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Cameroon North West and South West Emergency Dashboard, August 2019

INFOGRAPHIC from World Food Programme


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  1. All in the name of an asshole (Biya) who must be in power for life. Ahidjo was 59 when he handed power to this infidel. This Numbskull took over in high praise and support nation wide. In three years he drove the country into an economic crisis and fell out of favor quickly. In the preceding years Ahidjo (also a power grabber) gave 3 salary increases in 6 years, the last was a double increment. Ahidjo never sojourned in Europe but how has this lunatic (Biya) fared? From peace to destruction.
    Instead of some reasonable folks pointing to Biya as the direct cause of chaos, they dance around it and assert that things were better the way they were, in a sense agreeing with continued dictatorship.
    Regan called African leaders monkeys much to our dismay. But what are they? Swiss account holders?

  2. There is a lot of COLTAN in the northen Zone:

    This war,

    Northern Zone = COLTAN Natural GAS AGRICULTURE

    It is a war on oil gas and coltan.


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