Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor (from Cameroon) Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine

A Houston doctor from Cameroon who praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus has become a star on the right-wing internet, garnering tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone. Donald Trump Jr. declared the video of Stella Immanuel a “must watch,” while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.

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Stella Immanuel (Gwandiku-Ambe)

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams.

Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.

She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.

Immanuel gave her viral speech on the steps of the Supreme Court at the “White Coat Summit,” a gathering of a handful of doctors who call themselves America’s Frontline Doctors and dispute the medical consensus on the novel coronavirus. The event was organized by the right-wing group Tea Party Patriots, which is backed by wealthy Republican donors.

In her speech, Immanuel alleges that she has successfully treated hundreds of patients with hydroxychloroquine, a controversial treatment Trump has promoted and says he has taken himself. Studies have failed to find proof that the drug has any benefit in treating COVID-19, and the Food and Drug Administration in June revoked its emergency authorization to use it to treat the deadly virus, saying it hadn’t demonstrated any effect on patients’ mortality prospects.

“Nobody needs to get sick,” Immanuel said. “This virus has a cure.”

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Trump Doubles Down on Demon Sperm Doc

Immanuel said in her speech that the supposed potency of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment means that protective face masks aren’t necessary, claiming that she and her staff had avoided contracting COVID-19 despite wearing medical masks instead of the more secure N95 masks.

“Hello, you don’t need a mask. There is a cure,” Immanuel said.

Toward the end of Immanuel’s speech, the event’s organizer and other participants can be seen trying to get her away from the microphone. But footage of the speech captured by Breitbart was a hit online, becoming a top video on Facebook and amassing roughly 13 million views—significantly more than “Plandemic,” another coronavirus disinformation video that became a viral hit online in May, when it amassed roughly 8 million Facebook views.

“Hydroxychloroquine” trended on Twitter, as Immanuel’s video was embraced by the Trumps, conservative student group Turning Point USA, and pro-Trump personalities like Diamond & Silk. But both Facebook and Twitter eventually deleted videos of Immanuel’s speech from their sites, citing rules against COVID-19 disinformation. The deletions set off yet another round of complaints by conservatives of bias at the social-media platforms.

Immanuel responded in her own way, declaring that Jesus Christ would destroy Facebook’s servers if her videos weren’t restored to the platform.

“Hello Facebook put back my profile page and videos up or your computers with start crashing till you do,” she tweeted. “You are not bigger that God. I promise you. If my page is not back up face book will be down in Jesus name.”

Immanuel is a registered physician in Texas, according to a Texas Medical Board database, and operates a medical clinic out of a strip mall next to her church, Firepower Ministries.

Immanuel was born in Cameroon and received her medical degree in Nigeria. In a GoFundMe legal defense fund, which swelled from just $90 to $1,616 hours after her speech, Immanuel claims without offering any proof that members of a Houston networking group for women physicians are scheming to take her medical license away over her support for hydroxychloroquine.

It’s not clear whether anyone is actually trying to take Immanuel’s license. But many of her earlier medical claims are definitely ludicrous.

In sermons posted on YouTube and articles on her website, Immanuel claims that medical issues like endometriosis, cysts, infertility, and impotence are caused by sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives”—a phenomenon Immanuel describes essentially as witches and demons having sex with people in a dreamworld.

“They are responsible for serious gynecological problems,” Immanuel said. “We call them all kinds of names—endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them cysts, but most of them are evil deposits from the spirit husband,” Immanuel said of the medical issues in a 2013 sermon. “They are responsible for miscarriages, impotence—men that can’t get it up.”

In her sermon, Immanuel offers a sort of demonology of “nephilim,” the biblical characters she claims exist as demonic spirits and lust after dream sex with humans, causing all matter of real health problems and financial ruin. Immanuel claims real-life ailments such as fibroid tumors and cysts stem from the demonic sperm after demon dream sex, an activity she claims affects “many women.”

“They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm,” Immanuel said in her sermon. “Then they turn into the man and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.”

According to Immanuel, people can tell if they have taken a demonic spirit husband or spirit wife if they have a sex dream about someone they know or a celebrity, wake up aroused, stop getting along with their real-world spouse, lose money, or generally experience any hardship.

Alternately, they could just be having dream-sex with a human witch instead of a demon, she posits.

“There are those that are called astral sex,” Immanuel said in the sermon. “That means this person is not really a demon being or a nephilim. It’s just a human being that’s a witch, and they astral project and sleep with people.”

Immanuel’s bizarre medical ideas don’t stop with demon sex in dreams. In a 2015 sermon that laid out a supposed Illuminati plan hatched by “a witch” to destroy the world using abortion, gay marriage, and children’s toys, among other things, Immanuel claimed that DNA from space aliens is currently being used in medicine.

“They’re using all kinds of DNA, even alien DNA, to treat people,” Immanuel said.

Immanuel’s website offers a prayer to remove a generational curse originally received from an ancestor but transmitted, in Immanuel’s telling, through placenta. Immanuel claimed in another 2015 sermon posted that scientists had plans to install microchips in people, and develop a “vaccine” to make it impossible to become religious.

“They found the gene in somebody’s mind that makes you religious, so they can vaccinate against it,” Immanuel said.

Immanuel elaborated on her fascination with witchcraft in her 2015 Illuminati sermon, claiming that witches were intent on seizing control of children.

In her 2015 sermon on the Illuminati’s supposed agenda to bring down the United States, Immanuel argues that a wide variety of toys, books, and TV shows, from Pokémon—which she declares “Eastern demons”—to Harry Potter and the Disney Channel shows Wizards of Waverly Place and That’s So Raven were all part of a scheme to introduce children to spirits and witches. Immanuel warned that the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana was a gateway to evil, because its character had an “alter ego.” She has claimed that schools teach children to meditate so they can “meet with demons.”

In the sermon, Immanuel preserved special vitriol for the Magic 8-Ball, a toy that can be shaken up to “reveal” any answer. Immanuel claims the otherwise innocuous Magic 8-Ball was in fact a scheme to get children used to witchcraft.

“The 8-Ball was a psychic,” she said.

Immanuel’s oddball claims about the world extend to politics. She didn’t bring up this allegation publicly in Washington, but she has claimed that the American government is run in part by non-human reptilians.

“There are people that are ruling this nation that are not even human,” Immanuel said in her 2015 Illuminati sermon, before launching into a conversation she had with a “reptilian spirit” she described as “half-human, half-ET.”

Immanuel has also used her pulpit to preach hatred of LGBT people. Shortly before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, Immanuel warned her flock that gay marriage meant that “very soon people are going to be seeking to marry children” and accused gay Americans of practicing “homosexual terrorism.” In the same sermon, she praised a father’s decision to not love his transgender son after a gender transition.

“You know the crazy part?” Immanuel said. “The little girl demands he must love her anyway. Really? You will not get it from me, I’d be like ‘Little girl, when you come back to be a little girl again, but you talk—for now, I’m gone.’”

Unusually for a pediatrician, Immanuel has praised corporal punishment for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes corporal punishment, and claims that the “vast majority” of pediatricians do not recommend it.

“Children need to be whipped,” she declared in a 2015 sermon, before adding that she didn’t think children should be “abused.”

It’s also not clear that Immanuel has abided by her claims that face masks aren’t necessary. In her Washington speech, Immanuel claimed that she and her medical staff had avoided any COVID-19 infections while wearing only medical masks. But in two videos shot at her clinic, Immanuel appears to be wearing an N95 mask, which offers more protection.

Immanuel has also alleged that masks of all kinds are superfluous, because she says COVID-19 can be easily cured with hydroxychloroquine. But in a Facebook video advertising her clinic, Immanuel said anyone seeking treatment should wear a face mask before entering the clinic.

“Wear a mask, or a scarf, or anything to cover your face,” Immanuel said in the video.

Immanuel has seized on her newfound celebrity, tweeting a video demanding that CNN hosts and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief Anthony Fauci give her jars of their urine so she can test if they’re secretly taking hydroxychloroquine even as they caution against its use.

“I double dog dare y’all give me a urine sample,” Immanuel tweeted in her challenge.

Now Immanuel is angling for the key rite of passage for any budding MAGA-world personality: a visit to the Trump White House. Late Monday night, Immanuel tweeted that she was open to meeting the president.

“Mr President I’m in town and available,” she tweeted. “I will love to meet with you.

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  1. She is an Ambazonian. Kikikikikikikikiki

  2. That’s a fraud. If You don’t know the acronym of NIH and you’re a practicing physician in the USA that’s troubling. Hydroxy Chloroquine has no scientifically determined therapeutic value in treating patients with COVID.

    Ma’am please submit the data and patient docs (upon consent) for review. Isolated and singular cases do not qualify as PROOF. Note that 70% of covid cases either have no symptoms or mild symptoms. China doesn’t use it, neither does Germany, Spain, the rest of EU or even S. Africa that abandoned it’s use. Bear in mind that S. Africa actually manufactures a generic version of this medication.

    Stop doing Trump’s bidding. He requested bleach and UV light. Soon he will request “piss” (urine) that most Africans adore as a therapy for convulsion.

    It’s a big shame.

  3. Kikikikikiki, Ambazonia Doctor.


    “Yaounde authorities have maintained what is being considered a disturbing silence over dangerous comments made in a viral video by a woman from the South region.

    The woman whose identity we are yet to get has in a video against the Bamilekes on social media, called them “dirty pigs”.

    Her social media outburst was reportedly triggered by an apparent acquisition of land in the South region by the Bamilekes.

    Speaking with so much hate and frustration, she promised every Bamileke in the south region death.

    “You Bamilekes who come to our region to buy land are all going to die. You will definitely perish if you ever set foot on our soil again you set of thieves!” she blasted.”

    • “I call the attention of all Bamileke people in possession of any land in our region, we are going to kill you all one after the other… and if you paid anything for those lands, get ready to lose your funds because you won’t get any dime in return” she threatened.
      “If it is a coup which you all plotted with Paul Biya to come and seize all our lands from us, then know you have failed, that won’t work … Have it in mind that the southerners have awoken, and all those evil ideas you have in those dirty heads of pigs will go in vain. Know that not a single metre square of land will be lost to anyone of you… we are going to chop off heads. That war will come and in that war, you will be losers. You are all a nomad population”

    • “… I am calling on our brothers of the south to join me in this fight because blood will flow in this land and the Bamilekes must go back to their region because we’ve had enough of them” she concluded.”

      * MYTAKE*

      All stolen Bakweri kand in VICTORIA will be recovered from the BULU thieves WITHOUT COMPENSATION,

      Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE; UNCONTROLLABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.


      • That woman was @Bikutsi who flew in lately from Ghana. Remember the genocidaire promised to kick out @Zamzam’s mother’s people when she gets on the ground few months ago.

        • L’enemy aka l’enemie

          I know reading and comprehension is not one of the strongest qualities of your cult. But do i have to remind you Bikutsi is a proud Fang woman.

          Do not disown your Ambazonian minister of scientific research like you’re disowning sicksicksinku.

          may the gods of odeshi grant you wisdom.


        • Kikikiki,


          You can yell till thy kingdom come.

          CMR belongs to all sons and daughters of CMR. Ethno-fascists like your kinds will have no place in the new dawn.

          Luckily enough, we have tagged your ethno-fascist kinds as MAD. Some of you own land and/or property in EU/USA, yet you refuse to accept that a CMR can do same in his own country.

          @ short man, you think the inhabitants of Limbe/SW don’t know your trick? You think you can fool/distract them with your anti-bami campaign?

          Abeg, @Joshua, please come and explain to l’enemi-e what his trick is…

  5. All Immigrants in America is Registered Aliens. She does get one half truth and a Bunch of lies!

    • All Immigrants in America are Registered as Aliens. She does get one half truth and a Bunch of lies!

  6. The one thing about Cameroonians, is that they like castigating their own. Worse
    still, they will not challenge with proof or convincing logic. She has done her own,
    let others do theirs and come out with proof. Since no treatment has yet come out,
    anything that can treat even one person to get well, should be tested and accepted.
    Cameroonians are quick to call Trump names. What about your Biya? Any signs of
    him, even now that the people want just a consolation speech from him?

    • Joshua,

      How the palaba vex u like say na ya wife or sister this? She is not a Cameroonian. She is an Ambazonian? Speaking of leadership.

      1. Have you questioned Sako Ikome about the whereabouts of over $2 million he stole from Ambazonians in the US?

      2. Where does the money for all the flag sales go to? Have you asked Dr. Prof. Cho ayaba, the chimp of Norway?

      If the ting hot you, when you get to Buea, you can appoint her the minister of scientific research of your facebook country.

      • Lazy capenters, will always complain, divert attention, insult etc
        but will never contribute or be constructive.
        Please, bring your own to the table or public like she has done.
        Grumblers, doing their thing day and night and on every issue.
        And this, is the culture cameroonians have in their brains and
        are busy transfering from one generation to another. Worst still,
        spreading it all over the places wherever they find themselves.
        Dr. Fru, they castigate. Bishop Kleda, they castigate etc. What a
        people and a culture.

  7. As an Ambazonian,am proud of her.bring an alternative cure before you castigate her.we are proud of our own,and no matter what the world says sister we got your back.

    • That, is the point. Let everyone, bring his or her own, to the table.
      This castigations, blackmail, backstabbings, gossipings etc, can not
      treat the Coro. We treat, with medication{s} etc, not empty words.

  8. Only Ambazonians will believe a Dr. who says some women have sex with demons at night. Chaii Ambazombies. Wuna foolishness don pass me.

    • The debate is about what she said is the cure for COVID 19.i was expecting some of you to come out here and tell us that the number of patients she said she treated is false,or that some of them died,or equally that some relatives of her patients have claimed their loved ones suffering from COVID 19 died in her clinic/hospital including those with pre existing conditions.

      There are various schools of thought as to what is happening out there in the abstract world and she is entitled to her opinion.
      Foolishness may be embedded in Ambazonian DNA but we really don’t need some extra smart people out there teaching us how to pull our own down.
      We are proud of her and even if she falls,we will still rally around her and encourage her to stand up and walj again.

      • She learned this bullsh’t when she studied in Nigeria. @ palapala, don’t tell me you believe in this useless Nigerians who call themselves “man of god” who are destroying the anglophone community with their deceits.

        • Many small boys in this forum. The world, is bigger and larger,
          that just what eyes can see. Listening and learning, can reveal
          many things. Did Biya, not come with his own – The Grand Master?

        • Too many Ambazombies on this forum. This is how you fooled people to donate to the security guard pastor in MD.

          Wuna too dull. You do not deserve even a village. Not to talk of a country!!


  9. Wow!!!! @ Joshua, You just degraded yourself to the point of uselessness. May the almighty God bless your soul. Read the ten commandments my brother. Those are God’s laws. Biya’s time is coming to an end soon. You are still young. You have enough time to repent. Many souls have been lost because of your Ambazonia foolishness. You don’t want to end up like Biya. Do you? RIP the greatest captain of Cameroon. Tataw Eta Stephen aka Javion. I love you bro.

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