Camwater: Staff representatives denounce unlawful suppression of bonuses and benefits

Business in Cameroon | – On August 27, 2020, five trade unions (grouped under the association synergie des syndicats des travailleurs opérants à la Camwater) sent a letter to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Nguté informing him about the imminence of social unrests within the water utility company Camwater.

According to the letter, these unrests would be due to some unlawful pay cuts (25%) being carried out by the water utility’s management. It adds that despite the proofs provided by the labor administration and staff representatives showing that the bonuses and other benefits are being canceled in violation of the labor code, Camwater’s management is still set on carrying out the cuts. The unions also explain that Camwater does not pay employees’ social security benefits and neither are staff represented in the company.

Therefore, the unions invite Prime Minister Joseph Dion Nguté to launch a social survey on the management of Camwater.

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