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Réactions au discours de Paul Biya ordonnant la neutralisation des séparatistes anglophones [+audio]

VOA | Au Cameroun, beaucoup craignent que la sortie du président camerounais appelant à neutraliser les séparatistes, ouvre une nouvelle phase de guerre en zone anglophone. Reportage.

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  1. Paul Biya has proven that he doesn’t care about Anglophones. Since this crisis started he has not visited the region and he intentionally kept Bamenda, the biggest English speaking Town in Cameroon out of preparation for African Nations Cup and He has ignored all calls for Dialogue.Just saying that you are ready for dialogie is not enough, just do it! Make it happen, people are dying and properties are being lost and the president is busy making speeches

  2. Paul Biya a prouvé qu’il ne se souciait pas des anglophones. Depuis le début de la crise, il n’a pas visité la région et a délibérément laissé Bamenda, la plus grande ville anglophone du Cameroun, en préparation de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations. Il a ignoré tous les appels au dialogue. , simplement fais-le! Faites que cela se produise, des gens meurent et des propriétés sont en train d’être perdues et le président est occupé à faire des discours.

  3. The old man is playing a game he cannot win..
    This is a country where old people without a vision have a say..
    This is a country where people on diapers are governing young ambitious people and taking them down the Road of frustration..
    This is a country with a big Labor force that has nothing to do..
    Even little and simple projects are being done by Chinese..
    This old tyrant has no plan, has no vision , is outdated but uses bread and sardine to remain in power..
    The Anglophones are a people who are used to questioning…They revolt when things are not right..They ask for equal right and justice when necessary and are not easily bought with food , drinks and money like the francophone brothers.
    Francophones are more used to brutality than dialogue but we need to teach them how to talk.