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Leonard Henri Bindzi

Cameroonians abroad warned off violent demo during Biya trip

APAnews | The ambassador of Cameroon in Switzerland, Leonard Bindzi on Tuesday, warned his compatriots living in Europe against violence during demonstrations planned for Geneva next Saturday as President Paul Biya embarks on a private visit to the city.

Biya and the first lady left Yaoundé, on Sunday “for a short private stay in Europe,” apparently resuming his trips abroad, after staying in his country for nine months without traveling.

Describing the protesters’ approach as a “barbarian project,” the diplomat said in a statement that “the personal risks incurred by the violators of the regulations in force in Switzerland, as well as the possible slippage of the violent acts of ransacking envisaged at the Intercontinental Hotel,” where the Biyas usually stay during their trips to Switzerland.

Bindzi said, the movements of discontent of Cameroonians against the head of state “are an expression of hatred, violence and tribalism,” which according to him are attitudes contrary to patriotism and love for their country of origin.

The diplomat’s reaction comes in the wake of protest calls by a group called “Anti-Sardinards Brigade” (BAS), consisting of fierce opponents of the regime in Yaoundé.

. They are at the origin of the so-called “June 29, 2019 Operation Cap sur Geneve,” which intends to protest against ‘dictator’ Biya’s presence in Switzerland on the grounds that he violates the rights of his compatriots back home.

“The last showdown with Paul Biya starts on Saturday in Geneva. No one challenges BAS,” the group writes on social media.

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  1. Should Mr. Ambassador not have the humility to also listen to Cameroonians and ask why so many of them are upset?

    • What compassion? A bunch of lazy, irresponsible mentally alienated frustrated individuals. The Chinese are growing cassava in Cameroon processing, and exporting to France, Germany, UK, US where they sell to the so called shameless diaspora. What hold us from doing the same thing or better? To my knowledge biya does not hold rain from falling, has never prevented anybody from taking a hoe and cutlass to the farm toiling everyday. There is no connection between whoever is president and the economic success of any people. Stay there working for others. Do not come back home to build your own industrial system from the base. Wait ontill the so call international cominuty make you president. NGEH REH BONG

      • Hihihi Bah acho
        Well said.
        All those noise makers are lazy loosers who have spent their life in the white man land and have nothing to show of back home.
        Barbaric aggressiv and tribalist bunch of bandits. That’s all what they are.

        • @Bikutsi

          This smelly dirty lass apkara wowor thing! Always jumping to defend a blood thirsty genocidal uncle whose whore illiterate wife has direct access to the treasury of their pigsty country. As dull, stupid, rancid, smelly and rotten as you are, you never see any wrong in your 87 year old uncle who drinks human blood and invites resocrucians and cultists to his country to advice him on political issues needing simple common sense to resolve. The dullard moves further to declare war on defenseless people, burning down their villages with old people and babies locked inside, burning more than 300 villages, creating 100,000 refugees and displacing 4 million yet this apkara ashawo call those seeking to bring the old recluse wicked head to book terrorists and trouble makers. Smelly lass.

        • This is the result when people are born and raised in dirt, poverty and just eating garri with sugar their entire childhood.
          I can’t blame you.
          You better concentrate to go fix the graves of your relatives than wasting time showing to the world how poorly raised you were.

        • @Bikutsi

          smelly dirty rotting lass. Are you so proud to describe the graves of my relatives your Bulu BIR cousins murdered in cold blood? Well some of them were buried in mass graves and others have not bee found till this day. But the most important thing is that they find peace with their maker and not their Beti-Bulu killers you illiterate rancid hag. Listen, eating gari with sugar does not diminish brain capacity, morals or social orientation. What actually destroys people is seeing merits pushed to the gutters like your grandpa Bulu killing president Paul Biya has done for the past decades and promote his manjunga drinking hunter gathering clan into positions of responsibility that steals any money that come their way. Useless smelly dirty lass whore. Smelly lass gorilla monkey cross

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Dumb Terrorist Scammer l’enemie

          I am a proud Cameroonian from the NW aka “Black Leg”. For the last 3 years you and your terrorists have been kidnapping, beheading and killing proud Cameroonians from the NW and SW who do not agree with your stupid objectives! You terrorists torture and kill proud Cameroonians from the NW just because they want to work and earn a living for their families.

          Are you terrorists kidnapping and beheading people from the NW/SW because Biya declared war on the NW/SW? How stupid are you?

          I am a proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW and you can not impose your opinion on me. You can not use threats and violence to get me to join your movement. That is terrorism and just like Ekema you cannot terorise me!

          The Black Legs Brigade is alive now. W

      • @Bah Acho

        The most frustrated idiot ever to set foot in Europe. You always open your large big mouth and talk nonsense. Biya has never stopped rain from falling you say? His BIRS have for the past 2 years been shooting any thing that walks in your Batibo enclave. Those who were growing their palm wine, tapping their mbu and selling Enangtari in their local Restaurants can no longer do so because this wizard you don’t stop worshiping declared war on those seeking self determination. Where is it written that he must decide how the locals choose to control themselves. Do not open you large frustrated mouth and ever talk about frustration here again. Since that dirty cyber cafe u opened in Paris was shut down from taxes u moved to Belgium, sold newspapers, came back to Nice bc of frustration.

      • “There is no connection between whoever is president and the economic success of any people” Very brainless!

        The most dangerous ignorance is the ignorance of one’s ignorance

      • @BAH:- wake up and make good use of your brain.
        There is never Economic development or growth without a good leadership.
        Economic development leaders are true change agents for their communities. When you take Gorillas from the tropical rain forest, give them suits, to govern an economy, they will not succeed..Cameroon is bad today because of bad leadership, because a gang of thieves from a certain tribe have been given economic and political power and these thieves don’t have a plan nor an AGENDA
        What truly pulls people forward, especially in the more difficult times, is the exciting possibility that what they are doing can make a profound difference to the future of their families, friends, and communities. They want to know that what they do matters.-

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Terrorist Biko,

          Good leadership to you means to manipulate illiterate youth in the rural areas, intoxicate them with drugs, clad them with amulets(odeshi) and provide them with dane guns to terrorise the local population, kidnap and kill any one who does not agree with your opinion and abolish education.

          You do not have to remind us that you and your fellow amba terrorists/scammers have made a profound difference to the future of your families and friends who are now living a live of luxury thanks to the ambazonia terrorism in Cameroon. Sako has moved out of his rat/cockroach infested apartment into a house thanks to the blood of the people of the NW/SW.

          You evil terrorists will pay for your crimes!

      • [email protected] Sorry to say, you are talking like somebody who has eaten only bread and sardine all the years..You live in denial and dont want to see how spoiled and damage cameroons Economy is..Only a handicap with a big hold in the brain will not blame the ruling government of cameroon for the failures…
        We need a good leadership with good examples like :
        1. Model the way,
        2. Inspire a shared vision,
        3. Challenge the process,
        4. Enable others to act, and
        5. Encourage the heart

        This chop broke pot mentality will not take us anyway.
        people like BAH ACHU who think our problem is cassava are those who have spent all time eating bread and sardine and now want to add cassava to their meal…

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Terrorist Biko

          People like you who think that you can use violence and terrorism to get the people of the NW/SW to agree with your political views are the biggest problem facing mankind.

          Your terrorist leaders are not models they are fake pastors and scammers who were living a life of misery before they concocted this ambazombie scam.

          You and your terrorist leaders/scammers do not inspire a shared vision they inspire terrorism against anyone who does not share their views.

          Your terrorist leaders do not challenge the process and only enable others to commit acts of terrorism. T

          Your terrorist leaders do not encourage the heart; they cause the heart to bleed for the children who have been deprived of education for 3 years and the black legs that you behead everyday!


      • Go back home. You are not excluded. You can grow cassava and export too. Lead by example.

      • Yeah Bikutsi, they are eating garri and sugar because of Paul Biya. You can’t expect people to eat garri and sugar in an oil producing rich country like Cameroon. Look at your president, he spends $40000 a night in intercontinental hotel in Switzerland while his people are eating garri and sugar. You should be ashamed of yourself. I always thought you were better than this but you’ve shown your true colors. I am so ashamed of you. Think of all Cameroonians as your brothers and sisters, don’t only think about Bulu people. Tribalism and racism are evil.

    • I am a US citizen albeit born in Cameroon — I do not carry any Cameroon’s passport and only knew about this Brigade Anti-Sardinards yesterday. Still, I am viscerally opposed to Biya. He is a disgrace not only for Cameroon, but also for the whole of Africa and progressive democracies around the world. Cameroon is a republic that Biya has ruled like a kingdom. He has been worse than Ahidjo. Private visits? Whose money is paying the bill? Cameroon’s taxpayers! This so called diplomat is nothing but a puppet. Oh he is Binzi!

  2. The ekang people are routing for a “real”federation, where people will be in their own “area”.
    Kamerun will be better that way.
    The living together is not working.
    If you are from the grassfield, you should go back the grasslands.
    If you are an ekang, you know where to go; etc etc.
    Peace will be restored.
    We are together by the force of historical events, it’s time to correct some of those mistakes

    • I’m 100%with you.
      Ils ont envahi toutes nos villes et meme nos villages.
      Cette hospitalité aveugle doit s’arreter. Il est temps que chacun reste chez lui. On en a marre de ces sales types.
      Ils veulent la fédération, ils seront servis.
      Yaoundé est déja assez sale comme cà.

      • Le jour que le vase va débordé chez les Ekang-Beti, ils auront 24 h pour plier baggage et liberer nos terres!
        Pas le bruit qu’ils font là et on les observe.
        Ils oublient que là où leur folie s’arrete, la notre commence.

        • @Mbappe

          Another very dull bonobo that only see like her akpara dog the smelly lass ashawo whore @Bikutsi. Bikutsi once open declared on this forum that you can last more than 5 minutes on top of her pungent odorous pucy. I will like to know if that is how you pay her back or how she pay you for servicing her high mileage odometer. The extreme high mileage whore can also move to Switzerland to fight back BAS as she is also in Europe. As far as Ambalanders are concerned that is foreign news. Joseph Wirba prophesied to you tribalists that the problem u were ignoring in Ambazonia n denigrating Ambazonians for will be the problem that will bring down your rotting tribalist sewage jungle inhabited by gorillas of your kind and pretending to be civilized. Open you fat eyes and see it manifest

    • @Mbappe

      Another very dull bonobo that only see like her akpara dog the smelly lass ashawo whore @Bikutsi. Bikutsi once open declared on this forum that you can last more than 5 minutes on top of her pungent odorous vagina. I will like to know if that is how you pay her back or how she pay you for servicing her high mileage odometer. The extreme high mileage whore can also move to Switzerland to fight back BAS as she is also in Europe. As far as Ambalanders are concerned that is foreign news. Joseph Wirba prophesied to you tribalists that the problem u were ignoring in Ambazonia n denigrating Ambazonians for will be the problem that will bring down your rotting tribalist sewage jungle inhabited by gorillas of your kind and pretending to be civilized. Open you fat eyes and see it manifest.

    • SONARA money should stay in Limbe right? No bulu man should steal it. I don’t also want any Bulu man in Yaounde, Oveng, Nnom Ayos and infact the whole of the central province. You guys should stay in your bush in the Southern province.


    Here is some sweet news for all and sundry

    Swiss authorities have ordered the IMMEDIATE DEPORTATION of 6(six) of Dictator Biya’s presidential guards. They stand accused of brutalising BAS demonstrators on the 25.06.2019 in front of the Intercontinental.

    Simply put, Dictator Biya has fewer presidential guards to confront members of BAS on D-DAY, the 29.06.2019. CPDM militants who dare to confront BAS activists will be CRUSHED. Switzerland is not LRC. DO NOT SAY THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED!!!

  4. Hutu propaganda, mirror propaganda.
    Those who have use tribalism and hatred to monopolize Cameroon are today projecting blame on other Cameroonians.
    The lie is out, nobody believes these propaganda anymore.
    Anglophones asked the Yaoundé tribal government to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon and the tribal government declared war on using the tribal militia to;
    Burn 300 villages
    Kill 20,000 Anglophones
    Displace 630,000
    Send 120,000 as refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon.
    From 1963 Biya was Minister, 1975 prime ministers, 1982 president until date all appointed positions.
    The Hutu apartheid of Anglophones in Cameroon is Biyas creation.
    Like Libya, like Sudan, you too will go by force or by fire.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Delusional Lum is fooling High IQ Lum.

      It is clear that Delusional Lum has reduced your IQ to zero.

      “Most Cameroonians including from the NW/SW have a sense of Cameroonianness. What they call ambazonia is unrealistic”: Tibor Nagy – Propaganda

      Res 358: Ambazombies should drop their weapons and disband immediately – US Congress propaganda

      “If you are fighting for more autonomy why deprive your own children from education, why kill teachers and burn hospitals?” – UNHRC propaganda.

      The world knows the truth. You can keep lying to yourself that the people of the NW/SW support ambazombie terrorism!

      I am from the NW and I do not agree with your policy of identifying and killing all people from the NW/SW who do not agree with your political views!

  5. Biya paul, roi faineant perpetuel

  6. Although u are residing abroad and thinking of doing what u call whatever ,just consider those back at home. Are u not seeing that u are simply making our lives much more difficult. What if some decide to return every person to his origin. As u recommend including your ourselves back home. Don’t see European liking Holigans ! Think well. May rain back on u. Yes it’s hazardous presently to live presently here.not one man alone to blame. Build and not destroy the remnants. (Home na home).

    • If you don’t originate from Yaoundé, Douala, Eseka, Sangmelima, Ebolowa, Bertoua, Mbalmayo,Kribi, Akonolinga etc….but are living in those areas and disturbing the natives, you better start to mentaly prepare yourself to leave sooner or later.
      The day we will have enough or your nonsens, you will not have more than 24h to pack your garbage and move back from wherever you come from.
      Trust me I know my people

      • Truth and Facts


        Hmmm! Ekeei!

        Does this means you are going to run away from Limbe or should you be chased away from Limbe?

        If I remember correctly, you voluntary choose to come and build your home in Limbe instead of one of the above areas you just mentioned.

        • T&F
          Don’t worry about me my freind.
          My Limbe summer home is just what it is a “summer house ” a place you go when you want to relax and escape from the noisy city.
          That is not my principal house in Cmr.
          You se, some of us have been working hard abroad and invest back home…

          After this crisis ,when I become the governor of Limbe ,I will not mind to donate that house and transform it to a rehab center for kids your so called amba-boys have destroyed for life.

        • Kikikiki, Bikut…la trajectoire là ne te conviens pas du tt, mais tu forces tjrs. C’est un chemin kil faut l’avoir dans son ADN pour pouvoir résister. Je l’ai si vite compris qd j’étais encore un pt beau gosse.

          Je n’arrivais pas à discriminer comme mes cops le faisaient avec trop d’aisances, ils disaient tjrs ke je fais le modèle, comme ceux de ce forum. Alors ke l’ADN de l’homme ne contient pas ce génome.

          Même si je veux, je ne peux pas.

          En tt cas, à chac1 son paradis…

        • Truth and Facts


          very good that you are not planning to leave Limbe. After the war, when you become the governor of the newly created region called Limbe, please don’t forget to build roads and modern infrastructures. That would greatly reduce the burden of doing business in Limbe and make my life easier. That way I can finally return back home for good and turn my house here in Europe into a summer house.

          If you choose not to keep your house in Limbe, you are always invited to come and stay in mine whenever you are in Limbe. Maybe that way we would learn something from each other and make Limbe even more lovely.

      • Bulu woman don’t include Yaoundé, Douala, Eseka, Bertoua, Mbalmayo,Kribi, Akonolinga etc in your bull. Nobody loves Paul Biya and the Bulu people in these places. You Bulu people are all on your own. You’ve emptied Cameroon’s coffers and now you want to include other people? No way. Do you remember when Paul Biya said to the Douala people me voici à Douala? The Douala people haven’t forgotten that nor the people of Nkol afamba forgotten the assassination of Ayissi Mvondo their beloved son. No worries. One day na one day monkey go chop pepper.

        • Why are you so desparate?
          The Ekang-Beti are one. Allways been and will allways be.
          Try something else.

  7. A Swiss newspaper has written about the imminent confrontation between pro and anti-Biya militants in Geneva. The papers wonder why a president of a country could, by design or omission, facilitate the dragging of the image of his own country to the mud. The paper went further to conclude that the damage to the reputation of the country has already been done even before the imminent confrontation on the 29.06.2019.
    More than 500 police officers are on standby to separate the belligerents. The paper went further ask whether Switzerland or Cameroon should foot the bill of this police operation.

    * MY TAKE *

    It is crystal clear that Dictator Biya does NOT love his country. If he GENUINELY did, he could not have dragged the image of his country to the mud.

    • A president, who GENUINELY loves his country should unite rather than divide his people. Dictator Biya knew or should have known that his gallivanting in Geneva would divide his people. however, that evil Bulu Dictator did not think of the consequences of his actions. He thought that taking with him dozens of presidential guards and FAKE BAS militants might mitigate the negative consequences of his foolish decision to go to Geneva. However, he was dead wrong. He underestimated the determination of the BAS. This is another crystal clear proof that this evil Bulu Dictator has not learnt from the mistake he did when he underestimated the determination of the “secessionists”.
      In my opinion, any person who GENUINELY loves Cameroon cannot at the same time support Dictator Biya.

    • Once upon a time, there was a dictator called Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa Zabanga. became notorious for corruption, nepotism, and the embezzlement of public funds. He was known for extravagances such as shopping trips to Switzerland and France

      If history is ánything to go by, the political obituary of Biya will also be similar to that of Mobutu. The telling signs are clear that politically things are falling apart around Biya who has become a liability to the country. Like Mobutu, Biya is feared by all, trusted by none and loathed by those who by day even sing his praises and send motions of support.

      That Biya is headed for a tragic political and historical downfall can now only be denied by his apologists and Spin doctors who resist the truth and deny reality.


    • In sum, “le seul fait que Paul Biya se trouve en Suisse en villégiature avec des voyous autour de lui alors que son pays se meurt, justifie à lui seul qu’on n’ait plus aucun égard pour sa personne».

    • «si vous étiez originaires du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest; qu’un membre de votre famille était victime des bavures de l’armée; que votre maison était rasée sans cause; que votre famille était obligée de vivre dans les champs de la Menoua, des Bamboutos, du Littoral…je verrais si vous irez avec des fleurs à l’hôtel Intercontinental en Suisse pour applaudir le Chef de l’Etat, Chef du gouvernement, Chef des armées, premier magistrat, premier sportif.
      Ce que je n’arrive pas à comprendre, c’est qu’ils soient plus indignés par ces cris plutôt que par le fait qu’un homme, à la tête d’un pays sinistré à cause de ses propres errements, déplace une horde de courtisans pour aller dépenser l’argent du contribuable dans un pays et hôtel les plus chers du monde».

  8. Switzerland’s Inter-Continental Hotel is the most expensive in the world. To be occupied by a president whose country’s economy is on life support speaks volumes in terms of managerial competence, compassion, patriotism, etc.

    People will always support a president, no matter the degree of his egregious comportment. Naturally such supporters hang on his apron strings for their survival.

    • So if you were the president you will go to ayaba hotel because you want to save money. We already know what Ambazonia leadership can do with money. Stop the hypocrisy . You are not different from Biya. If you were made minister you will hire half of your siblings and your in-laws in your ministry.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Pa John

      When the ambazombie scammers called leaders in the diaspora are travelling around the world on firt class tickets meanwhile the ambazombie terrorists are hiding in the foret without food or medicine that speaks volumes in terms of the managerial, competence, compassion, patriotism etc.

      When the ambafool scammers/ terrorists and supporters in the diaspora abolish education fro the children of the NW/SW meanwhile their own children continue to attend school, that speaks volumes in terms of the managerial, competence, compassion, patriotism etc.

      When amba terrorists kidnap and behead people of the NW/SW that speaks volumes in terms of______?

      Fill in the blanks Pa John!

      Foolish people may support presidents while reasonable people support the development of their Country.

  9. Why is Biya himself, not talking directly to anyone? Over time, 3 years going into this nonsense,
    only his planted sorrogates: Ngole Ngole, Tchiroma, EU, UN and now Bindzi, keep talking? Like
    in the case of Sanni Abacha of FRN, we should be 100% certain, that Cameroon, will also be
    counted, as one of the countries, that will have to spend money / time, chasing it`s stollen
    loot from Switzerland. Reason, why that country, is hard at defending Biya today. That, is where
    much of our money is and much has been squoundered.
    Biya, was long made, a suprime leader and reason, why all this nonsense, with human blood,
    running down like a spring in SC. And we are still at square one, because Biya`s corruption to
    remain in power as long as, is so deep rooted. It is only matched, by his ocultism.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Joshua the ambafool king of stupid questions:

      Why are you so dumb to assume that Biya is not talking to anyone just because he is not taling to you amba terrorists and scammers? Are you killing people of the NW/SW so that Biya can talk to you?

      Why are you so stupid to assume that anyone who does not agree with your ambafool stupidity is benefiting from the government of Cameroon?

      Why are you so dumb not to realize that the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW have a right to their opinion? Why are you so evil and dumb to assume that you have a God given right to kill all people from the NW/SW who do not agree with your stupid ideas?
      Joshua is definitely under the spell of the fake pastor Sako and Anuz who have convinced him that odeshi/juju is all you need to succeed in life!

  10. Switzerland’s supposed interest in mediation is too good to be true. Whenever anything can be described as “too good to be true”, watch out. Look closely again and it almost always turns out to be “not good enough”.
    Why is that? Switzerland cannot be an honest broker given that it provides the Cameroonian dictator a comfort zone from his many tribulations. Swiss banks are the depository of a lot of ill-gotten wealth around the world. A consortium of Swiss and French businesses is hurting as a result of failure to export cocoa and coffee from Cameroon. This is called CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!

    • Mr Ambassador happens to come from the same tribe with the President and that tribe is the most tribalistic in Cameroon.I watched the Geneva video .That group called BAS are a very determined people and I feel they will not listen to Mr Ambassador.But how can Mr president abandon his country when there is war and travel to Europe?This is a sign of irresponsibility .Every one is calling for dialogue in Cameroon,why can the president not dialogue with the people he says elected him ?Is he above his country?

  11. Mr Ambassador happens to come from the same tribe with the other President and that tribe is the most tribalistic in Cameroon.I watched the Geneva video .That group called BAS are a very determined people and I feel they will not listen to Mr Ambassador.But how can Mr president abandon his country when there war and travel to Europe?This a sign of irresponsibility .Every one is calling for dialogue in Cameroon,why can the president not dialogue with the people has says elected him ?Is he above his country?

  12. Camer believer (Colby)

    Can barking change the shape of Mr Biya’s head? I don’t think so this is just diversion from real issues cameroon is facing lazy drunkards thugs have been barking for the past 04 years still nothing have changed don’t they see this time around they should change the approach? We all know that no barking can help cameroonians to get rid of this corrupted government personal initiatives are the only way forward.

    • Etoudi is empty now.
      Every so called BAS member should by a plane ticket, one way and occupy Etoudi…
      That way we will respect dem.
      But Negreos will prefer to make a fool of themselves in the white mans land.
      What a bunch of loosers!

  13. I believe Cameroonians do not learn from mistakes. BAS can do what ever it wants, but the fact won’t change. Biya will carry on with his private trip and shall head home later on. Why should the ambassador or the international community listen to a bunch of vandals and morons? If they want to protest , Yaounde awaits them. Some people are acting like their lives will be better , should Biya quit tomorrow. If BAS is too pissed, mobilise and handpick a candidate for the next election.. If they don’t want to be Cameroonians , I suggest their citizenship be revoked thereby rendering the stateless . They will then learn a lesson.

    Bah Acho, Mbappe & Bikutsi make much sense in their respective post (above ), but people always have sth negative to say.

    • Cela se dit: le chien aboie et la caravane passe
      Mais en se referant au Cameroun, c’est plutot la caravane aboie et le passe; pauvres Cameroun et Camerounais.
      Nessa l’exemple vient d’en haut….kkiiikiiiiikiii Laissez mes cotes oooohhh

    • When these Beti-Bulu monkeys talk, its very easy to discern from their arrogance. @Scoppy you rotting mouth idiot. Your elitist Bulu clan has no right to revoke people’s citizenship because the refuse to condone thievery. With your bend bend head like road for mimboman. idiot.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        @ terrorist l’enemie the amba njeme eater

        You and your ambazombie terrorists have no right to revoke people’s citizenship because they refuse to condone stupidity, extortion and terrorism! With ya rotten dead kanas and rotten shihole wey ayaba and sako don nackam sotey e di leak! And ya rotten mop wey bara, tapang, Anuz and tataw don empty their njeme inside!, Wandyful international idiooot!

        I am a proud Cameroonian from the NW. You will pay for your crimes!

        @l’enemie, You are the dumbest ambafool on earth! You are an epitome of ambazombie stupidity!

        I will continue to expose your stupidity and terrorism. You are so evil and stupid that you think that you have a right to terrorise people of the NW/SW to share your political views. Shame on you! Nyamfukah!

  14. Toute chose a une fin et ce régime démoniaque le sait très bien.

  15. Praise singers and sycophants are doing overtime to condemn the unpatriotic citizens milling around the Intercontinental Hotel, disturbing the “bref sejour” of the most important client of the hotel. Jean de Dieu Momos, Charles Ndongos and many others are in top gear in defence of their daily bread. For Charles Ndongo alias “Pythagore” this is a golden opportunity to display how quid pro quo operates.

    While others were being forcibly sent on retirement (Justice Ayah Paul Abine), Pythagore was brought back from retirement and ensconced as GM of CRTV:

    “Paul Biya did not only save me from retirement, he basically and literally saved my life. Out of modesty I won’t say more” C. Ndongo

  16. Still wondering, if it is the dumb military, that owns Cameroon and the rest of us, are
    strangers or refugees. With the way the country is gone, one has to stop and start
    thinking why on earth, they are for Mr. Biya`s beck and call.
    Similarly, the likes of penguiss, bitkussi, mbappe etc and ras who has disappeared
    after exposing his stupidity, do not up to now, see their unpatriotic stance.
    Biya has ruined the country in every way possible, only a new setting, can fix it.
    But they, continue seeing the wonder man, in him. Too disappointing.

    • We are talking about Cameroon, and you are talking about Biya.
      Cameroon is not Paul Biya ,an 88 years old man who has his life behind him.
      Can you se the difference?

      • Truth and Facts


        can you not please help your country and use your connections to Biya and or the ruling circle and tell him even in your mother tongue to go quietly for the love of Cameroon. He can just go with some little dignity left like as Mugabe. He has tried his best for 37 years now. He deserves to rest. With a good package, he could live happily for the rest of his life. I think the CMR gov’t should buy him the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva as a retirement gift. How about that? That would prevent further bloodshed and save the country the international disgrace it is currently going through.

        Someone new with the country best interest at mind could take charge. I am sure with all these intelligent Cameroonians, they would be a very suitable replacement for Biya among them.

        • @ Truth and facts, you just said it like your name my brother. Knowing Africans, this idiot is not going anywhere. He will surely end up like Mubutu. France is monitoring the situation in Cameroon and will soon take him out and replace him with another French servant. It’s time for us to take matters into our own hands and march in Yaounde and take out this guy before France replaces him with another French servant.

        • T&F
          Biya will leave, but not the way some of you want him to.
          The biggest misstake we are making as Cmrnians is that we concentrate in changing the “president ” but not the system.
          The new “president ” is allready known by the evil powers who do and undo African ” presidents”.
          Our biggest challenge is to change the system.

  17. @ Truth and facts, you just said it well. He should also be told to go free, with what he has
    looted and no one, will also question him about the blood he has spilt over the 37 yrs, so
    the rest can live in some peace. All what he is doing now, is to find an escape route, to run
    away from purnishment by way of death. He has done his best and whatever we do or say
    today and tomorrow, the past can not be brought back.
    He has dirtied his soul and is a worthless thing, that mankind should keep seeing or talking

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Terrorist Truth and Facts can you help the Delusional republic of Ambazombies and use your connections to Sako, Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba, Bara and the amba terrorist leadership(scammers) circle and tell them in your anglo saxon language to go quietly for the love of Cameroon? You and your amba terrorists can just drop your weapons and seek amnesty or continue hiding in the forest waiting for malaria or a bullet from an AK47 to neutralize you! That is better than dying in the forest and your corpse being devoured by ants and rats.
      How about that? That will prevent further killing of proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW just because they do not agree with ambazombie stupidity and save the country the current ignominy!

      Tell those manipulated illiterate youth to drop their weapons or die!

      • Yo yo yo yo Kumkum pass garri man, Can you tell us how much Biya paid you? I’m sure it’s not much. Truth and Facts has come up with a very good idea to save the country from crumbling and you are only thinking about protecting Biya? I don’t think you love Cameroon. He never mentioned Ambazonia in his write up but because he said the truth about Biya leaving in order to save Cameroon, you are calling him an Ambazonia terrorist. Shame on you my friend. Let me tell you something, Biya’s days are numbered and you will regret ever supporting him.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          Why are you so dumb to assume that I consider Truth and Facts a terrorist “just because he said the truth about Biya leaving in order to save Cameroon”?

          Why are you so stupid? Are you cursed?

          Bobjazz. I repeat , the amba terrorists must be eradicated to save Cameroon. The amba terrorists have done more harm to the people of the NW/SW in 3 years than Biya ha done in his entire life time.

          Stealing 3 years of education from children of the NW/SW is the biggest crime ever committed in Cameroon. There is nothing more evil than that!

          Bobjazz, Terrorist Truth and Fact thinks that Paul Bia has to go to save Cameroon.
          I know that the ambafool terrorists must be eradicated for Cameroon to be saved. I am proud of my position on this!

          Nyamfukah! Shumbu!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Terrorist Joshua,

      We(the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW) will never forgive you for killing proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW who do not agree with your ambazombie stupidity unless you expressly seek amnesty.

      We will identify and seize the property of all the ambazombie terrorists and supporters in the diaspora. We will auction your property and use the funds to rebuild the schools and hospitals you have destroyed.

      We will never forgive the ambazombie terrorists for stealing 3 years of education from children of the NW/SW.
      Shameless Wandyfool international idioots!

    • Truth and Facts


      Looking forward, that is the best way to go bro. Bygones are bygones. We cannot get back the lost 37 years no matter what we do to Biya after he is out. The faster we get him out and move forward, the better for the country. If the fastest way is to give him a safe retirement package, then that is the way to go.

      We have a lot of catching up to do. Other countries are moving mountains and we can’t even host AFCON.
      Cameroon Airlines should have been what Ethiopian Airlines today is. CMR is geographical better situated to be the HUB of Africa.

      Goods being shipped from South America to Africa still mostly have to transit in Europe. Cameroon seaports could serve as transit.

      CMR has a huge competent Human Resource.
      CMR could “kick asses”, if she does her homework well.

  18. Biya, should go now or else t will be too late for him.Protests abroad are just beginning and very soon will include sending all his diplomats home to meet him.
    He should watch out.For Ambazonians, freedom is near.
    The days of fghting in french cameroon are near.It is the day biya will tell his french people the really numbers of french troops klled in Ambaland.

  19. Oye Oye

    Ambazonia is gradually gaining the roots for the purpose.

    Yes, my dear Amba landers, we are moving to the obvious. The long awaited freedom of our brave people.

    God Bless the USA
    God Bless Ambazonia

    God’s time is always the best.
    May wisdom always guide the people of Ambazonia.
    Together to stand to WIN.

  20. Truth and Facts


    bro do not waste your time in responding to people that have consistently demonstrated their lack of capacity to read & understand the content of a write up.
    Just ignore them. They will eventually release their limitations & just disappeared.

    Generally, there is no need to engage with a simpleton in an argument or a debate.

    They say “A fool with a tool, is still a fool” This tool – the internet – helps a great deal to expose such fools.

    The disgrace not only for Biya but the entire country as we see time and again in front of the intercontinental hotel in Geneva is now being allocated to “Terrorist me” & Ambazonia. I never knew french speaking Cameroonians were also fighting the Ambazonia course.

    How can you debate such a nitwit?
    Just ignore them.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Truth and Facts

      When ambafools publicly declare that the first step to achieve independence is to abolish education for all people in the NW/SW what can be more disgraceful than that.

      When the ambafools are declared to be insane people who have no logic to their behavior by the UNHCR what can be more disgraceful than that?
      When Tibor Nagy Calls the ambazombie terrorists unrealistic and delusional, what can be more disgraceful than that?
      When you see the picture of corpses of your terrorist fighters cladded in amulets and riddled with bullets from an AK47 what can be more disgraceful than that?
      What can be more disgraceful than manipulating illiterates to think that odeshi (amulets) can stop the bullet from an AK47?
      Shame on you! Nyamfukah!

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