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3 Cameroonian Nationals Facing Charges In Western Pa. Internet Fraud Scheme

SLIPPERY ROCK (KDKA) – Three African nationals from Cameroon are facing charges in an organized, intra-national internet fraud scheme uncovered in western Pennsylvania.

According to police, large amounts of money were wired through Western Union and MoneyGram at various locations in Butler, Lawrence and Mercer counties.

Police say the total is at least $20,000, but it is expected to grow.

Lawrence Njabon Francis, 37, and Lawrence Nana Tchakounte, 26, attend Slippery Rock University on student visas. Both have been arrested and bond has been set at $100,000.

A third man, Emmenuel Nkwate, 31, entered the country through Mexico claiming refugee status. Police are still searching for Nkwate.

Through the course of their investigation, police discovered forged documents including, driver’s licenses, registration plates and business checks. Evidence of fake passports was also found.

All are facing a list of charges including, corrupt organizations, forgery, insurance fraud and money laundering.


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  1. They forget to know that they are not in LRC

  2. They are from LRC. They are not SC

  3. SC Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the crooks, keep up the good work…………..Once again SC oyeee.

  4. Palava no fine United States

    Stuff like this makes everyone or somewhat some of us look bad in this foreign land. It’s out right disturbing. If you are doing that in Cameroon I will understand, but doing it in a land of opportunities like the USA is sickening.
    This is not Cameroon that your Godfather can talk to his favorite minister and u get out, here u face the law and get sentencing with no rumors.

  5. No surprises here.
    The same people from the epicentre of “what’s bad in Cameroon “

  6. The miscreants were naive to assume that their new environment would provide them the same lackadaisical climate of police investigation. Tough luck comes after the proverbial 99th day!

  7. Can’t judge no one .. Those at the top gave our nation to the devil ( France) in exchange for worthless prestige in third world and depriving our people of their basic rights is the reason why we have been reduce to this around the world . Able young man who would’ve been taking the nation to a greater level , bringing national pride have now turn into scammers only cuz of how our system misplaced their priorities.. God help us

  8. After struggling to leave the Country for green pastures, instead of either educating yourselves and secure good Jobs in a competive world and ensure better life style, instead you lazy and greedy Folks choose crime, is a big shame to our Nation which reputation is already soiled worldwide. Now you will learn that crime don,t pay.

    • I dont think its a shame to Cameroon(ians). Even in heaven there were bad guys–Lucifer, does it mean the saints will lose their credibility? There is no where on this planet you wont find people like this but like you rightly said its a pity that they re in a nation where people re willing to pay millions of fcfa to be there and instead of leveraging their presence for their best and that of their family they decided to engaged in such.

      I think we should have counselors at the airport for first time travelers…who will give 10mins of their time for counseling on the day or before

  9. This is the American dream.