Kumba holds vigil for children killed in school attack [+video]

FRANCE 24 | In tonight’s edition: Four days after the school shooting in Kumba, in southwest Cameroon, traumatized locals remember the seven young lives lost.

Authorities blame English speaking separatists for the bloodshed. Also, opposition parties in Tanzania accuse police of shooting at least nine people ahead of Wednesday’s poll. And Ivory Coast struggles to find a path to reconciliation after the 2010-2011 post electoral crisis. We bring you our special reports from our correspondents on the ground.

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  1. You are crying, because you refused to listen to the truth. This is war time, don`t send
    kids to harm`s` way and don`t go to the wrong places at odds times. The loser, is you
    and not y`de or Ambazonia. I know it will happen again like before because of stubborness.

  2. What do those in the diaspora supporting this movement have to say?

    • What can those occultist cloned Anglo-Saxons say, Ni?

      Does a mad man measure the gravity of his actions?…

  3. Paul Nilong, Sako Ikome, Cho Ayaba, Chris Anu Ebenezer Akwanga, Tapang Ivo Tanku, Mark Bareta, Eric Tataw, Boh Herbert and all the cultists, this sacrifice to your odeshi gods will backfire on your cowardly selves.

    The ghosts of the children in Kumba, Diane in Kosala, the 30 something boys wiped out by chacha, munyenge, guzang and the mttb, war draft, ttbt, dxyz funds you have chopped go tight for wuna langa neck dem.

    Time di come, da blood go show wuna something.

    • Some of dem DEVILS dan di deny Yesus Christi jes non liké Pierre Petro, ana wey man pickin fawol nova even crow sef.

      Dem bin be di mimba sey débblé (Satan) dem go see njoh money then waste dem time for di fight for Anglos?

      Na so plenty mallam (contributors for Boko at first) dem bin know who be true-true Boko daso for time wey Boko chakara poh-poh church for mallam dem—mbut dem bin be di mimba sey Shekau di ntohmoh na for dem.

      Shekau bin surely di tok for inside yi heart sey “see me da éschimbi dem”…

  4. @Zam-Zam All this noise u are making here will not change the subject…U people will not escape this time around..U can called the diaspora,all the names in this world but this crisis must have a lasting solution.Biya thinks he will play for time again and leave this crisis without negotiating…..

    • Kongosa,

      you don finish drink that blood for kumba? welcome back oh!

      We don tell wuna cult say dis palava na between wuna snwl carbon copy anglo-saxons and equatorial gaulist dem for etudi. wuna leave innocent woman, pa, mami and pikin dia blood alone oh.

      How much you chop for MTTB or na War Draft or na County by County?

      when chinese go lay hands on Ndong Emmanuel aka Capo Daniel for that amour mezam matter we go see weti e go do.

      German gov’t go send Paul Nilong back for yamande…wait and see


    • Kongosa,

      wuna mov’t dan use dem own hand losis market….follow CMR television stations. Anglos dem di curse wuna mov’t now without hiding like b4.

      Population for NW/SW di gather wa kuraj wey we di gee dem free of charge for chapear wuna foot. At last population dan understand wehti we bin be di tell dem 4 yrs ago—no matter how long night go be, san time go musto cam.

      We dan advice population for no di call BIR liké b4 when dem encircle Amba boys—fungeh.

      Time for di beg-beg, pay tax, gee chop…dan pass…

      • Shame is useful Zam-Zam. It helps us to avoid making a fool of ourselves. To know if Anglophones have vomited the struggle, you may visit what our women told Okalia Bilai as they mourned the Kumba dead, the colonial governor.

        It spoke volumes.

        • Epee,

          How dare you call those brave women “yours”! It is no surprise that your cult views women as theirs to own! In the 21st century too!

          It is no surprise you did what you did to Diane and Florence Ayafor. You go around burying grand mothers blaming them for “tying” your odeshi and you have the balls to call those Cameroonian women yours!

          Abeg, go find heineken or blood for pikin dem drink…Cameroonians will solve their problems in time.
          Stay on facebook, you cultist!

        • Epée,

          which women? Those you pound with pestles?

          Bunch of brutes, primates.

          You are leaving in a wishful ball! Anglos are vomiting you DEVILS, every second.

          The Franco-hate tactic you fabricated to lure Anglos on your side is now clear to all Anglos who’ve relocated to Y’dé and D’la that it was a blatant invention. For, Francos like Anglos are both victims of a system led by you grafted tropical Saxons and Gaulists DEVILS. While your Gaulist forebears deceived Francos that they were superior to Anglos, Saxon ones made sure they tag Anglos as inferior b4 involuntarily leaving SC.

          Here we’are today, Amba mov’t/Etoudi, their grand sons, are making sure they perpetuate such fallacies.

          We’ll send you back to your forebears at Élysée and Buckingham P.

          HATERS of AFRICA…

        • —wishful thought ball—

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