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Suisse: l’embarrassant séjour du président camerounais Paul Biya

RFI | Il y a des touristes dont on se passerait bien… À Genève, c’est peu dire que le dernier séjour de Paul Biya ne passe pas vraiment inaperçu. Manifestations d’opposants devant son hôtel, arrestation de plusieurs gardes du corps du président camerounais après l’agression d’un journaliste… De quoi embarrasser les autorités suisses, engagées au même moment dans une délicate négociation entre le gouvernement camerounais et les séparatistes des régions anglophones.
Avec notre correspondant à Genève, Jérémie Lanche

Est-ce le précédent Abdelaziz Boutefklika au début de l’année ? Toujours est-il qu’il devient de plus en plus compliqué pour certains dirigeants de séjourner discrètement au bord du lac Léman. Paul Biya est pourtant un habitué de la Suisse.

D’après une ONG spécialisée dans la lutte anti-corruption, le chef d’État camerounais aurait déjà passé, depuis son élection il y a 37 ans, plus de 4 ans et demi à l’étranger, dont une bonne partie au très chic hôtel Intercontinental de Genève ou il aurait ses habitudes. La même ONG estime le coût d’une seule nuit a l’hôtel pour le président et son entourage a 40 000 dollars.

Une dépense des deniers publics jugée scandaleuse pour les opposants à Paul Biya, qui en sont venus aux mains la semaine dernière avec les gardes du corps du président camerounais. Un journaliste suisse a même été agressé. Six membres du service de sécurité de Paul Biya ont depuis été condamnés à des peines avec sursis.

Mais le malaise demeure. Berne a rappelé à l’ordre la représentation camerounaise. Genève de son côté parle d’un événement totalement inacceptable. Un député a même lancé une pétition pour réclamer le départ immédiat de Paul Biya. Elle a déjà récolté plus de 11 000 signatures.

Le socialiste Sylvain Thévoz affirme que, comme le secret bancaire, l’accueil à Genève de dictateurs africains est peut-être une tradition que la Suisse doit désormais abandonner.

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  1. go home and fixed your problem

    • Hahahahahaha finally the gorillas from the south are turning against their own. @bamenda boy I told you from the beginning the messed with ABAKWA. We will let you guys know ici ce ABAKWA mark my words


  3. Washing one’s ( the nation’s) dirty linen in public is clearly part of the show and what could be a better public space than the world’s most expensive hotel?

  4. 40,000 Dollars just per night, what a waste of our hard earn Tax money, More than 4 and 1/2 yrs on privat visits, whta would all that money done to our poor economy. What a Shame, popool not my Presi. Poor Cameroon of our grand Fathers

  5. Chased as a malpropre. Driven away as a criminal dictator. Shameless useless man.


  7. this despot thought he was too tough and important to talk to his own people up to the point of prioritizing his vacation over the 5000 killed by his terrorist soldiers in cold blood. The game has changed. Amba has taken things to another level. We now kill your soldiers en masse. The contender forces have an elite tactical unit capable of organizing surgical operations at this point. That is why Fru Ndi is about to escape your pigsty country for abroad. Wait and see how Okalia and Lele L’Afrique disappear in the next few days. We just ran over your terrorist soldiers in Benakuma and overpowered the backup that was coming to terrorize the poor people. Great job to the Mamfe contingent for sinking 8 terrorist in the boat and taking 12 POWs. We will negotiate from a position of strength

    • Delusional

    • @ L’enemie stop talking nonsense this is the work of real Cameroonians who call themselves BAS and not that your Ambazonia foolishness killing and preventing anglophone kids from going to school. This was done by BAS and not Ambazonia. your foolish organization doesn’t have the balls to confront Biya.

      • BobyNyoxx and his upside down Mbalmayo brain. How many soldiers have BAS killed? The last time I checked the points of compromise BAS tabled to Biya, one of them says the withdrawal of all troops in Ambaland and the release of all political prisoners related to the Ambazonian War of Independence. That is where our paths cross. That is why I may intervene in their affairs even though this remains foreign news. BAS has proven that we can coexist as good neighbours. That’s why they will be getting some of our resources in a fair trade while your Bulu-Beti gorilla thieving primates will not even see our raw mangoes or rotting cabbages. Hail, hail hail this land of glory, we the Ambazonians we pledge our loyalty to Mother Ambaland.

        • Dude, what are you on? Smoking or drinking something strong I’d imagine. Internet warriors, you, your family and children enjoying peace and comfort your terrorist gangs are refusing to the average anglophone kids. Dream on, however with short minded people like you it definitely will remain only a dream. Ridiculous

  8. The fool has shame! Afcon taken away, Sonara had no insurance, negotiating with “Terrorist”. Enjoy your last trip to Geneva; 11,000 signature in one week supporting a motion to throw you out of Geneva. The Treasury is running dry. Sooner you will not be able to pay your soldiers, security forces, 65 ministers and bloated government; subsidize fuel prices and fight two wars. This downward spiral of Cameroon is not reversible until Biya leaves.

  9. Does Cameroon have friends? It is in times of difficulty that friends rise up to be counted. Who are Cameroon’s friends? Where are Cameroon’s friends?
    But Pope Francis???? Patricia Scotland???? Monsieur Antonio Guterrez ????
    Is Cameroon still allergic to “l’ingerance dans les affaires internes”?

  10. This despot on DIAPERS is a shame to Cameroon and Africa…
    This man should be classified a terrorist ..Killing manysouthern cameroonians for protesting against a bad system, depriving millions of cameroonians from basic needs and spending lots of money with his band of Gorillas in Geneva is the biggest human rights violation in history..These primitive bodyguards forget and thought they were in cameroon where they can just slap, trash and kill people at will..Thank God the swiss authorities thought them a lesson..Shameful that francophones still line the streets of yaounde and dance when this Gorilla is leaving to go and spend our money, and worse of all dance again when he comes back with a full stomach. Hang this thief and his gang

  11. Too big to fall???????. But the cpdm and stomach so call politicians, will never
    accept that anything is wrong. How, art the mighty falling in broad day light.

  12. The most lazy alcholic man on earth..shame on you! you are sole responsible for all what is going on in cameroon and all the mess was created and is being encouraged by you

  13. July 2019
    Cameroon is still One and Indivisible.
    Biya is still the hade of state.
    Kamto is still in Kodengui.
    Ayuk is still in Kodengui.
    Yaoundé is still the capital of Cameroon.
    Jobless, frustrated, lazy Negreos are still making noise.
    Switzerland and the west are still moking Africans.
    Ambazonia is still a fiction.
    Women and children are still in the forest in the NOSO.
    etc etc….
    Who are the fools here???

    Ps : Je suis responsable de ce que j’écris. Mais pas responsable de ce que vous comprennez.

  14. Le chef des bandits. Le roi de des nullards vient de subir une raclée monumentale. Chassé comme un malpropre.

    This old thief, assassin, stupid and ridiculous king of fools thought europe was his bush, ruined, criminal land of la ripoublique du cameroun des voleurs, des pillards, des nuls et surtout des génocidaires ?

    Il s’est fait viré avec un grand coup de pied dans le derrière.


    Our path to Liberty is getting wider to the OPEN.

    Victory for AMBALAND.

  15. According to an NGO specializing in the fight against corruption, the Cameroonian head of state has already passed, since his election 37 years ago, more than 4 years and a half abroad, a good part to very chic Intercontinental hotel in Geneva where he would have his habits. The same NGO estimates the cost of a single night at the hotel for the president and his entourage at $ 40,000.
    An expenditure of public money deemed scandalous for the opponents of Paul Biya, who came to grips last week with the bodyguards of the Cameroonian president. A Swiss journalist was even assaulted. Six members of Paul Biya’s security service have since been sentenced to suspended sentences.
    But the discomfort remains. Bern called Cameroonian representation to order

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