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Paris Peace Forum: Paul Biya explains the background of the Anglophone crisis

Business in Cameroon | Invited by his French peer, Emmanuel Macron, to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2019 (November 11 to 13), Cameroonian President Paul Biya actively participated in a debate session moderated by Mo Ibrahim on the theme: “Rise of the south: towards a more balanced global governance system.”

“My country is complex. We were first a German colony. After the First World War, Germany lost its colonies, which were shared between Great Britain and France, and my country was divided. Some were under British colonization and others under French colonization. The result has been a juxtaposition of culture and civilization that makes things quite difficult. Well, we have done everything we can to put the two languages, English and French, on an equal footing but, the mindsets, as well as the judicial systems, are different. So, we have had conflicts that are being resolved at the moment to keep the part of my country that was under British colonization under a specific status,” Paul Biya explained.

“We had the possibility of integrating the English speakers [Anglophones] directly into the Francophone system, which was predominantly used by 80% of our people but, I believe that countries are now concerned about affirming their identity and that is why we are setting up a special status that recognizes the specificity of the English-speaking area, but it remains an integral part of Cameroon,” the president added.

Since October 2016, the Anglophone regions (the North-West and South-West) of Cameroon have been going through a violent pro-independent socio-political crisis. According to the European Union (EU), the humanitarian crisis has been worsening, pushing more people into exile. Currently, there are nearly 42,000 Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and 530,000 internally displaced persons.

International Crisis, an NGO, reported nearly 2000 deaths after 20 months of fights between pro-independence extremists and defence forces.

Despite the organization of a national dialogue on this crisis (from 30 September to 4 October 2019 in Yaoundé), the EU expresses its concern and strongly condemns the persistence of violence, against civilians particularly, and the level of insecurity in the North-West and South-West. “Many serious human rights violations continue to be reported and predatory crime has increased,” the European Union council indicated.

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  1. Biya, has not seen real pressure yet, hence his jokes.

  2. Gone are the days of swagger, where a mere nod could bring down a baron of the regime or declare war on the NW/SW. These days it is a fragile, slow-moving naked king, depended on his wife for physical and mental support or on President Macron and his bodyguards to negotiate the short steps that rise to the hall of the peace forum, where a strict Mo Ibrahim plays by the rules, making no room for boring speeches but allowing two minutes for each participant. Charles Ndongo’s god was reduced to human proportions!!!

    How times change!

  3. Biya’s mediocrity was displayed for all to see on the world stage.
    Firstly, he went to a panel discussion with a well-prepared written speech which his allocated 2 mins did not suffice to finish the read-up.
    Secondly, Biya displayed a very poor mastery of the English language- which is one of the official languages of his country. He failed to understand some questions being asked in English and Louise Mushikiwabo had to interpret for him.
    Biya displayed very poor knowledge of Kamerun history by asserting that Kamerun was German and subsequently French and British colonies. That was never the case.
    Biya publicly acknowledged an assimilation scheme of s-cmr in stating that ”We had the possibility of integrating the English speakers [Anglophones] directly into the Francophone system”

  4. WHAT about the possibility of an African language to replace both!? Why is this uption not bieng discussed? Did South Korea and Japan not industrialise and modernise thier economies with Korean and Japanese?

    • You ask this very question for breakfast, lunch and supper, on this site and everywhere else, each passing day, week, month and year. By now the answer should have been obvious, nicht?

      People know how to cut their material according to their size, hang their coats where their hands can reach, etc.

      If the SDF dances the Bafia dance – decides not to go for the legislative and municipal elections one day and then to go the next day, can’t you just gauge how progressive the party is???

      Whenever the choir master intones a song, doesn’t the whole choir sing along? His Excellency Chaud Gar merely showed Mo Ibrahim the “aperitif”!!!

      • You have not awnsered the question.is there anything wrong in using an African language? We know that more Ibrahim is an American instrument. Nothing new with him.

        • You come across like a carpenter whose only took is a hammer and is this forced to see everything as a nail!!! Why the obsession with language out of all the foreign cultural aspects that a people choose to replace the old – cell phones, suits made from fabrics, vehicles, shoes, hairdos, books, pens, pencils, forks, knives, spoons and a whole catalogue of others?

    • @ Bah
      Don’t worry. The BULU language will soon be the national language in Cameroon. We are on a good way.
      If you have notice, everywhere on social media, people can’t write or say anything without using the word “BULU ” Even in this forum.
      That is good. Very good. Change is a process.
      Soon or later, they will all start speaking BULU.

  5. 60 years of a Franco-Francophone agenda of assimilation that has failed ending with the war on Anglophones in Southern Cameroons.
    Fabricating a falsehood Called German Cameroon to deny the apartheid assimilation policies that imposed francophonization on minority Anglophones in the Cameroon confederation of 1961 will not make it true.
    The never again generation of Southern Cameroonians is not listening to revisionist history propaganda from Francophone Yaoundé.
    Apartheid in South Africa lasted 50yrs but black South Africans never accepted that “special status” as their future.
    French Cameroon can choose to unite with Gabon, Togo, Chad, CAR etc to recreate German Kamerun.
    The southern Cameroons is not interested in German Kamerun.
    Who is fooling who? Self rule our mantra!

    • AVEH LUM, why not go for an African language’cutting the umbilical cord of the problem? Is there anything wrong if we use KISWAHILI that is an African language used in many parts of Africa?

      • @Bah
        There is nothing wrong in using an African language. What is wrong is the African himself.
        Kagame has changed the official language in Ruwanda.
        Sankara change the official name of Upper Volta.
        South Africans speak Zulu in parliament as one of the official languages.
        It takes an enlightened and futuristic African leader to believe in the power of a common African language to build a nation.
        That will never happen in la Francophonie because their curriculum is written for them by France and the confusion of assimilation has left many in black Francophonie from Haiti to Cameroon Preferring French Only.
        Nigerians study a native language in school be it Hausa, Yoruba or Ibo, East Africans study Swahili.
        Francophonies study German or Spanish plus French Why?
        Neighbors to France

  6. @BAH ACHO:- what do u call an African Language?..
    Do you know how many languages are spoken in Africa?..
    DO you know that Cameroonians have been thought divide and rule for over 50 yeras?..
    Do you know that cameroonians spent all the years after independence killing each other?..
    DO you know how many killings and Genocides that have taken place in Cameroon as a result of the simple fact that the people speak different languages?..

    Bami, BAssa, BETI-BULUS etc are all enemies being forced in a country they dont believe in.
    We are all BANTU but Biya has suceeded to put us apart..
    I personally dont want to speak BULU-BETI language..It reminds me of being lazy, dancing all the time, stealing, being a FEH MAN , drinking or doing prostitution…

    May be SWAHILI- or LINGALA for all???

  7. those rulling this country are so sick..
    The old despot on diapers..The lazy BET-BULU man goes to France and talk and peace..At home he doesnt talk to his people..he is either on diapers, or drunk..He cant even walk, he sleeps all the time, has a weak brain but is the president of a country with over 70% of a youthful population..

    He tallks of peace in France while his brutal troops are raping, killing and burning houses of poor southern cameroonians..
    He cant talk to his people, has no plan and no strategy but is quick to fly to France and smile infront of a white man..
    They say Cameroon is a bilingual country, but the old despot cant speak English..He is so old, and outdated but dont want to give power..
    Brain, legs are all death..He is just a clown to cameroon.


    1. German Kamerun did not belong to LRC; it belonged to the Germans.
    2. LRC did not exist during the period of German Kamerun!
    3. LRC did not inherit the territory of German Kamerun; it inherited the territory of French Cameroons.
    4. The boundaries of German Kamerun were carved out by the same powers that carved out the boundaries of La Republique du Cameroun and those of the British Southern Cameroons. Biya cannot pretend to recognise the boundaries of German Kamerun and reject those of La Republique du Cameroun.
    5. German Kamerun was not limited to British Southern Cameroons and LRC. Why is Biya not also laying claim to those parts of German Kamerun that are now in Nigeria, Central African Republic, Chad and so on? !

    • 6. LRC has a date of birth or date of independence, which is 1 January 1960. Cameroun’s treaty obligations confine Cameroun’s sovereignty to the territory she inherited at her independence. Cameroun cannot lay claim to any territory outside of the territory she inherited on her date of birth.
      7. Before LRC was born on 1 January 1960, German Kamerun had died and been dismembered 48 years back, in the Versailles Treaty! La Republique du Cameroun was one of the products of the dismemberment of German Kamerun, and so too was British Southern Cameroons.
      8. Under the League of Nations and the United Nations, British Southern Cameroons was treated as a separate and distinct territory from French Cameroon. It had its own government; international boundaries.

      • This is the greatest òf all the articles i have read here! It is full of insight and reasonable logic. Let everyone read it again.

        Tell him. He knows not what he is saying, this so called president. German Cameroon was more than LRC and Southern Cameroons.

    • 9. SC was offered the choice to achieve independence in association with either Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun. How could what LRC claims to be a part of its country have such a choice; that is, the option not even to associate with LRC?
      10. The boundaries of LRC were inherited, not created! The country from which LRC inherited those boundaries, France, never contested the boundaries of neighbouring SC. Just as LRC inherited its own boundaries from a dismembered German Kamerun, so too SC boundaries inherited from the dismembered German Kamerun.
      11. The Roman Empire is today scores of countries! The boundaries of the Germans by German Kamerun were not more genuine or authentic than the boundaries of SC or those of LRC. They are all based on international treaties!

      • Are you a professor of philosophical history? This is the greatest!!!! I think we need you to stand ahead and explain things to the pretentiously ignorant world. Each time i read a rightup i see a lot of shortfalls but this is perfect!!!! Wow!!! Can you share it by Whatsapp so many can benefit from?

        • @Abo Yaki,

          1. I am NOT a professor
          2. 75% of the content of this stuff was culled from a write up of Mr Denis Atemnkeng while 25% is my input.
          3. FACTS DO NOT LIE
          4. The Anglophone Question can NEVER EVER be resolved under the watch of Dictator Biya. That BULU Dictator is not only wicked but also DULL and very IGNORANT of history
          5. I can assure you that the present NEVER AGAIN GENERATION will resolve the Anglophone Question “KOMME WAS WOLLE”.
          6. Biya and Macron ca NEVER deceive the present generation as they did with the FONCHA GENERATION.
          7. THE WAR CONTINUES!!!

      • UNSTOPABLE….Are you a professor of philosophical history? This is the greatest!!!! I think we need you to stand ahead and explain things to the pretentiously ignorant world. Each time i read a rightup i see a lot of shortfalls but this is perfect!!!! Wow!!! Can you share it by Whatsapp so many can benefit from?
        In fact, this is knowledge and wisdom synchronized.

    • 12. The only thing that is not based on any treaty, any agreement or any notion of law, is Biya’s claim to the Southern Cameroons’ territory!
      13. If LRC claims to have inherited German Kamerun, what are the instruments of that inheritance? Under what law did that inheritance take place? And when did that inheritance begin?
      14. Dictator Biya’s so-called SPECIAL STATUS should be considered as dead on arrival. It is a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources. This is so because LRC no LEGAL AUTHORITY to grant such an entity to a partner EQUAL IN STATUS as LRC. It is a breach of UNGA resolution 1608 and INTERNATIONAL LAW.
      14. Of course, the war will continue until:


      a federation of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS



      • UNSTOPABLE…Are you a professor of philosophical history? This is the greatest!!!! I think we need you to stand ahead and explain things to the pretentiously ignorant world. Each time i read a rightup i see a lot of shortfalls but this is perfect!!!! Wow!!! Can you share it by Whatsapp so many can benefit from?
        THIS IS HUGE!!!!

  9. How have the people of LRC, taken it seeing a man they adore not being able to
    walk, representing them? Did pro Nyamding also see that?

  10. Biya is not stupid. He understands the Anglophone problem excellently well
    He just doesn’t care. France is backing him. France is his shield and anchor. Ah France, when
    shall thou leaveAfrica alone? When shall Francophone be free from your diabolical grip?
    God bless Africa.

  11. It is unimaginable trying to explain the embarrassment of seeing Biya come out of his car, walk like a robot, helped up a flight of stairs and his inability to intellectually participate eloquently in a dialogue panel on peace in Africa. Apart from his inability to speak in English, he was unable to contribute to a single question randomly posed by the audience. We can surmise from this that he depends on proxies to write speeches for him. He shamelessly read a speech on a public rostrum opened for spontaneous dialogue. It also explains why he rules by decrees, why he hardly ever meets with his ministers and why he avoids all national dialogues. I think this is the first time we are seeing him participate in a round table discussion of any kind publicly. Oh my God, what a disgrace he was!

    • He uttered wrong statements about the relationship between SC and LRC. LRC is not German Cameroon, but rather a remnant as is SC of the German territory that was sectioned following the 1st WW, implying both territories have equal status. He made the gaff of suggesting they tried to assimilate SC into LRC and failed, clearly revealing the source of the current Secessionist conflict raging in SC. By all accounts, the video reveals a man who has degenerated both health-wise and mentally, an old-school autocrat who for the first time agrees publicly there is a problem in Cameroon when sitting in the middle of white folks. A hermit who is prone to avoid contact and discussion with his own people because clearly he is much better than them go out to mingle and exchange dialogue with them.

      • A hermit who is prone to avoid contact and discussion with his own people because clearly he is much better than them to go out to mingle and exchange dialogue with them.

        It is perplexing how anyone can support this man for the president of a country if you are a true patriot. We have the moral duty to realise a president is president of the people, not the president of a region or tribe. I am an Ambazonian from Bamenda, but I will never support a president who doesn’t rule with the virtue of justice for all.

        A recent study on fairness found that children former British colonies have the ability to reject an outcome that favours them while putting other children to the disadvantage alongside Canada and the US. Children from French colonies turned out to think very selfishly!

  12. Biya is fully aware of the Anglophone problem, He has lived with it. He was present at all events. Attempted to Francophonize the Anglophones for the past years. He knows it very well.

    If you watch 95% of all debates by francophones about us, you’ll notice that they know nothing about The Southern Cameroons.

    However, He who controls your economy controls you. (Le Franc CFA)
    He who controls your communication controls you. (Le Cameroun paye un loyer à Eutelsat, Orange etc…)
    He who controls your defense, controls you. (Les accodrs de défense caduque signés avec De Gaulle)

    Biya said *Je serais toujours là si nos partenaires veulent que je sois là* Who are the partenaires ???

    Jacobins not for Ambazonia.

    Bye Bye LRC

    FREEDOM is A HUMAN Right.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE.

  13. The bulu people are the hutu people of Cameroun.Very arrogant ,wasteful, corrupt,thieves,murderers ,assassins,evil and agents of neocolonialism and francafrique.If their hutu brothers in Rwanda fell they too will surely fall.

  14. Paul Biya made a fool of himself. He could not be any more confused than he already is. Totally lost. He can’t even hear himself. Who deceived him to participate in this kind of a discussion? Was it an order form colonial master France?. He normally avoids such public outings with questioning!!
    To a spontaneous, an impromptu question, his speech-reading ability came in and he started reading the ready-made speech from top to bottom. But when it comes to creating impromptu, cosmetic and irrational solutions to long plaguing problems of his country, he is king. When you become too used to issuing decrees for every single thing, this is what happens. To answer such a simple question you resort to reading your long and irrelevant speech. Not a surprise though!!

    • Who made Paul Biya what he is?
      Look no further than his very backyard!

      A few days before the embarrassment before Mo Ibrahim, the cell phone mogul of Sudanese nationality and the members of the World Peace Forum in Paris, the man received the very prestigious encomium of “Grand Baobab” from traditional rulers of the Central African Republic for his wizardry and success in leadership.
      Before that there was another traditional title awarded by chiefs of the South Region and then another and another, going back to the “Fon of Fons” from NW rulers, well before I was born.
      And of course there is Charles Ndongo’s orchestra, CRTV put in place by Gervais Mendo Ze, maintained by Amadou Vamoulke, Issa Tchiromas Bakary and Rene Emmanuel Sadi.
      Impressive, n’est-ce pas?????

  15. His poor knowledge of the history of German kamerun shows why the Union could never work..Cameroun has no legal right to give any special status to Cameroon. Note the 2 spellings!

  16. *Les éléments de la gendarmerie française du Cameroun ainsi que le reste des troupes, se sont maintenant regroupées dans des endroits plus forts de la ville de Mamfé.*

  17. Cherchez une solution polique pour enfinir avec cette confrontation armée, ce pays a besion de tous ses enfants.

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