UN rights chief rejects killings acknowledged by Cameroon

UN News | The UN’s human rights chief has been weighing in on recent killings committed by State authorities, or by rogue members of State military forces, emphasizing that all Governments must strictly abide by international law and hold those who serve, accountable for any violations.

In a statement released on Wednesday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, welcomed the acknowledgement by the Government of Cameroon – following a national investigation – that members of its military were involved in the deaths of at least 13 people in a village in the country’s northwest region, as well as the announcement of new legal proceedings against them.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, she condemned the execution of two prisoners under the age of 18 by Iranian authorities.

Violence and panic in Cameroon

Allegations began to circulate in February that three Cameroonian soldiers were involved in the killing of members of an armed separatist group, along with others, in the village of Ngarbuh, in the country’s northwest. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced there in recent years by clashes between national forces and separatists.

OHCHR was among a range of voices calling on the Government to ensure that its security forces conduct themselves in strict accordance with international law during all operations.

A commission established to investigate the killings found that two soldiers and a gendarme, aided by 10 members of a vigilante committee, stormed Ngarbuh and shot dead five members of the separatist group.

When the servicemen discovered that women and children had been killed as a result of the operation, they panicked and burned down houses to try to cover up their actions.

“I welcome the Government’s decision to set up a national commission of inquiry…to look into these killings,” said the OHCHR chief. “It is now essential that all those responsible for the deaths of the people in the village of Ngarbuh are held fully to account in a fair and transparent judicial process.”

Cameroonian authorities have said that legal proceedings are being initiated against the three servicemen and that they are continuing to search for the vigilante members.

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  1. Liar, liar pants on fire biya! You don’t carry out a military operation with two soldiers and one gendarme! Name all the killers of women and children. You will not get away with this; there are satellite pictures and eyewitness accounts of what happened. You started the war and the world is watching you.

  2. Supranational organizations (UN, UNCHR, etc) are not doing any better!!!!!!! First of all, Before Ngarbuh and well after it, there were silimilar killings. What impression are residents of these other neglected villages to have? Secondly, by which law of nature or of man, is a criminal allowed to investigate him/herself and pass judgement? Thirdly, where is the credibility of passing into anonymity the actors of a crime? Why place at the doorsteps of foot soldiers orders that came from ” les hautes instructions de la haute hierarchie”?

    Where the investigations of the killings of two mothers with kids on their backs lead to? Did star actors – Ministers of Information and Communication – not whitewash them all as very professionally trained by Americans?

  3. The UN &AU are useless organizations and would never do anything to the “King” of LRC. Southern Cameroonians must ready and willing to sacrifice to be freed. They must fight to the last man standing otherwise they are going to continue to kill them like dogs. A war that know no prisoners!. Kill at sight is the order from General Nka Valerie, a bulu man!

    • Camerbeleiver (Colby )

      @Mbutman at the same time you are eating burgers in your hideout who is fooling who? hahaha crazy man!!!!

  4. The African Union is busy sleeping, as usual. Not even a comment, only to soon start to cry foul, which is mostly what they are good at, that external bodies are meddling in the business of Africa.

  5. There’s a corellation of the killers with their Bulu/Beti Origin. If the killing of 2 wome, children and an entire community in the notth; Ciriaque , Godwe Mana Didier, Manasse Djakobei, Tchanga Chiengang, Donossou Gorvou Barnabas, Ntienche Fewoli Ghislain Landry, Abega Mbezoa Eko, Nka Valere. Of the genocide in Ambazonia; Bi Mvondo, Ze Meka, Chantal Biya, Ze Nyangono, Baba Guida, Sanding Sanding, Haranga Gilbert, Aboudi Martin, Sadi Emmanuel, Joseph Fouda, Beti Assomo etc. Your days are coming. A breed of genocide enablers.

    • Thank you. Smart ones do their research while chatterboxes waste away energy and time.

  6. all this organisations are part of instruments created by the aryan world to control others like sheep.by looking at who pay for thier existence, we know who they serve.

    • The servant of God Almighty

      Bah acho,

      You are the most useless person I have ever heard of in my life. They are talking here about the killing of innocent women and children and you are busy talking about what???

      Once a foul, always a foul. Do you have any human feelings? Are you that heartless? You should be ashamed of yourself because even animals have feelings. It’s a pity to have someone like you in this universe.

      • The servant of almighty,,,,,you must be a Christian or Muslim which means incapacity to use the brain to think rationally. Since when did the life of africans become important to those who have made a way of life to slaughter ours for wealth and power? Base on the truth experience has shown that when aryans talk about the value of human life, they are talking about aryan lives nothing more. All the genocides they committed round the world from asia to Africa, south America, Australia new Zealand stand as evidence forever. All the organisations they creat, UN WTO, IMF, UNHCR, are tools to promote their harmony with the collaboration of the most ignorant amongst us.

    • @servant of God My brother don’t waste your writing on a low life who back in the day you used to talk about weragui masquerading as a man of culture until time prove him wrong. You know you can cure stupid until you see one.What a basement of society some of us have turned out to be on this forum . All I can say is shame.

  7. Of what good, will it be, when they are judged and found guilty, but the purnishment,
    is that they are posted to Mora in the far north and abandoned there until they retire?
    Or, sent back to their country – Tchad?

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