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England vs Cameroon: Fifa unable to confirm Phil Neville’s ‘fighting’ claim at Women’s World Cup tie

The Independent | Fifa has been unable to verify Phil Neville’s claim that ‘fighting’ broke out at England’s ill-tempered Women’s World Cup tie, but confirmed there were “verbal exchanges” between Cameroon fans and stewards.

World football’s governing body said that a group of Cameroon fans switching seats at the Stade du Hainaut led to stewards moving other ticket holders to the stadium’s hospitality area.

However, in a statement released on Sunday night, a Fifa spokesperson added they had received no details regarding any physical confrontations in Valenciennes.

“The post-match debrief highlighted that a number of Cameroon fans had moved to the seats behind the team benches during the match in order to create a ‘fan block’,” the statement read.

“This required management by stadium stewards who, in the interests of all spectators, moved other ticket holders into hospitality seating. Although there was some verbal exchange between Cameroon supporters and stewards, there has been no report of any physical confrontation.”

England progressed to the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup with a 3-0 victory on Sunday, but only after Cameroon’s anger at two VAR referrals had threatened to boil over.

A decision to allow Ellen White’s goal on the stroke of half time led to protests from the Cameroon players, who delayed the restart of play in order to argue their case.

There was further fury at the start of the second half when Ajara Nchout saw a goal correctly ruled out for a marginal offside.

Neville heavily criticised Cameroon’s conduct in his post-match interviews, describing himself as “completely and utterly ashamed of the opposition”.

The England head coach then claimed to have witnessed ‘fighting’ in the Stade du Hainaut’s VIP area, as well as at the hotel which the two teams shared in Valenciennes.

“We’ve seen Cameroon people fighting in the VIP area. We’ve seen Cameroon people fighting in our hotel,” he said. “I’d say to the Cameroon people: ‘Get your ship in order’.”

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  1. we normally define a team as a group of individuals working together to achieve their goal..A football team is a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.. Can we really call that group of arrogant, poor behaved , chaotic and disrespectful girls from Cameroon a football team..?
    So we really think they could beat England?..
    Now we start talking of money , power and racism..A typical weak man weapon when he cant compete..
    The Referee might have made some mistakes but there was just no way cameroon could have had a draw against England ..Look at the first goal England had- an experience player and goal keeper will never make such a mistake..
    We always blame others for our failure..Never want to learn and correct our primitive poor behaviors and lack of discipline…

    • Get lost ignoramus.
      Ambazonia will never exist except in your dreams.
      Fawk yourself

  2. To all of you foolish Ambazonians. I watched the match with a group of African Canadians and Jamaicans and every one of them was happy with the behavior of our ladies. They said it was about time Africans start fighting back and show their bravery. They even wanted the ladies to walk out of the game. You Ambazonia buffoons are still waiting for your white British queen to liberate you. It will never ever happen. Cameroon will always be one and indivisible.

    • Exactly. At one point I really wish the girls to walk out of the game. Just to make a point.
      The hole game was so unfair. The referee was a yellow racist monkey, a disgrace.

  3. Lets stop to reduce everything on racism..That team will never beat England…Lets learn to work hard, keep our house clean, do our home work and we will see the results..England is investing much money to build a female league..Having sponsors and just doing what it takes to build a good team..Our girls are poorly prepared, coupled with the fact that they behave poorly, are rude and not well cultured..The Referee might have made some mistakes but these are not mistakes that could have changed the results to cameroons favour..
    We give France everything, are slaves to them, adore them but complain of racism when we want to be slaves..I dont get this complain at all. To suceed you need to work hard- We are not good enough for such a tournament- lets be real and stop complaining all the time.

    • That’s what the white man has made you to think. I am talking about watching a match with brave African Americans and Jamaicans who are not afraid of white people and don’t think they are superior to blacks and you are coming here with your colonial mentality.

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