Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions Take A Knee In Support Of ‘End Anglophone Crisis’

KahawaTungu | Cameroon national team, Indomitable Lions, showed a rare support for “End Anglophone Crisis” movement on Thursday.

Ahead of kickoff against visiting Mozambique in the 2022 AFCON qualifiers at Stade de la Réunification in Douala, the players took a knee as the national anthem played.

The scene was replayed in the 38th minute after captain Vincent Aboubakar celebrated his opener by taking a knee and pointing to the sky with both hands lifted high.

Kneeling on one knee (taking a knee) before sporting events by athletes has been used as a sign of protest against racial and other injustices especially in the US.

Cameroon is smarting from last month’s massacre of seven children at Kumba School in the English speaking region of the country which has been in turmoil for over three years now.

The government has blamed separatists, who have been agitating for breakaway from Francophone Cameroon, for the killings.

According to journalist Daniel Ekonde, Indomitable Lions Players are not known to take a stand on social or political issues in the country.

“Apart from former goalkeeper Joseph-Antoine Bell, who was known to be very vocal, the current crop of Indomitable Lions keep off political issues or stick to the government narrative,” said Daniel.

He however remembers in 2017 after the team won the AFCON in Gabon a few players expressed sympathy with the victims of the ongoing conflict in the Anglophone region.

In 2018, a Kenyan priest, Father Cosmas Omboto Ondari, a Mill Hill priest serving in the Diocese of Mamfe, was shot dead by suspected government soldiers in the Anglophone.

Cameroon is poised to host Championship of Africa Nations (CHAN) in 2021 and the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) in 2022.

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  1. If you are to have a one and indivisible country, this is what it takes, for every Cameroonian to put pressure on the government to resolve the crisis, to work towards ‘Anglophones’ feeling that their pain is felt by the entire country. But the minimum that it will take to maintain that unity will be a two-state federation because the evil put on us by the historical past means that the two Cameroons have completely different mentalities. I hate the ideology of building our references on colonists who enslaved us, stomped on our culture and belittled everything that is our collective identity. But we are in this point in history where such ideological differences control our country to the point that Francophone Cameroonians had a main objective to Francophonised Anglophone Cameroonians.

    • …to Francophonise Anglophone Cameroonians…

    • Appolinaire Nvondo

      I agree with you 1000%. Instead of trying to expand the English language in the Cameroon Francophone, The idiots want to force a death language upon the Anglophones. English today is the reference language in Business, in high level of academia and research. The french language alone does not allow to gain advance knowledge just because so many litteratures and books are written in english and are not translated in French. One of the reasons why francophones are so limited mentally.

  2. I am begging on Francophone Cameroonians, things happened the way it happened.

    We are all VICTIMS, don’t be apologetic to murderers—slice their throats.

    These foolish Amba people, who murder children.

    How come we, PATRIOTS, even debate with murderers?…

    • Paddy Assanga aka Zam-Zam,

      Dirty hungryman. You went to Younde, collected money from the junta and collaborated with short Ellie Smith to trick our brave Ambaboys into the hands of LRC killers. The same money was scammed from you by the dirty prostitute Suzzy Spark whose smelly toto you couldn’t even see. The next day you went to prison thinking you will become popular by pretending to talk to your prisoners in Kondengui. The prisoners beat you to an inch of your pitiful life where you fled back to Germany and connived with Success Nkongho, Njume Frankliin and Alex Ndive Lissinge to corrupt Nambere and use him to lure refugees back to Yaounde. All this dirty tricks in your books has still not work and here you are pouring venom on victims after falling out with Lissinge. Hungry man. Idiot

    • Because the government in Yaounde taught them how to become throat slicers with an agenda to francophonise them, with an agenda to infantalise them, with the kind of arrogance that oozes from your dscourse above, when reasonable people are trying to show compassion to advance peace, you are advocating hate and murder and yet call those who are standing up for themselves murderers. It came to this ugliness because your masters in Yaounde thought guns are the solution to everything. If you teach by the gun you will also end up facing the barrel of the gun. This is not a war of pride, because as you have said we are all victims, but some victims decided to shortsightedly victimise the other victims. Only a peaceful and inclusive dialogue will resolve this problem, not guns, not arrogance.

    • @ZAM ZAM: its kind of strange how easy you look at it ..
      So according to you this problem started with the Amba fighters?..
      MY brother when we come up in the social media and are not honest to ourselves, problems will never be solved.-
      -When lawywers were being beaten did u say a word?..No..
      When people came out to protest about the education and students were raped and killed in Buea, did u say a word?..No..When peaceful movements were brutally suppressed, u said nothing..
      MY brother ask yourself an honest why we are here today.
      A repressive regime with old brainless people have hijacked a rich peace loving people..Fooled them , played divide and rule and today we are fighting and killing each other..Cameroon is two states and 2 systems ..You can build a nation on this -period..

  3. What`s gonna be gonna be. And come rain or sunshine, Ambazonia shall be a reality.
    You can`t eat your cake and have it. Close to sixty years of assimilation, all is over now.
    Killing us to subject us to live in a united or one ane indivisible Cameroon, is now an
    illusion. Biya and Ahidjo, started it and we, have to end it no matter the odds.

  4. This knee taken by the indomitable lions will be the most potent weapon against Ambazonia. The more the francophones demand justice the less moral grounds people have for separation. Good move by larepublique. Game on!

    • Is this not what I have been telling you guys over and over for years?

      Francophones have never hated Anglos, but the System has made it seem so.

      Over 90% of Francos would tell you that the gov’t should give Anglos what they want, other than separation, and let’s stop this folly.

      You think Francos are ignorant that under a system that is void of France that CMR would prosper better than what it is now? Why are they sending their kids to Anglo schools? Why are all lawyers for the common law?

      Anyway, I am happy many Anglos too have realised that most Francos are not their enemies as they were made to believe…

  5. There’s a bit of a difference here ,they took two knees down not one ,a intelligent and meaningful gesture .

  6. Mwambo (Buea son)

    This problem could easily be solved without the despot thinking he is “pere de la nation”. In a sense, Popol believes that Cameroon is his ownership. In the twilight of his years, there is little Biya can do to assuage Sothern Cameroonians and he is burdened by the fact that reverting even to pre 1972 status would be a colossal failure. But Biya failed from the time he brought economic crisis in 1985 & then rigged the 1992 & subsequent elections. He fears his prosecution, so even with bloodshed he stays on. Bad judgement! Was Abdou Diouf or Rawlings an example to be followed?
    Had Fru Ndi been president (whether you like him or not he won), the issue of Anglophone secession would not have been a strong case. Fru Ndi won in E. Cameroon.
    Despots create chaos. Just “Me Alone” mentality. Sad!

  7. there is no unity between the English and french speaking people of cameroon, the reasons this fake knee mambojombo has come too late as the majority of Southern Cameroonians in the recent CND poll,86% of the people demand Independence, Bishop Tumi had a similar result two years ago but the yaounde regime does not listen to the truth,they thought using guns, scorched earth policies will deter the people,fortunately the people have risen to fall no more now that the English people understand the power of Guns, they want nothing to do with french Cameroon assimilation rule in their land,their president declared his war, now he is unable to win or end it as the English people are patriotic,own more power in their land, determine to take it back by force

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