Nigerian “Ibom Air” plans routes to the CEMAC region via Libreville and Douala

Business in Cameroon | Ibom Air currently deploys a fleet of five 90-seat Bombardier CRJ900 regional jets,” an article published on Forbes on August 4, informed.

According to the article, the airlines is extending its operations in Nigeria and plans to open routes to the CEMAC region, via Cameroon and Gabon notably, and “maybe up to East Africa eventually.”

“We will start with some of the nearby destinations like Accra [in Ghana], Libreville in Gabon, Douala in Cameroon,” said George Uriesi, Chief Operating Officer of Ibom Air. “We will do that with the CRJs,” he added.

Ibom Air started operations in June 2019 thanks to funding from the government of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria’s largest oil-producing state. Their operations were stopped by the coronavirus pandemic but resumed in July. It then launched one of the two routes it was planning before the coronavirus pandemic, the routes to Calabar namely.

“Calabar became the airline’s fourth scheduled destination last month, joining capital city Abuja, financial hub Lagos, and Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom,” the article informs.

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  1. Crying for my country

    While IBOM AIR, a state/private initiative is being born to get a piece of the booming air-travel business in the Central African region, notably with Cameroon as the main hub, CAMEROON AIRLINES, (I will NEVER call it CAMAIR-CO) is being sold off like an unwanted domesticated animal. What a shame !!

  2. What should be said is that Ibom Air is ANOTHER reason why Cameroon should be a federation so that Anglophones can manage their Air and Shipping lines as the Nigerians are demonstrating.
    Centralised government as in Yaoundé is a disaster

    • ED,

      Now that is a reasonable idea. I am happy you decided not to catch my bait to go fight in Lebialem. Ambazonia is dead.

      Sako, Tako, Tapang, Anu etc are just waiting for their date with Homeland Security. It is coming…

  3. Crying for my country

    @Brothajoe, you have been singing a similar song on this forum for years but the situation is getting from bad to worse back in Cameroon. People like you are the reason why that country is where it is today.

    • Cry for my beloved facebook country,

      I will be singing the same song until your cultists pay the price for the blood in your hands. People like me have nothing to do with you or the regime. People like me want a stronger and unified Cameroon.

      If e hot you abeg go join film marshal for forest. Blood thirsty idiot/coward.

      • FathawisdomDonLie

        We need more Cameroonians like you Brothajoe.As I’ve said to many, the issue is not about so called “Anglphones/Francophones” which a clear lack of identity and acceptance of colonialism victory in our mind. We are from many tribes & ethnics before these whites warmongers greed came in our lands to raped us. The issue we have is clearly working to make every one living our land to have a daily quality life an be able to peoviy for family and future of children. Papa God provided us with enough for all of us inside our soil, on land and human ressources. Are people telling when taking bloody terror campaign that those who are our opponents , are more intelligent than the rest of us? That we are unable to find better strategies to reach our common goals combined with preservation of lives?

  4. Brothajoe and others are what I call spilled milk. We no longer argue with them. We demand immediate action which must be obtained by any means necessary.

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