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Do Not Reignite Nigeria-Cameroon Frosty Historical Issues, Shehu Sani Tells APC

CHANNELS TELEVISION | Senator Shehu Sani has called on the All Progressives Congress to avoid reigniting ‘historical issues’ between Nigeria and Cameroon in its legal tussle with the Presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, over the outcome of the 2019 presidential election.

Senator Sani made the call in a tweet on Saturday in reaction to a motion the APC filed before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal a day earlier, claiming that Atiku is not a Nigerian and, therefore, not qualified to have stood for the election.

He said, “Be cautious in your politics not to reignite Nigeria Cameroun frosty historical issues so that they don’t renew claims to the old Sardauna province and then we will end up losing a portion of our northern territory like the Bakassi.”

The APC claimed in its motion that Atiku is a Cameroonian and not a Nigerian citizen and his petition against President Muhammadu Buhari, its candidate in the poll, should be dismissed for lacking merit.

The motion was in response to the petition of Atiku and the PDP, challenging the declaration of Buhari winner of the presidential election and asking the Tribunal to declare him as the lawful winner of the poll.

Atiku has dismissed the claim about his citizenship as ‘ridiculous’, and accused the APC of attempting “an unconstitutional redefinition of the term ‘Nigerian’”

A statement by his media adviser, Paul Ibe, quoted the former Vice President as saying, “The position of the APC is so pedestrian and shows such straw clutching desperation on their part, that I shall not dignify it with an answer. Our lawyers would, of course, do the needful in court”.

Apart from urging the APC to be cautious, Senator Sani weighed in on the killings in the North, lashing out at leaders of the region.

The lawmakers said the leaders were vociferous when such killings took place under the previous administration, but have become calm as lambs in the face of the recent challenges.

“When killings in the north happened under the last administration, political and religious leaders from the north behaved like Tigers in putting pressure on the Government to act; Under this administration, they are as ‘fierce’ as a lamb,” Sani said.

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  1. He has to belong to the right place , if he is from cameroun let he go back

    • In other words, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others right? Why give someone a Nigerian citizenship with limitations not of his own making? These African generals turn preselects and democratic power has hardly ever been mutually exclusive.

  2. Go to where? A country led and peopled by several lunatics?
    If only Amba was up and doing, perhaps.

    • @Epée Dipanda

      You need to close your dirty mouth terrorist . Small war past you now you re using odeshi kikikikik , even odeshi doesn’t work , now you re kidnapping civilians.

      Ayaba Cho lucas is doing a great job kikikikikikikikiki.

  3. SANS SALAIRES, les militaires de la republique
    du Cameroun pillent des maisons, v-i-o-l-e-n-t,
    incendient des villages, tuent tous les animaux,
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    ghost towns pour SABOTER la Revolution de L’AMBAZONIE.
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    à se retourner contre Les VAILLANTS AMBAZONIENS, combattants de la LIBERTE.

    Tous les JOURS , la milice tribale tue, assassine, massacre, détruit, et pille l’AMBAZONIE.


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  4. This is actually factual.
    We should reclaim that part of Kamerun

  5. Why not also take equatorial guinea, Chad, Congo, gabon and central African republic?
    A m b a must leave

  6. IPOB and Ambazonians, have good points. History, should not be thrown away
    just like that. Taraba state, you are sleeping over a sensitive issue and you have
    made yourselves slaves for no good reasons. Wake up lads.
    Not late, to revisit history.

  7. Really, Nigeria and Cameroon, have some or many frosty historical issues. Oh, i see,
    this is why the Hon Sessekou Ayuk Tabe had to be traded with LRC.

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