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Fon of Nso Sehm Mbinglo released after detainment

Devdiscourse | The Fon of Nso, His Royal Highness Sehm Mbinglo was returned to his palace on December 2 after spending hours in captivity, as reported by Journal du Cameroun.

Sources said he was abducted from his palace on December 1 alongside six of his notables by gunmen who took them to an unidentified location.

The situation provoked heavy gunshots in Kumbo throughout Saturday evening as the situation provoked anger amongst the villagers who requested the immediate release of their Fon.

After several push and negotiations from sons and daughters of the Nso clan, the Fon was finally released early on December 2 as he was received by a crowd of his people at the village square.

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  1. Why release him?

    Hope villagers are now understanding that they have to denounce Amba boys, or face the wrath of banga-effects…

    • With your passing smelly mouth always claiming to know everything. Small protest march for Germany you no fit sacrifice 2 hour for your factory work show the world say you want change. You know nothing about this CPDM douchebag wey yi don d burry virgins. One of these days yi go go no come back. Keep your Beti advise for your thief country people. Bastard. Ambaland shall be free come rain sunshine.

      • Ifi man differ daso for one inch from wuna mov’t na CPDM man—how wuna go really do when wuna opposition go use the same tactic against wuna FB republic?

        Why wuna release yi?

        Anyway, Anglo population dem di now understand wehti some visionaries bin be di tok against false prophets, wey dem sabi more about signing oil deals for on top nkuntah road for London than for preach true tok.

        Some warm sun dem so…

        • Yes, biya/cpdm are responsible for all what is happening in that country. And until they are flushed out completely, only then can that country be on a good footing.

      • Les Chiens aboient la caravane passe! BIR go gari wuna all.

    • if dem no release yi,weti you go do,is he the first to have been taken,i dont know your stand,i only guess you are not a true southern cameroonian,tainted blood

  2. why why release him please kill him water nah water kikikikikikikikkikikikikikiik.

    noooooooooooooooooooooo negotiation with terrorists .

    hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

  3. hey one sided news,you are writing as an individual,govt activities you are,fons are not untouchables these days,if u dine with the devil be ready to follow him.

  4. REALLY? These ambazombies kidnapped the Fon of Nso? The end is nigh! Any Nso man should kindly report these idiots to BIR. These guys are all thieves looking forward to extorting money from any nook and cranny. I am definitely sure “shiv nsai”is going to make these amabazombies a happy meal to maggots. BIR please read my message.PLEASE!

    • HAhahahahha Don’t be stupid. It’s only in Cameroon where you make noise and don’t keep acount. The rumours you were running your mouth here was, after elections Biya will wipe out Southern Cameroons. Now you changing the talk to disarming and re-intergrating hahaha. You can jump, run, cry and do all you want but this time around the anglophone problem will get the solution it deserves (1961 Fed or separation). You can shout from morning till evening about one and indivisible and say no to dialogue. As for the fon of Nso, the institution is definitely respected but the occupant (greedy thug and land grabber) has no respect expect from his CPDM surrogates. Idiot succeeded to bring division in Nso with his langa.

  5. All the fons and chiefs, are traitors of the very people, they are supposedly there to
    protect. They have failed in their duties and made that institution worthless.
    Elsewhere, the institution has no place. Time to scrap it.
    They are all cpdm puppets, especially as biya had put them on his payroll.

  6. Cameroonians should be reasonable! In the past the traditional ruler was a custodian of the values of the people and he depended on them for socioeconomic sustenance. Then came modernization and schooling and public service employment with rural exodus eroding the support base of the traditional ruler. Serendipitously the president came calling, socializing, receiving traditional titles (remember Fon of Fons?). Invariably the thin line between elective office and hereditary one became blurred, not before traditional rulers were placed on the payroll. The rest is history, n’est-ce pas????????

    • In all fairness to the people, an honest fon ought to choose where to belong – on government payroll or in the palace and its trappings.