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Over 60 Boko Haram fighters “neutralized” in northern Cameroon

APAnews | Sixty-four elements of the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram have been “neutralized” by the Multinational Joint Force (MJF) during a terrorist attack on the night of June 9 to 10 in the Cameroonian town of Darak (Far North), Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo said in a statement copied to APA on Thursday.

Sixteen soldiers and eight civilians were also killed during the assault around Lake Chad, led by more than 300 heavily armed terrorists, eight of whom were captured. Several others were wounded and managed to flee, while three boats were destroyed, the statement dated Wednesday added.
This is the first major attack of the jihadist movement, on Cameroonian soil for nearly a year, in this border area with Nigeria, formerly the epicenter of all attacks, and which Yaounde had
apparently pacified.

In mid-May, the Cameroonian authorities announced the reopening, after five years of lockdown, of the country’s border with Nigeria at Amchide, located not far from Darak and known to be one of Boko Haram’s targets.

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  1. The remaining Boko Haram militants must surrender weapons to members of the so-called commission on disarmament or else they will also be neutralised by the mighty BIR.

    LRC will never defeat Boko Haram by disseminating ELECAM statistics.

    37 LRC soldiers were neutralised by Boko Haram. However, LRC claimed only 16 were neutralised.
    22 Boko Haram militants were neutralised by LRC soldiers. However, LRC claimed that they neutralised over 60.

    • La Republique is a banana republic that exist by lies telling! And for the record, I hope Boko Haram kills more La Republique thugs to avenge the killing of our people in the NOSO! La Republique and Boko Haram are both terrorist organizations and used the same methods to carry out their scourge earth policy! They can kill each other till hell freezes over!

      • Camer beleiver (Colby)

        @Borat the Coward your terrorists brothers can team up with the Boko Haram group as the latter is more equipped they will be defeated.

  2. La ripoublique is a failed state. All they attempt is a failure before it begins.

    La ripoublique is built on lies and those lies are crumbling it.

    Long live to the brave people of AMBAZONIA.

    Victory is at hand.

    • Self-motivation is no crime!

      Hopefully you’ll not start irritating your own Amba bros with your victory lies.

      Go do your normal copy and paste on cam info if you have nothing to contribute…

      • when you are deceived by your own lies, you are doomed. Keep looping in your lost union of dupes, slaves, criminals, lazy noise makers and genociders.

      • ZZ,

        You get mpeng eh. De kind nkuh wey dis tropical anglosaxons dem di smoke na de kind way even the strongest juju from okuland no fit curam.

        I yah say queen elisa e court knack someone two years for ngata for terrorism. Dem neva see notin yet.

        Cameroon go remain one.

  3. La republic, the banana republic is built on lies and country build on lies never last. Boko Haram damaged camerounese defences and since their minister never tell the truth one reads only the number suffered by the enemy.

  4. Let sleeping dogs lie as their slave masters put it deep into their stacked heads.

    Long live Ambazonia

  5. La ripoublique is a failed country
    La ripoublique is a criminal country
    La ripoublique na dog eating thugs
    La ripoublique is a land of thieves, crooks, liars, bandits and lazy people like you.

    La ripoublique has been completely exposed to the world.


    DRY DEM.

    Amnaland shall prevail against all odds.

  6. we know how these primitive troops operate..
    They will now go burn houses , kill little children and claim these are terrorist..
    You cant win such a war..
    You need a strategy, and they dont have..
    You need Unity, they dont have..
    you need finances , they are broke and keep borrowing from France..
    Its a fake nation , with fake leaders who are thieves and bandits…

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