything. A crewmember holding firmly on a sinking ship.

  15. double standards from a dotage genocidal regime,when the regime sign international Human rights Laws and other human especially child/ young persons protection Laws,yet kill, starve, maim, jail them, they collect FOREIGN free money from developed countries and charities each year for development, education programs,children’s and early years welfare, hospitals, roads, projects etc, yet they embezzle into private pocket of higher members in the government yet complain about foreign interference? stop being black African beggar victims with greedy old regimes of dictators of biya’s dullness, develop your country,invests in your youths instead of killing them with imported guns to suppress them, driving them across Europe to beg for food, jobs, housing, shame on African leaders of sick men

    • @bonnie,

      this how we should approach our collective calamity.

      The regime, system, is the ENEMY of CMR. Not Franco/Anglo.

      Carry this approach over to bareta news for Mukong and Mbeuh to read…

  16. President Buhari of FRN, just forgot inviting President Paul Biya, to their country`s
    Democracy Day celebration. Or is the latter, sick not to attend?

  17. Internal affairs???
    International crimes are not considered as “internal affairs”


    The author has been blocked for speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    That notwithstanding,

    1. the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
    2. the war remains UNWINNABLE
    3. SC remains UNGOVERNABLE

    It is easy to start a war but very difficult to stop it. Dictator Biya has learnt a bitter lesson.

    • “Seventeen soldiers and nine civilians” were killed in the attack early Monday on Darak, a Cameroonian island located near Lake Chad, the regional security official told. However, L’oeil du Sahel cites sources as saying 37 persons died in the attack.”

      MY TAKE

      LRC prefers to fight the so-called “secessionists” while at the same time neglecting the threat from Boko Haram

      • No be na wuna movement want fo koumba chef bandit witi empty hands?

        Lef Boko fo dong—face chef bang…

  19. Mr LRC speaker of rubber stamp parliament, when u failed to solved ur internal affairs or problems, what do you expect? The international community or the foreign powers you are talking of will come in.So stop crying foerign powers are behind the door already .So watch out.

  20. The war on Anglophones in Cameroon.
    The most neglected crises
    At least 50 Anglophones are killed per day by the Hutu militia of the tribal government.
    In a year 50×365 =18000 plus
    More than 40,000 in 2.5yrs.
    300 villages burnt
    600,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    4M Anglophones affected by war.
    There is nothing internal about the genocide policies of a Franco-African tribal government on the indigenous peoples of southern Cameroons.
    Black on black apartheid is not a sovereign issue.
    The world intervened in Nazi Germany, in Apartheid South Africa, in Hutu Ruwanda and so it shall be in Franco-Apartheid Cameroon.
    Who is fooling who?
    Equatorial Africans!
    Very low IQ approach

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