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Equatorial Guinea military plane crashes in Cameroonian waters

APAnews | A cargo plane carrying seven people belonging to the Equatoguinean army crashed in Cameroonian waters on Tuesday morning, concurrent sources at the military headquarters in Yaoundé have told APA.

The plane, which went down near the town of Campo, some 300 km from Yaoundé, had left Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea for the country’s economic hub, Bata.

A statement from the Cameroonian army headquarters, seen by APA, has requested that the information be widely disseminated.

The army said it would prepare to dispatch a patrol boat to the scene for a possible rescue operation.

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  1. Let’s hope it wasn’t ferrying weapons to the larepublique government to maim our people and orphan our children.
    They must be minded of our long suffering ways. Also must they, be reminded of the memory that we have. We will not forget our friends . We will not forget our enemies either. Both must receive their just reward.

  2. illegal arms biya is bringing from equatorial guinea but we are watching and will keep taking them down iff you try again

  3. We will be fed with lies very soon.

  4. Guinea , une 2éme république bulu .

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