World Bank Lends Cameroon $743 Million for Development Projects

Bloomberg | The World Bank will give Cameroon concessional loans worth a total of 632 million euros (about $740 million) to support development projects in the central African economy.

Alamine Ousmane Mey

The funding is earmarked for an agriculture development project in northern Cameroon, a secondary education support project, the Cameroon-Chad Electricity Interconnection project to allow the country to export power, and a women’s initiative, Cameroon’s Economy Minister Alamine Ousmane Mey told reporters in the capital, Yaounde.

Mey spoke alongside World Bank Vice President for West and Central Africa, Ousmane Diagana.

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  1. 748 million should not even be the annual budget of a small village is not printed bank notes but value.if we target a particular market and concentrate on serving it.they will give us bank notes in put it simple,if we grow apples and export to thailand which import apples a year for over 50 million euros.they will give us bank notes.

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  2. These people who are fighting a war can take a loan of just $743 Million? wanders they can borrow this kind of small money? at nation financing a war? is this a joke. People from other continents really look down on us.