Three armed separatists arrested over murder of woman in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Aug. 13 Xinhua | The Cameroonian army said Thursday its troop has arrested three armed separatists suspected of murdering a middle-aged woman in Muyuka, a locality in the troubled region of Southwest.

They were ambushed and arrested in their camp by the military who also seized their weapons. The operation was successful thanks to the collaboration of the public, the army said.

The woman, a mother of three was kidnapped, brutalised, killed and then beheaded on Tuesday by the armed separatists who accused her of conniving with government forces to leak their hideouts.

The murder was widely condemned in Cameroon after the suspects filmed the gruesome act and posted the video online.

Separatists have been seeking to secede from the majority French-speaking Cameroon and create an independent nation in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest which they call “Ambazonia.” They have been clashing with government forces since 2017. Enditem

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  1. Another Déjà-vu.

    LRC is indeed INSANE


    because LRC doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    The UN General Assembly always meets in September. LRC always does everything possible to demonise the separatists in front of the UNGA in order to prevent any discussion of the Anglophone Question

    Last year in August, Atanga Nji boys murdered Florence Ayafor. LRC accused the separatists and arrested three so-called separatists as proof.
    The next UNGA meeting will take place next month.
    August 2020, Atanga Nji boys murdered another woman in muyuka. LRC accused the separatists and arrested three so-called separatists as proof.
    Of course, the same circus will repeat itself in August 2021.

    SHAME ON LRC!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t think in the history of the world there have a more barbaric group of people such as the anglofools of Cameroon especially the Bamenda man, as we move forward a rigorous scientific approach should be taken to determine whether or not those savages are fit to live in a sane society. Either way another Anglo on Anglo crime, I guess to themselves their own lives don’t matter , so who are we to condemn their ways of live , their culture ?! Violence, brutality ,rape ,theft /criminal endeavors are well ingrained in the Anglobamifools DNA. So no surprise here, this is a groupe of animals who are still fighting tribal wars lol

    • Crying for my country

      What are you babbling about? For years now you have been very very confused on this forum. What exactly have you said ? Most of the time it is better to shut up when you don’t know something sensible to say.

  3. ambasonia is a terrorist organization .

    • Crying for my country

      @Bamendabo]y, Cameroun will never go anywhere with people like you. If you are out of the country, please just stay there. We need people with constructive ideas. No matter how long any war takes, it always ends with reconciliation of the waring parties. So sir, your demonization of people from a certain part of the country is a waste of time.

    • I am informed cameroun BIR is going to be grouped under a terrorist organisation responsible for most crimes in Ambazonia

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