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Cameroon’s Opposition Supporters Defy Protest Ban

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | Combat-ready troops were deployed in Cameroon’s capital Saturday as supporters of opposition party leader Maurice Kamto defied a ban on protests against the outcome of the 2018 presidential election.

Kamto and his backers contend he won the Oct. 7 election and that his victory was stolen by long-serving President Paul Biya.  Kamto was to participate in the protests for the first time since Biya ordered his release from prison, but he reportedly was being held at his house under guard by government police.

Hundreds of supporters of Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party (CRM) demanded that the government withdraw its anti-riot police from the esplanade of the Ahmadou Ahijo Stadium in Yaounde so they could listen to the message that Kamto had for them.

Among the protesters was Etienne Tankeu, 39, a businessman who was arrested with Kamto on Feb. 28 in Douala and detained in Yaounde with Kamto until Biya ordered their release.

Tankeu said he did not understand why each time the CRM has wanted to organize peaceful protests, the government has threatened them with charges of insurrection, revolt and hostilities against the state.

Court proceedings halted

Kamto and hundreds of his supporters were freed Oct. 5. That’s when Biya ordered an end to court proceedings against CRM members following calls from delegates to the national dialogue he held to address the country’s crises.

The Saturday protest in Yaounde was to be the first public meeting between Kamto and his supporters since he was released from custody.

Christopher Ndong, CRM secretary-general, told VOA in a telephone interview that he and some party officials, including Kamto, were prohibited by the police from leaving a home where they met ahead of the protests. He said that despite a heavy police presence, they were still committed to meeting their supporters, who have been eager to hear from their leader.

“We cannot let our fundamental rights be trampled upon,” he said. “We are not afraid, because what we are doing is within the law and it is our right. So you see, this is a government that is confused. They are in fact doing everything with impunity. We cannot be afraid, because we are working and acting upon our rights.”

Similar protests in the southern towns of Sangmelima and Ebolowa were banned by the government. Kamto’s supporters defied the ban in Sangmelima, Biya’s hometown, and a confrontation Friday between CRM followers and those of Biya’s CPDM party left at least six people injured.

Advice to Kamto: Stand down

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Cameroon’s minister of communications, said Kamto was not relenting from wanting to destabilize Cameroon. He said Biya won the election in a landslide and that Kamto should accept the result or face the consequences as mandated by Cameroon laws.

“We believe that Mr. Kamto and some warmongers among his supporters have failed to take full measure and to grasp the profound meaning of the presidential clemency welcomed by the entire national and international community,” Sadi said.

The election results showed Biya winning with 71 percent of the vote. His strongest challenger, Kamto, was a distant second with 14 percent.

If arrested again, Kamto could be charged with sedition, insurrection and inciting violence. Those are the same charges leveled against him when he defied a government ban on protest marches and was arrested in Douala.

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  1. Folks get out the popcorn and watch apparently the fall of the kabal in Yaounde might be closer than we thought. Long live southern Cameroon. We shall die on our feet not knees.

  2. No amount of intimidation, brutality and threats can save the Etoudi junta from imploding.

    • **** QUOTE OF THE DAY ****

      “Time for fooling people is over, nothing less than federation can bring pple to reconsider living together—this is no secret to anyone” (Zam-Zam, 2019).

      * MY TAKE *

      It is either:

      1. a federation of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS ( probability = 20% )


      2, SEPARATION of the INFORMAL cohabitation into two independents states ( Probability = 80 %)

      There is no other option for Dictator Biya and France

      Simply put,

      1. Decentralisation
      2. BIR
      3. special status
      4. commission on bilingualism
      5. BEGGING Amba boys to drop weaponsä
      6. etc,

      can and will NEVER EVER stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum.
      So much blood has been spilt. So many villages have been burnt down.
      The ILLEGAL entity fondly referred to as the so-called ” one and indivisible” LRC is history.

      • LRC terrorists opened a pandora’s box of history, resistance, emotion, frustration, uncertainty and fear that left none of us unscathed in 2016 when they attacked and brutalised UB students and lawyers.
        History has shown us that a Pandora’s box, once opened, it is going to be well nigh impossible to put back the troubles and close down the lid.
        That is the reason why Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate have failed to stop the present momentum with the help of the BIR, COSMETIC MEASURES and dirty tricks such as BIYALOGUE aka KAMTOLOGUE.
        Permit me to state without fear of contradiction that the Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around “KOMME ES WOLLE”.
        There is absolutely nothing Dictator Biya can do to prevent the FINAL resolution of that palaver. MARK MY WORDS!!!!

      • Rumours abound that the Governor of the NW, Le le L’Afrique died in France from the injuries he sustained from the AK47 of Amba boys. If these rumours crystallise as facts, then LRC would have lost an important facilitator of genocide in SC.
        Any person, therefore, asking Amba boys to drop weapons should better consult a neurologist for a brain scan. GENUINE Amba boys will NEVER EVER drop weapons. LRC terrorists can also NEVER EVER defeat Amba boys. Simply put, there is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question. Dictator Biya’s sh*thole OPEN-ENDED war might continue until 2099 if France and french puppets in LRC do not convene a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue to resolve the impasse.
        BIYALOGUE was intended to resolve the KAMTO Question. It had nothing to do with the Anglophone Question

  3. Don’t understand those dummies at Etoudi.

    Allow these guys to hold their meetings in stadiums. How many people were even going to attend?

    They have consistently proven that they are in no way ready to confront the armed forces by going violent—our forces are even surprised.

    This continuous and senseless reprisals of harmless folks would finally force some of us to join their ranks, mostly coz of patriotic solidarity.

    Etoudi had 71%, MRC had 14%. Why the fear?

    Rather than wasting time on MRC, why not elaborate and implement the federation plan that everyone is begging for, so we can stop killing each other and talk like bros?

    Time for fooling people is over, nothing less than federation can bring pple to reconsider living together—this is no secret to anyone…

  4. What Cameroon lacks now and ever, is the` peoples power`. A wonderful approach
    to send an idiot out of power. It is the frogs, who have failed the nation and they
    should stop it. Bread and sardine, can not move a country forward.

  5. These anials rulling cameroon are really brainless..
    You sing songs about VIVRE ENSEMBLE:.
    You sing big songs that Cameroon is one and indivisible..
    But you will not accept KAMTO to hold meetings in EBOLOWA..
    You will send your primitive retarded BULU-BETI who are a BETISSE to tell kamto to go and do it somewhere else..PAS CHEZ NOUS..ALLEZ CHEZ VOUS…
    Biya is the biggest Tribalist in the history of this young nation..
    This devil, despot, brainless BULU-BETI on diapers is a problem ..

    Since when is Ebolowa and SAMGMELIMA chez nous when ypu claim cameroon is for all cameroonians..

    • No alliens in the Betiland period. The Mrc is NOT Wellcome in the South. How are we going to explain that so they get it for once?
      We don’t want them there. Cameroon is a large Country. They can hold their meetings wherever they want but not in Ebolowa or Sangmelima.
      Sorry, but we are just reacting to the foolisness you started.
      You hate people, but want to come to their home and do what?!
      This is just the beginning…
      After Biya, some will be very surprised.

      • I dont honest this..
        Did u forget that your people went to the western province, organized meetings and made noise in the western provinvce preeching VIVRE ENSEMBLE?..
        Did you forget that the next day. all BETI-BULU news papers were saying- the western province refuses KAMTO?..
        You ugly fools have been preaching divide and rule since this CHIMP in the name of BIYa came to power..
        People from all parts of cameroon came and invested in Ebolowa-Sangmelima, thought these lazy drinkers how to work, how to build good houses and to earn living..These lazy people will get up, attack same people and only steal bread and sardine from stores…They will not steal building material or anything that can help them progress..

        • The message is simple:
          We do not want any allien in the Betiland.
          You want to leave with us, you follow the rules, you respect us!
          That’s simple.
          You can’t do that,you leave!

      • Waoooh
        Na Cameroon ooh.
        Just the beginning you said. Like it was just the beginning back in 2016 somewhere in Cameroon… and the rest is history now.
        History will jugde some of us very tough bikutsi and I do not want to be amongst “that some of us”. It is wise that I remind you “do as you would want other do to you”.

        • People have been spending years insulting, blaming and treating the Beti with arrogance and today, the Beti are saying:Enough!
          Why are you surprise?
          It is just starting. That’s for sure.

        • I am all in for federation with a requirement one should return to his ancestral land.
          The beti land will be by far the most prosperous without such savages are the grassfielders

  6. Thats VIVRE ensemble in BULU-BETI..


    Case study: Victoria

    The BULU THIEF cum SDO of Fako STOLE Bakweri land in Victoria and distributed it to his BULU friends and relatives. He justified his theft with the so-called VIVRE-ENSEMBLE slogan.
    The BULU recipients of the stolen Bakweri land built houses, hotels. They had even the effrontery to BOAST on social media that they have houses in VICTORIA.
    Examples of the BULUS who received stolen Bakweri are DIMAGabriel and BEKUTSI.
    The inexplicable and greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that the same BEKUTSI who received stolen Bakweri land from the BULU thief called ZangIII is the same person who does not want non-BULUS to come to Sangmelima and Ebolowa.

    • Of course, the sons and daughters of VICTORIA have already taken an inventor of the stolen Bakweri land. The stolen land will be retrieved from all the BULUS and given to the rightful owners of the land. NO COMPENSATIONS WILL BE PAID TO THE BULUS

      • Lol
        You are really UNSTOPPABLE in your dillusional charabia.
        I have the keys of Limbe and that’s my living-room.
        I’m BULU and go and do whatevere I want in the triangle called Cameroon.

        • what an irony..
          IN Ebolowa and Sangmelima, you say chez nous..
          Allez chez vous….
          But feel free to own property in Limbe and claim to be a cameroon for all..
          A lazy people with a lazy mentality

        • You and the other BULUS who received stolen Bakweri land from the BULU thief called ZangIII will NEVER EVER sleep in peace in VICTORIA.
          Your xenophobic utterances on social media have crossed our red line.
          If Sangmelima is for the BULUS, VICTORIA is for the Bakweri people.
          You can continue to run your mouth on social media. However, you will one day gnash your teeth and shout: HAD I KNOWN I WOULD HAVE NEVER INVESTED ON STOLEN BAKWERI LAND.

          MARK MY WORDS

        • Keep on chanting ” BULU ” day in day out.
          That’s good because before the years 2035, that will be Cameroon National language.

  8. “Vivre Ensemble” is like a coin. On the face of it is SDO Zang, a Bulu native deployed in Victoria, Ambazonialand. By furtively hypnotizing the rightful owners and passing land ceded by the CDC to fellow Bulu transplants and even renaming the town Limbe, he projected his vision of peaceful cohabitation.

    The back of the coin is like Sangmelima or Ebolowa, where the local DO, in cahoots with elites like Jacques Fame Ndongo and others, mobilized local hooligans to block a meeting of Maurice Kamto’s MRC, thus shutting out all nonnatives, possibly some transplants of Victoria as well!

    • The world ” Bulu ” is in everybody’s trap now.
      Good. That means we are getting closer to our vision.
      Do you know that kids All over the South region are learning how to write, read and count in Bulu?
      We sing the national anthem in Bulu in the South.
      All the books in primary school are getting translated in BULU.
      We are training the next generation of Elites.
      Keep on chanting BULU here, BULU there..
      Soon you will be dreaming in BULU.


  9. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    My source in Etoudi has confirmed what I reported on this same forum a week ago.
    Governor L’Afrique of the Northern zone has died in a French hospital.
    He did not recover from the injuries he sustained when his convoy was attacked by our INVINCIBLE Amba boys.
    LRC is ashamed to tell the world of this “success story” of Amba boys.

    Because of the fear of Amba boys, the SDO of Lebialem was installed in Buea. His office will be in Dschang.
    The SDF has reported that Dictator Biya wants to postpone the elections again from February 2020 to a date in 2021 because of the threat of Amba boys.
    Believe me or not, there will be ZERO elections in SC until the Anglophone Question is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.

  10. Bravo BUCA VOYAGES.
    Il n’y aura désormais Zero Ngoué dans nos Bus.

    Ils vont confirmer.
    Pour voyager avec BUCA, faut désormais parler Beti.
    Allons seulement.

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