Chan 2020: Fecafoot unveils revised mascot ‘Tara’ and competition’s theme song

GOAL | The mascot was initially unveiled in December but was met with severe criticism from Cameroonians
The Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot) on Wednesday unveiled the mascot for the 2020 Africa Nations Championship which begins on April 4.

‘Tara’ was initially unveiled in December but was met with severe criticism from Cameroonians who felt the nation’s governing body’s choice was wide of the mark.

They felt the choice of mascot was hideous, frightful and didn’t reflect anything positive from the Central African nation as well as the other participating countries.

Cameroon’s Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Professor Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, who is also the president of the organising committee, stated the change was prompted by the criticism from several quarters after last month’s unveiling.

Also, on Wednesday, the theme song for the showpiece titled ‘We Are All Champions’ was introduced.

It will be performed by singer and songwriter Jane Mary IHIMS.

The competition, which comprises 16 teams, will be held in the cities of Yaounde, Douala, Buea and Limbe.

The draw will take place in Yaounde on Monday, February 17.

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  1. LRC can’t make AFCON 2021. They should swallow their pride and hand it over to Egypt, Morocco or Algeria.

    Such a disgraceful thieving nation only knows how to sign insurmountable loans to invest in the Mvog-Meuka private airport and pineapple plantations. Some is squandered by the Etoudi Harlot and her spoiled offspring in hiring Musicians right into the palace to toast them around like adult shop toys. The rest is used to bribe the UNSC and American lobbyists to overlook a genocide.

    I don’t know how Foncha and Muna got Ambaland into this dirty mess of embezzling corrupt despots spinning their way into insanity and calling it progress.

  2. Cameroon hosted in 1972. Ahidjo had 3 stadiums. It has taken forty eight (48) years and thirty eight (38) under Biya’s corrupt regime and the country is yet to be ready.
    Biyas subservient supporters most of whom are as inarticulate as Atanga Nji and Mbile would disagree not out of conviction but the necessity to maintain appointed positions of bribery and corruption. Others are just so narrow-minded and not capable of deciphering self-hate, a delusion that is beyond measure.

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