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Levée du couvre-feu dans le Nord-ouest du Cameroun

APAnews | Le couvre-feu, instauré, depuis le 28 novembre 2018 dans la région anglophone camerounaise du Nord-ouest, en proie à un violent conflit sécessionniste, a été levé par un arrêté signé vendredi par le gouverneur, Adolphe Lele Lafrique, et dont APA a reçu copie samedi.

Les restrictions qui allaient de 18h du soir à 6h du matin, concernaient les mouvements de personnes et de biens, de même que la mobilité des véhicules et engins à deux roues, à l’intérieur de la circonscription et en provenance des localités voisines.

En février et en novembre 2017, les populations du Nord-Ouest avaient déjà été soumises à de pareilles limitations de mouvements, suite à de multiples actes criminels attribués aux mouvements sécessionnistes.

La levée du couvre-feu par Adolphe Lele Lafrique intervient alors que la violence, loin de retomber sur le front de la crise sécessionniste, semble avoir pris la forme d’une guérilla à multiples facettes.

On déplore, notamment, des attaques à répétition des séparatistes contre des soldats et de multiples exactions que des ONG de défense des droits de l’homme attribuent aux forces de défense et de sécurité.

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  1. The gov`t of Biya, is not willing to end the war, until it kills all the youths, because they
    dare challenge Biya and cpdm. They will continue killing and destroying none stop, untill
    the plan to subject the people of SC, into submission.
    The curfew, truck loads of food items and some building materials, are not the solution
    to the end of the war.
    The people, are not understanding the handy plan of the rogue regime. They are still in
    the habit of hoping and hoping to no awail.
    For a meaningful end to even start coming, the outside pressure, should be intensified.
    It is regretable, that those affected ie. NoSo, have not seen the need, to finally come
    together and act like one man. And so, the end result will be regrets, regrets and regrets.
    The recent treatment of Fru Ndi, tells it all.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Joshua, war don pass you? We are waiting for you in Cameroon. We go show wuna pepper!

      We will not stop killing the illiterate terrorists!

      All terrorists have been given the opportunity to drop their weapons and seek amnesty. Any ambafool terrorist who does not drop their weapon will be hunted down and killed. This process will continue until the ambafool terrorists are completely eradicated from earth even if it take 1000 years!

      I support the killing of all ambafool terrorists who refuse to drop their weapons and seek amnesty.
      Nyamfukah! Now that you have lost the war terrorist Joshua is concerned that the illiterate youth he manipulated to pick up dane guns against the government are being killed like flies and left in the forest to be eaten by wild animals.

      • Terrorist KUMKUM madness

        Shut up, you bloody terrorist! Such an asshole and numbskull. Idiot!! Pinhead.
        Biya-the-terrorist and his followers like you this infidel destroyed the country, dickhead. Shut up, shut your mouth. Bloody, insane mischief of little intelligence. Such a shallow life. Shut up!

  2. Dipanda mouelle

    a fool thinks we will give up.
    Amba will be free

  3. Ha ha ha, a bomb just blew up LRC terrorist policemen who were en route to go and start breaking into houses. The use of roadside bombs will change the dynamics of this war. It first happened in Lebialem County, and in Bafut, now in Manyu. The technology is spreading and there shall be a time that LRC soldiers will not know what can happen to their convoy within the twinkle of an eye.

    Please, restoration forces, target Atanga Nji’s convoy of buses carrying poisoned goods to be used to kill Ambazonians in the name of humanitarian aid.

    Blast those buses with no mercy.

  4. Atanga Nji, is another Fru Ndi, who is being used to kill his own people. Yang Philemon
    and Dion Ngute, are not left out. Selfish politics at its best.

  5. Amba shall be free against all odds

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