Massacre au Cameroun: l’ONU réclame une enquête indépendante et impartiale

RFI | L’ONU réclame aux autorités camerounaises une enquête « indépendante, impartiale et complète » après le massacre dans lequel plus de vingt personnes ont été tuées dans la partie anglophone du pays.

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  1. The corrupt UN, makes me laugh in the mist of sadness. What, follows after that,
    like we have seen before?

    • You cannot condemn this massacre without condemning the 24 Sako and Anu ordered to be killed by Chacha in Bui. That will be a ridiculous hypocrisy. All genocide enablers ; Biya, Sako, Anu, Elvis Virjikov, Nkonda Titus, ZamZam, and the nurse in the UK shall be forced to stand trial.

      • Biya who carried his corruption from cameroon to the UN, should face
        it. When he declared war on TV, he stood there alone.

      • @ Enemy
        Sure he can!!!! No law makes a prior condemnation a prerequisite for this one. What is important is that as a citizen, he sees a wrong thing and points it out.

  2. Always the same story from the big powers an the UN : negotiations or dialogue, both sides should refrain from violence. Why can’ t the UN not intervene given all the documentations? MAN IS BORN WICKED and some PEOPLE ARE MORE human than others

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