North-West and South-West – Situation Report No. 40

ReliefWeb | This report is produced by OCHA Cameroon in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It covers the period from 1 to 28 February 2022. The next report will be issued in April 2022.


• The cholera outbreak in the South-West (SW) region continues to spread within the region and in neighbouring regions. Eight health districts are affected in the SW with 1,320 cumulative confirmed cases and 37 deaths as of 28 February.

• Three attacks on healthcare were reported in the North-West (NW) and SW regions. A nurse of a medical NGO was killed and two other medical staff from a local NGO were injured in the NW.
Medical staff were abducted, and cholera samples were destroyed in SW.

• Nine unaccompanied children were reunited with their families, and birth certificates were established for 153 children.

• In three separate incidents, four humanitarian workers were abducted and one of them suffered beatings.


The cholera outbreak in the South-West (SW) region has continued to spread to more health districts, with an increase in positive cases and deaths. Providing a sustainable solution for sanitation and drinking water needs in cholera-affected areas remains the main challenge.

Confrontations between State security forces (SSF) and non-State armed groups (NSAGs) continue to lead to displacement and negatively impact access to basic services and social cohesion. The civilian population continues to be caught in between parties to the crisis. In February, about 752 people fled for fear of violence, with the majority finding refuge in neighboring bushes where access to drinking water, health, food and shelter is limited. On 1 February, the local council in Njenka, Bali, in the Mezam division (NW) was burned down during confrontations between SSFs and NSAGs. On 7 February, a Government school was burnt down by NSAGs in Bokwai village (SW).

Humanitarian access in the North-West and South-West regions has been negatively affected by several very concerning incidents. On 26 February, a nurse from a medical NGO was killed and two other medical staff injured when their car was shot at by a NSAG at a checkpoint at the outskirts of Bamenda town in the NW.

Also, two cases of abduction of humanitarian workers have been reported, on the same day. On 10 February, two enumerators were reportedly abducted by NSAG in Ndop locality, Ngo-Ketunjia division (NW), and one NGO staff was abducted in Buea (SW). The NGO staff member, beaten with sticks, was accused of not having respected a previous lockdown in Buea. On 15 February a health care worker from the Ministry of public health was abducted by a NSAG between Mbonge and Kumba town (SW), while transporting cholera test samples. The testing kits were seized and destroyed, and the health care worker was eventually released two days later.

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