Eto’o announces plans to run for Cameroon FA presidency

Soccer24 | Former Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o has announced his candidacy for the for the presidency of Cameroon football federation (Fecafoot).

The ex-Barcelona and Inter Milan star announced the news to run for the top office on his social media pages on Tuesday evening.

The 40-year said the decision was “out of love for Cameroon and passion for our football.”

The delayed Fecafoot elections are expected to take place on 11 December, with the Africa Cup of Nations set to start in Cameroon on 9 January.

Other candidates have until 11 October to declare their intention to run.

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  1. Did paliarment change the law on dual nationality. Thought this dude also has a spanish nationality. Any way good luck after all you are pool’s protege and if I am not mistaken was indifferent to the struggle in NOSO.

  2. Without any bias against Eto’o, I do not see him being a better leader for FECAFOOT. His days as captain for the Indomitable Lions were disastrous as the entire world saw a chaotic team full of intrigues and in fighting.

  3. In Cameroon, skills and experience do not count as conditions to merit trust and promotion, belonging to the “upper class” is what matters. Therefore, George Orwell’s Animal Farm – ” all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” is inarguably very much alive in its fabric. God fathers and fair weather friends will throw their weight behind him in exchange for ceaseless flow of palm wine. The hungry preys are ready to be fed, ready to give up their power to vote for the truth, power to make a positive contribution towards a changed and cleansed nation in which the beautiful once are yet to be born.

    • @Prutus, life is not fair else road runner would have caught coyote by now. Eto’o will make a better president of FECAFOOT. Where is Zam Zam?

      • @Joop, it’s a fair prediction. Time will tell. In 1982 when Biya took over power from Ahidjo, most people were certain life would change for the better. Just one of many examples. Wondering how different he is from current systems where babies can drive trucks given their strong ties to the powers that matter.