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Nigeria: Des opérations contre les sécessionnistes camerounais

Africtelegraph | L’armée nigériane a lancé des opérations militaires afin de bloquer les approvisionnements des armes destinées aux sécessionnistes du Cameroun.

Le gouvernement fédéral du Nigeria a lancé une opération militaire dans l’Etat du Cross River frontalier à la région du Sud Ouest du Cameroun le 23 octobre. Il est question de bloquer le trafic des armes et le recrutement des mercenaires par les séparatistes camerounais.

Bien plus, il est question dans cette opération d’empêcher les séparatistes camerounais de recruter les mercenaires Nigéria afin de venir combattre à leurs côtés.Ainsi, plusieurs routes terrestres sont déjà identifiées par l’armée nigériane. C’est par ces routes que passent l’essentielle des armes destinées aux séparatistes.

Pour cette opération, environ 1000 soldats nigérians vont construire dans le cadre de cette opération des bases militaire et d’observation le long de ces routes pour garantir de manière permanente la sécurité.

De plus, l’armée va sensibiliser les populations notamment les jeunes afin de ne pas se faire enrôler par les terroristes ambazonien. Car ces derniers sont responsables de nombreuses exactions dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun.

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  1. Way overdue and about time

    • Dull thing. Foolish Bulu Pygmy Chimpanzee Cross. With your flat big black nose. We will kill you thief monkeys in Ambazonia until you all leave.

  2. Propaganda piece from CameroUn. Have you written about the warant on Claude Meka s head

  3. Is Nigeria a partner you can count on?
    Have a look at the cameroon -Nigerian boarder..Big, long and with holes to penetrate ..
    Who is so foolish to believe in this article?..

    Its but normal that Nigerians at the boarder will support more southern cameroonians as the wild , brutal, untrained proimitive troops of the Thief Election government of Biya..
    Africa is complex and has its own dynamic..
    Dont forget the boarders were drawn by Europeans and most of the time families were separated..

    Biya and his Gangs need to learn to take responsibility..
    Why is the problem is AMBAZONIA?
    Who caused it?
    How can we solve it?..
    Why are the people willing to seperate ?.
    I think if cameroonians are honest, they know why..
    You can hold a people by force in a fake union.
    Its time to talk Now..

  4. The sick Nigeria, can never be a good neighbor.

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    GOD will punish you ” ambasonia” .

    Terrorists and Traitors dont have place in lrc , just beheaded them .

  6. Scores of ‘mercenaries’ from Nigeria have met their fate in the Southwest, but especially in the Northwest regions of Cameroon. Meanwhile, we have some misguided elements in Nigeria that are agitating about overrunning Cameroon militarily with the delusion of seizing Bakassi by force! We simply say to them, there is no mercy for any Nigerian caught fomenting trouble in Cameroon. The Bakassi verdict is irreversible… Cameroon has lost huge territory already to Nigeria in what is known today as Taraba state and Adamawa state. Thus, if those folks are so concerned about the ‘Nigerians’ in Bakassi, Nigeria must implement the GTA and resettle the people as it was agreed upon.

  7. Nothing will stop the freedom of Ambaland

  8. Shaka Boom Shaka Boom Shaka Boom Shaka Boom Shaka Boom Shaka Boom “ambasonia”

  9. you are the terrorists not ambazonian fighters, you People will cry and lament in that land, it is our Terrain, there are still more than 1000 other ways to supply weapons to our Boys, not you nor the illitrate nigerian leader buhari can stop us. fools

  10. Buhari would lose the election. I can’t believe he is siding with that octogenarian to distabilize Amba plans