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Separatists Warn Against Reopening Schools in Crisis Zones

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | The new school year in Cameroon begins this Monday with the government determined to reopen at least 4,500 schools closed in its English-speaking regions as a result of the separatist crisis. But the separatists, who have warned that they will not allow any school to be opened unless their leader, Ayuk Tabe and nine others given life jail sentences by a military tribunal, are freed, have already attacked and wounded at least nine teachers for defying their instructions.

Teacher Elmer Tabot, 28, and her two children arrived in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde from the English-speaking south western town of Menji on Monday.

She says she is one of the nine teachers who were abducted and beaten by separatist fighters with some of them having their fingers chopped off.

“Our house was burned and a business place that we were managing was burned, so even the transport fare to come here was very difficult,” she said. “Things were very hard. People helped us to raise that money that we can reach here. So I have gone through a lot of difficulties.”

Tabot says they were accused of defying instructions by separatists for them not to go to school to prepare the opening of the 2019/2020 school year in Cameroon.

The separatists had, on social media, vowed that schools will not resume in the English-speaking regions until their leader Ayuk Tabe Julius and nine of his supporters, given life sentences by a military tribunal in Yaounde, are freed. The tribunal said it had found them guilty of secession, terrorism and hostility against the state of Cameroon.

Deben Tchoffo, governor of Cameroon’s English-speaking North West region says the population should not be intimidated and should send their children to school. He says all measures have been taken to protect both teachers and school children.

“The security services assure the population that all is set for class resumption. I am appealing therefore to the population of the north west region that they should send back their children to school. To those that have attempted to send their children elsewhere, bring them back,” he said.

Violence erupted in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions in 2016 when teachers and lawyers protested alleged discrimination at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

The government responded with a crackdown that sparked an armed movement for an independent, English-speaking state.

The separatists started attacking schools and kidnapping teachers and students vowing to make the regions ungovernable by the central government in Yaounde.

Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Cameroon minister of basic education, says the war is completely paralyzing education in the English speaking regions.

Etoundi Ngoa says more than 4,482 nursery and primary schools in the English speaking regions have either been closed, transformed as training grounds for separatist fighters or completely destroyed. He says more than 6,000 teachers and 201, 000 school children are today directly affected by the separatist war.

Before this Monday’s school reopening, the Cameroon government dispatched English-speaking elite who joined traditional rulers and the clergy to ask the population to send their children to school. One of them Asheri Vivian Kilo from the North West region says local councils have been handed funds to reconstruct some of the damaged schools.

“Councils have credits to build and refurbish schools. Of course the military is taking care of getting the separatists out of the school campuses that have been occupied,” said Kilo. “We understand that children have been displaced to Yaounde. They stay with families that were not expecting them and they needed to be assisted.”

Tens of thousands of people especially students and teachers have been deserting Cameroon’s conflict prone English-speaking regions following renewed fighting provoked by the life jail sentences given the separatist leaders last August 21.

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  1. For ones, gov`t through the minister of basic education has acknowledged, that `the war is
    completely paralyzing education in the english speaking regions`. But his boss who declared
    the war, doesn`t even know a war is ongoing. Madam and some tribalists and enablers, are
    busy defending the agenda – genocide.
    The sad part of it, is that they are pushing a burden away from them, to councils. No one of
    the councils, will object. That is called dictatorship, par excellence. Cameroonians, are really
    very dumb people, no different from dummies and robots.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Dumb terrorist Joshua. You and your terrorists have declasred war on education in the NW and SW. The government will continue to do its best to identify and neutralize the terrorists. However it is the responsibility of the people of the NW/SW to create conditions for their children to go to school. The abolishment of education is not war it is international terrorism!

      The people of Nkambe have created vigilante groups to ensure their children go to school. The Nkambe children will rule over the children of the foolish Banso people who have decided to kill all children and teachers who attempt to go to school. Education is a right and not a choice. Anyone who takes away that right is an international terrorize. If you want to fight war attack the military barracks! You cowards! Nyam!

      • @Kumkum Pass Garri illiterate lrc bread, sardine, beer slave dreamer! Nkambe are weak parents, who have become slave beggars, they will suffer the consequences after Independence, their slave boy cpdm is fooling them because they are not different from jakiri people nor all the brave patriotic Ambazonians standing up for their rights & Land to end lrc assimilation, marginalisation,prejucies, scorched earth policies.free exploitation of their resources you are a useless coward slave beggars who will perish as voiceless, unworthy nonentity bitch

      • Whether children go back to school or not as long as the.government refuses to engage in a peaceful dialogue ,both regions will still.remain a time bomb.Hong Kong had a simolar problem recenttly but as powerful as.China is they have.decided to dialogue with the protesters and through this basic legislation is amended to satisfy the people.Why can you Africans not dialogue with each other?Why do you treat your own people as if you are colonial masters?

  2. Ho Ho Ho, Ha Ha ha. Grass, dirty and broken school buildings, garbage dumping sites
    etc etc and few cowards, resumed school in SC today, Monday. And the question to
    attempt an answer now to the reality, is who is running Southern Cameroon – Ambazozo?
    Hello IG, CONGRATULATIONS. AMBAZONIANS 1 – LRC yet to score. They are still thinking,
    what lies to tell. But i saw Benjamin Itoe who like Biya, shall never never leave a LEGACY,
    fumbling in his native area. As for Ngole Ngole, he is Mr. Shame proof. Still waiting, for the
    exconvict – Atangha Nji.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Delusional Ambafool Terrorist Joshua:

      Your comment shows just how evil and stupid you ambafools are. You are celebrating news that 9 teachers from the NW/SW were kidnapped and terrorised by your terrorist fighters, their personal property and businesses destroyed and some of them being forced to flee to Yaounde for safety. How evil do you have to be to be the archictect/supporter of such evil against innocent people from the NW?SW and then tell them you are fighting for their freedom.

      The brave and intellingent people of Nkambe have created security for their children to go to school. If the people in the other pasrts of the NW?SW do not value education like the Nkambe people then that is their propblem! Attacking teachers is not war. It is terrorism! Nyamfukahse!

  3. **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    The School principal of GHS Nwa has been “arrested” by unknown forces. He forcefully pushed for school opening. LRC terrorist soldiers could not protect him.

    * MY ADVICE *

    Resolve the Anglophone Question and school will EFFECTIVELY resume. However, sending soldiers to FORCE children to school is FOOLISH. It is attempting to treat the symptoms, not the disease.

    • LRC was humiliated today, the 02.09.2019, PANTS ON FIRE.
      LRC spent more 500.000.000 FCFA to force schools to resume. CPDM members were sent with bags of money to SC to bribe Chiefs, priests, bishops, pastors and others to campaign for an EFFECTIVE school resumption in SC.
      LRC terrorists soldiers were deployed in SC promising to neutralise ay parents who do not send their children to school.
      However, the owners of SC said with one voice ZERO SCHOOL RESUMPTION IN SC. The population of SC rejected the orders from the occupiers. They respected the orders from the sons of the soil.

      LRC was humiliated beyond repairs. The international community is now aware that the occupiers from LRC have ZERO influence in SC.


      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        The people of the NW and SW, today had the choice to show their bravery if they cherish the education of their children or their cowardice and the people of Nkambe won the challenge. The people of Nkambe have come together and have put in place security measures to ensure that their teachers and children can go to school and return safely every day. School resumption in Nkambe was super successful thanks to the intelligence and bravery of the Nkambe people. I am from Kom but I plan to seek Nkambe “contrinality” because Nkambe people rock.

        Meanwhile parents in some other parts of the N/SW who have been brainwashed to accept the abolishment of education by ambafools kept their kids at home claiming that they are scared their children will be killed by their other amba terrorist children.

        • You will always have sell outs in any crisis situation. Even in the days of Apartheid, you had blacks who were enjoying from the system and by so doing taking sides with the oppressor. It’s a very bitter pill to swallow that in this 21st century Africans cannot dialog with one another to resolve an internal conflict. We always prefer to use military force instead of the force of argument to resolve issues. When shall we stop killing our fellow brothers and sisters like chicken? As one of the contributors on this forum rightly said, even great China had to go into dialogue to resolve the crisis in Hong Kong. The people of Cameroon in this 21st century don’t understand that without them there is no gov’t. A sit-in strike across the whole of Camer for just one-week will fix a lot of issues.

  4. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slaver

  5. @ Joshua. Mayor Ekema was waiting for you at Buea’s gate. What didn’t you attack him? If you had balls, you would have worn your odeshi to attack the one who was prepared for you instead of terrorising your own people who contradict your views being unarmed. NB some of your leaders are doing well having the product of this education they stop others from instead of improving it. Did terrorist Joshua keep his children at home also?

  6. Anglophones know that they do not owe their current wellbeing to education from larepublique…their offspring dont need that education either. Freedom is what we need

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Epeee Dibambe. The wonderful international idiot.

      You wrote:

      “Ambafools know that they do not owe their current wellbeing to education from larepublique…their offspring dont need that education either.”

      Epee Dibambe the reason you are a bambe in the diaspora who has to do 4 jobs to be able to afford to donate $20 to terrorist scammers to buy guns to kill children in Cameroon who want to go to school is the simple fact that you are very dumb and stupid.

      Epee Dibambe. I am from the NW and I am not an ambafool like you that is why I owe my current well being to my education from Cameroon and I do not have to work 4 bambe jobs like you to live a fulfilled life of comfort!

      We know that ambafools owe their wellbeing to proceeds from terrorism and 419!
      Epee DishamelessBambe Nyamfuka

      • if somebody is out of the country, doing 4 jobs to feed his family and those home, is that a crime?..I thought we should praise him for working hard?..Or you prefer him to steal, rape women as a BIR soldier or do it the Atanga Nji way?..
        We should stay focus and make points when we talk of a country we claim to love..We all accept that Cameroon will never be the same again..
        We all accept that the present leadership has no plan and is plundering the country into misery..
        we all accept that to come out of such misery and bad political situation, we need to talk..Talk to one another and look for long lasting solutions..The danger is to hide facts and pretend..We all know why we are where we are today. The question is what next?.If you love cameroon, then be honest ..TRUE?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Terrorist Biko: The fact that anyone has to do 4 jobs to feed his family in the diaspora is proof that the person is an unskilled and unprofessional worker. Epee Dibambe is too dumb to get one good job. Epee must have been the dullest child in his hometown that is why he can only get bambe jobs. Epee is a very sad and angry person because of his life of misery in the diaspora and wants to prevent children in Cameroon from getting education.
          This wicked jealous Epee Dibambe is very sad that children who wrote the GCE in 2017 in Cameroon and moved to the diaspora are doing better in life than him and has vowed to abolish education in the NW/SW. This Epee Dibabambe promised to get a fifth job so that he can afford $20.00 to sponsor the killing of children and teachers in Cameroon.

  7. The parents of Biya Bi Mvondo, Atangha Nji, Ngole Ngole, Ekema etc etc, never had
    degrees in their whole lives. But their kids have and are lavishing cash etc in town. This
    will happen to our children, but with the lofty plans on hand for Ambazonia, our kids will
    brave it without `forced education` today.
    What exactly, is `school, school, school` in a war time? Biya fooled UB degree holders
    by asking them to buy bendskins and do business. Today, his dumb military, has embacked
    on burning them. See, how bad the kind of LRC education we are running away from, can be.
    Yes, our kids have to attend school in the diaspora, because here, there is no war and much
    is put in place, for good and sound education. Here, school pays and is competitive.
    Fru Ndi, would have done better than Biya.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terorist Joshua. Your stupidity is beyond comprehension. You are the most foolish ambafool on earth! “The kids of the NW/SW will brave it out without forced education?” Your stupidity has reached the level of madness now. Nyamfukah! You terrorist are killing teachers and students who want to go to school by their free and you somehow in your twisted brain think that you are killing these teachers and students to prevent them from teaching or learning forced education?

      I continue to say that ambafools are the most foolish people on earth and that is not an insult but a fact! Joshua and his terrorists kidnapped Mme Tabot and nine other teachers and tortured them to stop them from forcing education on their children. Mme Tabot has now fled to Yaounde were education is cherished not abolished

  8. Unless people ask the proper questions, they cannot get the correct answer!
    There are two things holding back on school resumption. One-track mind keeps focusing on the present insecurity caused by the fighting.

    Has anyone thought of what impact the unemployed educated ones has on those still considering going to school????????

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambafool Terrorist Old Pa Dinga. They say wisdom comes with age but for you it is the reverse. Your own stupidity is increasing exponentially with age.

      There is one thing holding back school resumption in some parts of the NW and SW and it is your ambafool terrorist fighters who have promised to behead and eat any teacher or child they see going to school. There is no insecurity caused by the fighting. There is no fighting between the ambafool terrorists and the military. The terrorist do not engage the military they flee when they see they military. You terrorists are the only reason.

      The solution is simple. If the communities value education they will copy the Nkambe ppl. If the community is made up of dumb old Pa’s like John they will encourage the terrorists and ask stupid questions

  9. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Ambafool 6terrorists in the diaspora have moved their families to go live safely in Yaounde were education is cherished and are providing weapons to ambafool terrorists to kill and eact any teach or child they see going to school in the NW/SW. The KBI (Kumkum Bureau of Investigations) has launched a special project to identify exactly where these terrorists are hiding their families in Yaounde so that we can shine the light on them. MKPDs operation sunshine just revealed that the wife of Paul Nillong and his children are living happily in Yaounde meanwhile Paul is providing materials for children and teachers to be killed in the NW/SW.

    Paul will never see Cameroon. Paul’s family will never leave Cameroon. We will kumkumise their travel documents! The Black Legs have risen! Ask facebook!

    • @KUMKUM:- u are too fool to reason..Your stomach is too full..U have eaten too much bread and sardine..U talk like Atanga Nji and one MOMO guy..This method is not correct..Dont jump in here and insult people thinking it will solve the problem..Do you really think calling people terrorist here will change a thing?..read and reread your contribution and rethink..Its not about bullying people..You have been marginalized to the extend that you can die defending your slave master..
      I am also from the NWP. We are not in the parlour to talk..We are now in the parlour asking for a room .If you feel comfortable in the kitchen, remain there and do your boy boy..Now LA REPUBLIC have no alternative than talk..Talk and look for a solution..Eat your KUMKUM for kitchen bro we don leave Kitchen since…

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Terrorist Biko,

        My belly is full of very health foods fine wine and Scotch and my head is filled with highly coveted knowledge and commonsense. I am a proud Cameroonian from the NW living a fulfilled life.

        I am here to expose the stupidity of you ambafools and the terrorism of the ambafool fighters. Why is is so hard for you to get that? Stop asking me stupid questions!

        I have reserved Kumkum for you in Cameroon. You terrorists will never see Buea. You support the killing of children and teachers who want to go to school and you claim that you are not a terrorist! You are an evil terrorist by every definition of the word!
        You are so dumb that you think if I re-read my comment several times I will start thinking like you! You are an absolute ambafool. Amba stupidity on display!

  10. Could we hear or get some points here ?..I want to hear or read what people think about the campaign “GO BACK TO SCHOOL” and not such insults..People have different ways of seeing things and this should be respected..Refusing to accept Go Back to school does not qualify anyone a terrorist or what ever..
    We have so many schools in Southern Cameroon, so many students with O and A levels..Many went to Buea , Bamenda, Yaounde and Doula and came back with degrees..And over 80-90% of them dont have a job, are in the streets or struggling to enter Europe from Libya and Morocco..
    A fight is on the way to change cameroon, change the lives of the people by sending out the evil devil in yaounde in the name of Biya and his Gang, so where is the problem.The country is in a revolution and at war.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ambafoolish terrorist Biko, you are too foolish to read and comprehend the opinion of proud Cameroonians on school resumption:

      1) School is an inalienable right of every child
      2) Schools are protected in wars involving heavy artillery
      3) The children and relatives of ambafool terrorists in the diaspora are going to school in the diaspora or in Yaounde
      4) The amba terrorists hide in our communities
      5) The amba terrorists have promised to behead any pupil or teacher they see going to school
      6) If the community values education they will create security for their children e.g Nkambe
      7) If you can’t afford to send your child to school out of NW/Sw then create and maintain security for your child to go to school
      8) Anyone who supports the abolishment of education in the NW/SW is an evil Nyam!

  11. Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life.
    Today all of you will agree that Cameroon is a failed state..What difference does it make if the kids dont go to school for 3 years but can change the country for good..Why do we get up and start pretending as if Southern Cameroons biggest problems is that of schools..Who are the teachers in this schools?..Did u guys forget that Chemistry , Maths and Biology is being thought in some schools by Francophones in Pidgin?..
    The country is at war, no security and you guys cry only education?…
    We need a reform and a change in the country for the good of all. Lets be honest here …

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Cameroon is not a failed state! Stop exposing your stupidity! Why are you so dumb to think that “all of us” share your stupid opinions? I continue to say that you ambafools are the most foolish people on earth. What makes you think that the whole world agrees that Cameroon is a failed state?
      What is the definition of a failed state?
      Where can I see a comprehensive list of failed states?

      For your information there are several indices that are used to determine the socio-economic and political situation of each country. This information is accessible to all for free on the internet from the responsible international organisations. Based on these indices, only an absolute fool will consider Cameroon a failed state!

      Biko, thanks for the opportunity to expose your ambafool stupidity!

      • @KUMKUM:.There are many forms of discussions people can have in such an open forum .I see you are still in the masters kitchen..It does not honestly make any sense to talk sense with you..Your writing and choice of words is a prove u cant send out your thoughts without shouting, bullying or trying to intimidate others..Call me Terrorist or what ever you want, it will not change anything..Eat, drink, sleep , wake up and say all is fine in Cameroon, its your business.
        Your brined have been screwed by your colonial master LRC, that you will fight to protect their interest to the last man, fine for u..You will not take this liberation fight from the Southern cameroonians.. We will fight, build a better cameroon and unfortunately liberate u from slavery..I will prefer we put u in a pit latrine

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Biko. There is no war in Cameroon.

      There are amba terrorists in the NW and SW terrorising the population. These amba terrorists have terrorised the population to the extent that over 1 million people have fled to the French speaking part of the country for safety.

      There is no war between ambafool terrorists and the government of Cameroon! The ambafool terrorists flee to the forest when they see the military and come out and terrorise the population when they know the military is not around.

      If the people of the NW/SW do not collaborate with the government to neutralise these terrorists then they can expect to continue to live in terrorism for the forseeable future. The choice is yours. You can copy the example of the Nkambe people or continue to pretend that there is war.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Ambafool terrorist liar Biko. In Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Tchad, Congo, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan ect children go to school inm war time. In real war involving heavy artillery schools are protected.

        In Cameroon where there is no war, we have some terrorist conmen and insane people in the diaspora providing material support to insane youth in Cameroon to attack and kill any teacher who attempts to go to school in the name of fighting for freedom. Absolute foolishness!

        In a war zone schools are protected and in a terrorist infested zone like the NW/SW schools, pupils and teachers are the main target of the terrorists.

        It is safe for children to go to the market but it is not safe for children to go to school for fear of decapitation by terrorists!
        Shame on you cowards of the NW/SW!

        • As i said- when a brainless man like you gets food from the kitchen, you cant expect him to think smart. You are a product of francophone slavery and dont even even understand the dynamics..We have 3 types of people in Cameroon today:- Those who dont know whats happening, people like you kum kum who will never know whats happening..And the third group are people like us who make things happen..CLose your smelling mouth, nose andjust use your eyes to see us bringing changes in this fucked up country..You were born a yes Sir, raised a yes Sir and ofcourse will never have that courage to shout..Today you can come out and use your masters method to shout at southern cameroonians..Intimidation and bullying is long over u retarded non creative son of a slave..Keep making noise while we free u.


    Even a baby in the kindergarten will agree with me that the so-called BACK TO SCHOOL campaign organised by the CPDM crime syndicate was a dismal failure.
    This is another proof that SC is now almost UNGOVERNABLE.

    The so-called CPDM “back to school campaign” was more of politics than the love for the students and pupils of SC. It was just to tell the world and the UNGA that things have returned to normalcy. Unfortunately for the CPDM, the BACK TO SCHOOL dirty trick failed PANTS ON FIRE. The world in general and the UNGA now know that SC is UNGOVERNABLE. The occupiers from LRC are just buying for time before they go to their sh*thole country.

    All the energy, time and financial resources were in vain.


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      French Cameroun Forces are presently in Muea as I write. More than 300 children have been arrested and bundled up in military trucks. They are taking them to school.

      * MY TAKE *

      French Cameroun has become very desperate. Their dirty trick of BACK TO SCHOOL failed PANTS ON FIRE.
      The UNGA will discuss the Anglophone Question.
      One thing is abundantly clear:

      French Cameroun terrorist soldiers can transport children by force to school today. However, they cannot transport children by force all the time. French Cameroun is simply transforming herself into the laughing stock of the world.

      Believe me or not,

      1. The momentum is UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war is UNWINNABLE
      3. The FINAL resolution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around

    • It is abundantly clear that:


      Resolve the Anglophone Question and school will EFFECTIVELY resume. However, sending soldiers to FORCE children to school is FOOLISH. It is attempting to treat the symptoms, not the disease.

      French Cameroun is now the laughing stock of the world.

    • **** I WARNED YOU- DR. ENDELEY ****

      Prior to 11th February Plebiscite, Dr Endeley warned Southern Cameroonians against joining French Cameroun.

      1. “Who amongst you would like to live in a country where your life and property are constantly in danger? Who amongst you peaceful citizens of the Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a country where you may be shot at as you move along the street, or your wife killed as she toils the farm?”

      2. ” Who amongst you, good citizens of Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a land where people’s houses and shops are burnt every day and looted; where you can be arrested without a fair trial?”

    • 3. ” Who amongst you will like to live in a country which lacks complete respect for human dignity and where you cannot speak out your mind freely or pursue your business in peace? Surely none of you. Who amongst you will like your children to grow up in servitude? Surely none of you.”

      4. “Under the French system, you cannot have a fair trial. Anyone accused of an offence in the Cameroun Republic is manhandled and flogged and is generally treated as a guilty criminal. Even the most junior policeman there seems to have the power of “life and death” over the common people! This is a bad system and must be rejected by the voters.”

  13. We have the technical know how to outsmart anything la ripoublique sooner or later as the victory draws in for AMBAZONIA.

    We have the modern methods ready to be applied as soon as possible. Stay firm, strong, determined and focused, my dear AMBAZONIANS. We are gaining roots forever.

  14. @ELECAM Dr Emmanuel Mbela Lifafa Endeley ,was a prophet to see all that before his time, Even though political opponents was accusing him wrongfully his wife Nigeria connection is the reason him refusing dis GoD forsaken union with la republique , while Dr Forcha was brainwashed by Douala chiefs and elites especially Paul Soppo Priso gave him alot of money to campaign for reunification , and the prince of Mankon Forcha later died in pain and suffering like Judas Iscariot after realising his political opponents like Dr Endeley was right to oppose dis GoD forsaken union with la republique

  15. Bassas and Bamilekes should start leaving now before it is too late. Very soon we will not allow you in our communities. Those in Kumba, we will be waiting for you in the farms around Fiango and Mabanda. You will be slaughtered like pigs.

    Amour Mezam and family should have left Bamenda by now. We will burn you, your family, and businesses.

  16. Kofi Mensah(Ghanian)

    After schools resume does that solve the Anglophone problem?Stop deceiving the people.As long as the fundamental problem of Anglophone marginalization has not been solved going back to school will never be a solution.Thousands of houses have beem burntHundreds of villages burnt.Thousands of people killed .Thousands internally and externally .displaced.Thousands of youth have formed. armed groups and are still carrying guns.Is going back to school going to solve the problem?

leo. sit fringilla mattis vulputate, risus luctus dolor nec Nullam consectetur justo