Equatorial Guinea Halts Construction of Cameroon Border Wall

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA – Equatorial Guinea has agreed to pause the construction of a controversial border wall with Cameroon after talks between the two countries’ defense ministers in Yaoundé. The two sides also agreed once again to withdraw troops from their disputed border after deadly clashes left at least seven people dead. An agreement earlier this month to withdraw forces failed to hold and some border traders are skeptical of this latest pact.

After a second day of closed-door meetings in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea’s Defense Minister Leandro Bekale Nkogo said the two sides agreed to set aside their differences.

Nkogo on Tuesday announced Equatorial Guinea would pause construction of its controversial border wall, which Cameroon’s government says violates its territory.

He says troops from the two countries that have been deployed to the border will return to their barracks and only come out to protect their civilians in times of crisis. Nkogo says Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea will henceforth jointly combat their common enemies, who are poachers, pirates resurfacing in the Gulf of Guinea, and armed groups attacking and looting civilians in both countries.

Nkogo said as neighbors, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea need each other for their security and development.

Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema ordered the border wall be built in 2019 to stop Cameroonians and West Africans from illegally entering the country.

Cameroon deployed its army to stop what it called an intrusion of border markers, leading to armed conflicts and casualties.

An agreement earlier this month to pull back troops, and jointly demarcate the border, apparently failed.

Cameroon says at least seven of its civilians were killed in border clashes that followed in the southwestern town of Kye-Ossi.

But Cameroon’s Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo on Tuesday said both sides were firm in seeking an end the border tensions.

He says the wish of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya is to see Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea become the true brotherly and friendly nations that they were at the dawn of independence. He says both countries have sociological, cultural and geographic relations that should encourage the people of the two states to live in peace and harmony.

Despite the agreements Monday, not all traders along the border were convinced that the skirmishes will end.

40-year-old Cameroonian merchant Angelica Amende, who buys wine from Equatorial Guinea to sell back home, doubts the border dispute can soon be resolved.

She says she does not think there is a political will to solve the crisis on Cameroon’s border with Equatorial Guinea. She says it is not the first-time high-profile delegations have met on the instructions of the two heads of state and the border crisis is yet to end.

Equatorial Guinea has often accused Cameroon of not doing enough to stop its citizens and other West Africans from crossing the border illegally.

In 2017, Equatorial Guinea sealed its border with Cameroon for six months after authorities on both sides arrested heavily armed foreigners and accused them plotting to overthrow Obiang.

The two countries’ leaders are Africa’s longest-serving presidents. Obiang has ruled Equatorial Guinea since 1979, while Biya has ruled Cameroon since 1982.

Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in 2017 joined four other states in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) in agreeing to lift visa requirements.

Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon, and the Republic of Congo have since accused Equatorial Guinea of dragging its feet on allowing the free movement of people and goods.

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  1. EG will surely regret for suspending the building of the wall.


    because LRC is evil and does not respect agreements.
    LRC will one day try to annex EG. LRC believes that she is the successor of German Kamerun and therefore has the right to annex any territory that was once part of German Kamerun.

    • I suspect you missed or skipped your history lessons.
      When has EQ been part of German Kamerun?
      On the other side, EQ and the southern part of Cameroun are inhabited by the same people and shall be reunited somehow.
      The Ekang federation shall be.

      • Leave EG out, trying to reap fruits that were never sown is nothing but dishonesty that Etoudi thugs have inculcated in the heads of those who think that they have the right to live well simply coz one of theirs in at the helm. What a lame philosophy!

        Besides, Obiang has clearly and ceaselessly made it clear to all CMRs, you better go and fix your country just like I fixed mine.

        Go to EG and claim that fake relationship…Obiang is going to beat the s### out of your entrails…CROOK…

        • You are the CROOK.
          As a grass-fielder you have no take in this.
          You mind your grassfield business.
          We are incompatible with you like it or not.
          Cameroon is an European invention and we the Ekangs are going to ask for a federation at a minimum.


        • Stop claiming that forced relationship to Obiang, he doesn’t know you , let alone want to see you near his country. Stop transforming your own country into hell for your own self.

          If Obiang were preaching Grassfield and Ekang lunacy, EG would have never developed.

          People are there eating soaked and fermented cassava, chopped into cubes, 24/7. No water, roads, hospitals, electricity…they can easily spend days without seeing a foreigner in their village—no roads.

          And you come talking s### abt Grassfield and Ekang…why wouldn’t you just fry that Ekang and eat, to show your fake love?…

      • Mbappe, shut up!!! Lunatic. Nincompoop. Real empty head.

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Rwanda are among 15 countries named by the European Union whose citizens are deemed “safe” to be let in from 1 July.

      Of course, the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can NEVER EVER,I repeat NEVER EVER appear on such a list. She knows only to use COVID-19 as an excuse to borrow money and to ask the citizens to contribute money.
      Thank GOD, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE and UNSTOPPABLE war will rescue Southern Cameroonians from that country ruled by a crime syndicate.

      • As far as the Ekangs people are concernent, you guys in the NW region can secede.
        We do not care.
        All we want is the Federation of the Ekang people.

        • you mean the baboons of tropical Africa bringing nothing but democratic disgrace, dictatorship and thievery to the black race @Mbappe? look at poor Malawi a country once named Nyassaland (barren land) by the British because they assumed she had no resources. Today, they are miles ahead of you baboons even though you have always been cuddled and pampered by the same Britain and France in turn to secure the loot. The tremendous brains in Malawi; from the General who used the army to defend the constitution against the incumbent president, the lead lawyer who refused to step in as Attorney General citing conflict of interest to the president who stood his ground to win fairly is your nightmare. Look at Clement Atangana, Ze Meka or Biya the Thief and compare them to them heroes. Ekang disgrace

        • @dot
          No need to call names as you noticed I do not go to that level.
          Argument versus argument
          Like I said the ekang People’s are not compatibles with grassfielders.
          We need separation or at a minimum a federation where each socio group will be in their geographical area.
          We are really not the same people and the ekang are even more comfortable with Congolese that grassfielders.
          As for your Malawi crap, I have no take it that.
          We ekang will be fine without grassfielders

        • You will one day be shocked to discover that some of us are more Ekang than you fake…yes fake…there are no authentic folks in CMR, be it Grassfield or Ekang that preach hell to its own people and/or neighbours.

          Our chiefs, in old times, Fons, Lamidos, Sultans or Mvogs, visited each other, and talked in terms of peace and love.

          All these modern inventions like Bami/Ekang power are inventions by crooks like you, aimed at truncating the identities of folks for your own selfish gains.

          Why do Ekang girls overwhelmingly have Grassfielders as husbands? They have refused to abide by your Ekang lies. If I were presi, I’ll allocate funds for mixed couples, and children bearing names other than those of their parents’ villages will have scholarships.

          Only so can crooks be kept at bay…

        • @Zam-Zam
          You can scream all you want or even invent history, the facts remain,grassfielders are not our brothers. You are closer to igbos. We are bantous while you are not.
          Our chiefs were ne et in contact with yours before the white man showed up. You guys were confined in mountains in a small land and our people were conquerers as you can see by the land mass we occupy. Please do not attempt to make us brothers we are not.
          As for you lies about ekang girls marrying bamis of course they are beautiful are for a ami to have one is a big achievement by itself. Ekang m’en do not even look at grassfielders girls.
          We are incompatible and please do not force that union on us …. WE ARE NOT BROTHERS.
          Ours are in EQ, Gabon, São Tomé and Congo … to look for brothers in Nigeria

        • So you think Obiang can accommodate you? Why is he then building a wall?

          Keep on claiming more relationships, don’t sweep your own veranda.

          The new CMR will be a mixed one, ethno-fascists will have no option but to quit our country and seek new forced relationships elsewhere.

          I know you are angry coz I mentioned that Ekang girls go in for Grassfielders. That’s the new CMR, mixed.

          Be preparing for your exit from CMR to your newly claimed homes, outside of CMR of course, or to wherever…

        • Obiang is building a wall because of grassfielders dwellers … emigrating and sowing banditry and sorrow with you wicked way a living across the border … before your ilks showed up in that area, brothers in both countries lived in harmony … you are the cause …
          There is no secret grassfielders are murderers…
          digging up corpses for money … ishh sleeping with your mothers etc …
          You guys are a disgrace

        • You, Mpappe, are a disgrace to noble Ekang people who have refused to embrace ethno-fascism…digging graves for ritual crimes of course…and who needs those rituals the more? Are they not the Etoudi thugs you are defending under the guise of a fake Ekang love?

          Many years ago you never used that word Ekang here on this forum, why is it only now that you have suddenly discovered it? Answer is very simple, you want to mask ur ethno-fascism by making it look as if patriots are at war against Ekang. Tu mens, messieur…patriots are at war against Etoudi, and if your close ones are at Etoudi, that is your prob..when the time comes, the tribes of those at Etoudi will be irrelevant…pay time would not be selective.

          You will be buried by Eskimos, ethno-fascist…

    • You confuse Cameroon with certain countries like Israel

elit. ultricies ipsum non leo. Phasellus Donec