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African Union Calls for Libya ‘Slave Market’ Probe

VOA | DAKAR, SENEGAL — The African Union on Friday called for Libyan authorities to investigate “slave markets” of black Africans operating in the conflict-torn nation, following the release of shocking images showing the sale of young men.

The demand followed the release of CNN footage of a live auction in Libya where black youths were presented to north African buyers as potential farmhands and sold off for as little as $400.

Guinean President Alpha Conde, who is also chairman of the African Union, demanded an inquiry and prosecutions relating to what he termed a “despicable trade … from another era.”

Meanwhile, Senegal’s government, commenting on Facebook, expressed “outrage at the sale of sub-Saharan African migrants on Libyan soil,” which constituted a “blight on the conscience of humanity.”

African migrants from nations including Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Gambia make the dangerous crossing through the Sahara to Libya with hopes of making it over the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.

But testimony collected by AFP in recent years has revealed a litany of rights abuses at the hands of gang leaders, human traffickers and the Libyan security forces, while many end up stuck in the unstable north African nation for years.

More than 8,800 stranded migrants have been returned home this year, according to the International Organization for Migration, which is also amassing evidence of slavery.

Conde further appealed for the Libyan authorities to “reassess migrants’ detention conditions” following revelations about squalid jails and detention centers that await migrants who are caught trying to reach the coast.

“These modern slavery practices must end and the African Union will use all the tools at its disposal,” Conde added.

Libya has opened an investigation into the practice, CNN reported Friday, and pledged to return those taken as slaves to their countries of origin.

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  1. Vaiocomputers

    What is there to probe you this stupid AU

    • Please give the organization credit for waking up to its duty. Don’t we all learn from past mistakes? Be proud of the new dynamism!

  2. europe at all cost

  3. Condemning slavery in Libya and encouraging the enslavemment, colonization and slaughtering in Southern Cameroons is nothing but hypocrisy par excellence. Attack cause of the dangerous migration which is BAD GOVERNANCE!

    • My brother I prefer to listen to the Union in the village with bataya the goat thief talking to this billionaire club of dotard cannibals! They have sold our souls and reap us of our rights, depriving us from even a glimpse of national wealth. A toothless group of very bad men who organize meetings like these so they can sleep with Russian prostitutes while France cleans us dry. Nonsense pippo

  4. And when Late Col. Ghadaffi was ousted and killed what did they -AU do? When French created the terrorist propaganda in Mali and sent their troops to ‘protect Mali’ against radical insurgency, what did they – AU do?
    Now Ghadaffi is out and the Mediterranean sea has become a cemetery to more to 20,0000 young african men and women like me and you. If any of the deceased was your relative, then you will have an idea of what it means and feels. We take so many little things for granted and whats the results? Slavery by acceptance unlike slavery by force in the old. The AU is a disgrace and total disappointment.

  5. c kel saloperie xa?? allet protester devant vos ambassade afin que vos leaders arrete la corruption dans vos pays et cree des emplois pour vos jeunes au lieu de les voir partir au risque de se retrouver en esclavage…le gouvernment Libyen va faire koi?? negro faut arreter de blamer les autres pour vos propre turpitude…vous garder des leaders corrumpus ki vs vendent de la meme maniere et venez faire le boucan comme tjrs..tonneau vide que vs etes..vous avez vendu kadaffi union africaine…negre ..tjrs negres…ceux qui ont cree tt xa c tjrs eux qui vs envois faire le boucan au mauvais endroit…cerveau bien laver..negro! jai honte d’etre negro moi!

  6. Their (suppose slaves) emotion and body language tells me a different story. Watch their faces!

    • do u think they know what’s going on? Do you think these same victims have been at this same position before this? It’s not like they understand the language. Think.

  7. I know all this is a setup..a diversion..distraction organised by the same peoples that killed kadaffi to insult us black again..listen Biya and his cronies are selling us every single day!