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Anglophone crisis: Cameroon must return to federal system abolished under Ahidjo

africanews | As the security and social crisis in Cameroon’s Anglophone region rages, a former United States ambassador is advocating a return to federalism as the only viable solution.

Herman Cohen, a former assistant Secretary of State for Africa says the government must go back for the original federal system that was in his view ‘illegally abolished’ during the tenure of the country’s first president Ahmadou Ahidjo.

Ahidjo the country’s first president governed with a federal system for the first twelve years of his presidency. But in 1972, the federal system was abolished for a United Republic of Cameroon directed from Yaounde.

There has been a resurgence in the push by southern Cameroonians to secede from French-dominant Cameroon. A similar agitation started in the late 1990s. The recent one (October 2017 till date) started as peaceful protests against marginalization till the government cracked down on protesters.

It has now taken a violent turn as separatists elements have staged guerilla style attacks on security forces killing over twenty of them. The two Anglophone regions (North West and South West) have also been under curfew for the last few months.

Ahidjo stepped down as president in 1982 and Paul Biya took over the reigns. The current governance structure concentrates power in the presidency despite two chambers of the legislature – the 180-member National Assembly and the 100-member Senate.

The President is elected for a seven-year mandate. The presidency creates policy, administers government agencies, commands the armed forces, negotiates and ratifies treaties, and declares a state of emergency if need be.

The president appoints government officials at all levels, from the prime minister (considered the official head of government), to the provincial governors and divisional officers. President Biya is sure to run in polls scheduled for later this year.

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  1. Republic of Ambazonia want a total separation from banana Republic French Cameroon these are two different countries with two systems of govence there is nothing similar with these two countries Ahijoh and Biya only use the French man curropt style to abolished the terms of the unification and was now in the prosess of assimilating Southern Cameroon before God open out eyes in 2016 therefore the time is now for total freedom for Ambazonia not federation
    God punish the Biya and all his followers Ambazonia will never I mean never again joint this illegal union.

    • @ Good man. Ambazonians don’t represent Anglophones. They are a bunch of mentally enslaved terrorists. Some of them are even Nigerians. The name Ambazonia doesn’t even sound African. It sounds Eastern European. Slave mentality. You can go and form your Ambazonia republic somewhere near Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia or Estonia etc. For your information Anglophone Cameroonians are Africans and not Europeans and don’t need any European type name to determine their identity. The majority of anglophone Cameroonians want nothing to do with your terrorist organisation. All we want is to get rid of the Biya regime and the implementation of a Federal system. You hijacked our movement headed by the wise and brave Agbor Balla. Biya is the one who wins with your terrorist activities and not anglophones.

      • @Bobjazz
        First of all, as a mentally sick Bamilike swine, you have no right to use those filthy leprosy infected fingers of yours to speak on behalf of Anglophones.
        Secondly, as a borderline illiterate, your pronouncements about the on-going stand-off can only be flagrantly ignorant and therefore inconsequential.
        Thirdly, as and incurable alcoholic, you are completely obvious to the fact that a good 99 % of actual Anglophones; not the 1 % wannabe Bamilike bastards like your pitiable self are all in for total separation from LRC.
        So do us a favor and get the hell out of our country. We resent and resist your pretentious claim to Anglophone heritage, and worst yet, we disdain and despise you as a people.

        • @ Manyaka I am sure you are one of those Nigerians I mentioned above. Cameroonians don’t use such fowl language. Go and meet your Biafra brothers and live us alone. I am a proud English speaking Cameroonian from Santa in the NW province.You are not part of us. When you Biafrans can’t convince wise English speaking Cameroonians to join your foolishness you start associating them with the Biya regime or different tribes and calling them illiterates. The fact that you copy and paste soundbites from American newspapers doesn’t proof you are literate and for your information the English language is not a measure of your level of literacy. Slave mentality. My chinese physics professor’s written English wasn’t the best but he was a PHD. Only illiterates and semi literates call others illiterate.

      • Bobjazz

        I will send you a jug of the finest tumbu-liquor for calling these sub-tropical anglo-saxons what they truly are; a bunch of carbon-copy Europeans terrorizing Africans in the name of “divine” self-determination.

        They are no different from the equatorial gaulist led by popol who have been terrorizing that country for thirty five years today.

        No mind them. Its all hot air.

        • A fool with no knowledge of his past knows not where his big head is going. Go and ask ambassador Herman Cohen the nexus of this problem. It’s a shame you are hiding in his country but that is reasonable proximity.

        • Mabanda Boy,

          Your past is not my past. I do not have common ancestry with bloodthirsty cretins.

          I hope the equatorial gaulist teach you the lessons of your life. No self-respecting nation will come to your rescue.

          I am an African. A Tikar to be precise. Go shove your imaginary nation up your you know what.

      • Bobjazz, if u say that the majority of Anglophones want nothing to do with Ambazonia, then you guys should call for a referendum and if you will get even 2% of anglophone votes. Let me tell you what u need to know, every anglophones is secessionist to the core. Did you hear what the government delegate of Bamenda told the newly installed generals of the newly created military base in NW. He told them they must learn to speak either English or pidgin to the people of Bamenda. That gives you a clue of were his heart lies.

        • @ Man no run. What you just wrote is non sense. If the separatists had just 1/3 support from the anglophones, Biya would have been worried as we would have been attacking Biya and not our own people and infrastructures. You guys are terrorists and we the wise and majority anglophones will soon start flushing you out if you continue to make our lives difficult in the NW and SW provinces with your terrorist activities. Why don’t you go and fight Biya in Mvomeka instead of destroying our schools and infrastructures and pretending you are fighting for freedom. You are all cowards.

        • @Bobjazz
          Apparently your imaginary “Chinese professor” did not teach you basic arithmetic. Otherwise, illiteracy coupled with your incessant condition as an incurable alcoholic precludes you from knowing that 99 % of real Anglophones are all in for total seperation from Lr. The only exception are of course the fringe elements comprising mostly of filthy Bamilike and Bassa settlers like your worthless, ignorant self who constitute the insignificant minority still clamoring for a maintenance of status quo.
          Before you deny it for the hundredth time, yes, you are a smelly pathetic Bamilike scum, and yes, you are borderline illiterate and it shows by the sheer nonsense in your denial of the obvious.

        • @Manyaka76
          You are better off enjoying the few good strangers on the land than losing sleep over unrepentant irredeemably lost souls aptly called “paper citizens” of Ambazonia. For indeed at present as in the past, there are persons who crossed the Mungo and sincerely embraced Ambazonia values even as the dishonest ones continue to straddle the Mungo divide, causing confusion. Ignore the fakes and welcome the committed one’s.

  2. Mabanda Boy don buy case

    This people still think Ambazonians are joking. We will keep pushing for the restoration our statehood even if it means sending all the terrorist birs back to LRC in body bags. The gorilla is out for full guerilla. We Ambazinians have come to terms that we are on our own. The world has abandoned us to a genocide and we have taken our liberation fate in our hands. We are aware no UN, no backstabbing Nigerians, no french thieves, no English criminals nor any deceitful Americans are coming to our rescue. We aware King Biya also carries Chinese, Switzerland and Russian passports so we don’t expect any help from them either. I assure you all we have our hearts and minds that will guide us through the thorny bushes. Ambazonia forever. Kill all the terrorist soldiers invading your home and raping

    • @ manyaka76 alias Biafra chop dog. You are not an anglophone Cameroonian. You are a Biafran. Go and meet your Biafra people and continue your fight with Nigeria. We don’t want you in our beloved country and you will never ever succeed to separate us from our Francophone brothers and sisters and use us for your yam festival. Is it a bad thing we helped accommodate you during the Nigeria Biafra war? You now want to take advantage of our protest against the Biya regime to separate us from our Francophone brothers and use us for dinner during your Biafra yam festivals. Don’t worry we will soon flush you out. As I said before, Anglophone Cameroonians are not Ambazonians. We are Africans and not Eastern Europeans to have such a foolish slave mentality name.

  3. This is quite an honest remark from former Ambassador Cohen- “the federal system that as illegally abolished” is the core of the Anglophone crisis. And for those who think the Anglophone crisis is that of a language problem must really be fat-headed. Addressing the Anglophone crisis simply means a revisit to Foumban and a revisit to the current Centralized, corrupt and undemocratic structures.

    Bans left and right; presidential decrees now and then; and killings here and there won’t bring forth any solutions. In fact, they just amount to radicalizing the masses. Logically speaking, addressing the Anglophone crisis MUST touch the form of the current centralized structures and it’s rather imbecilic for LRC to think otherwise.

  4. Ambazonia Amba

    The only people I feel sorry for are the people demanding federalism and throwing insults on those who want total independence of southern Cameroons. This is because you can only achieve federation if you fight for independence. Therefore all southern Cameroonians should come together and demand total and complete respect of un resolution 1608 which granted independence of Southern Cameroons. If we can do this the least we can get is a confederation.

  5. UNDER our dead bodies we the people of the Centre south east and littoral regions will never go back to a 2 states federation based on some nonsensical alleged identity called francofools. I have nothing in common with a sobadjo or a nguelafi the 10 regions we have are working fine . To cater for some minorities it can further be cut down to 12-14 , anything else than that you are in your own , when people are asking for more representation someone wants me to believe that my interests will be best protected by mixing people based on some foreign language most people from the régions mentioned above don’t even speak . To hell with your going back to blah blah always forward never backward . I don’t even think the fools back there even understand what they are clamouring for , 85% of the

    • 85% of the population will never share anything on a 50-50 basis with the remaining 15% , it’s just common sense , if we must go through a civil war to sink it in some banso heads/coconut brains so be it, at least once it’s settled, we can shift paradigm and use the territory as a conquered one and the people as slaves . By now the state should even subsidize francofools moving to those two troublesome regions and poop babies and populate that region . I repeat there is no anglophone problem , only some fellas with low self esteem and inferiority complex that want a Beti-Francofool hug . Almost spilled my orange juice , lol @ 2 states federation ah ah

      • Eru Na Better Chop

        I can now see someone crying. Our destiny is and will always be in our hands. Wuna go cry one day. Real cry so.

      • Pinguiss makes sense here. How can an 80% majority be reduced to the whims and caprices of a 20% minority? 50/50 will not happen. That is precisely why the federation was annihilated. Let Ambazonia go for long term peace and development if that is what Anglophones want. No fuss. Hermann Cohen has to think again.

        • Its not a 50/50 because we get nothing from you. You are afraid we will go with our petroleum. That’s nonsense from you!

        • Not sure about that! In a federation of equality, federal bills cannot pass if Ambazonia walks out or vice versa. Ambazonia would have blocked bills funding sand dredging by a French company in Douala, denied funding the Kribi port project at the cost of Victoria natural sea wharf or roads to nowhere (Cemac countries). On the good side, Ambazonia could have blocked implementation of the stupid cooperation accords with France just by defunding related projects. PRC needs an AUDIT. Expenditure in the South Province need an AUDIT.

      • Ambazonia can federate with a francophone country LRC. Francophone states are stooges of France, they don t think outside the box. One man rule countries. Pay colonial taxes to France, their backward school curriculum designed in France. use colonial currency
        Are these the kind of person to be in union with?
        The worst thing that ever happened to West Cameroons was the union with colonial republic of Cameroons..
        Never and never again shall we Ambazonians ever accept union with the devil

  6. COHEn should go and have a 2 states federation with Palestine . Nonsense .

    • Look at this shameless homosexual.
      Can’t you see that this is not a discuss for a dead beat ,brainless, apathetic ex-convict like you?.
      FYI, anytime a former US diplomat to a country overtly makes such declared critisim and pronouncement on a foreign issue, it is likely in harmony with the discuss at the State department.
      Whether you and your gang of thieves masked as a government like it or not, the US is increasingly expressing her support for a complete autonomy of the two states.
      Already, a poorly armed resistance group have demonstrably exposed how weak your so called army is. A US support will automatically tip the direction of this struggle.
      Wait until an article is posted about pizza delivery associates, then your expertise opinion will be sort.

      • See desperate thug barefoot suffering from inferiority complex seeking the support of the US you think the US don’t know what is going on? Cameroon is fighting terrorists not Anglophones we f**k Cohen and will protect the integrity of our country by all means we did so during the Bakassi ,BH war if you are from Bda/Bea and you have something in your stupid mind you will realize that we have entered the killing mode neither Cohen nor Trump can stop us smoke your weeds quietly for the rest leave it.

        • Filthy Bassa baboon. Whether you like it or not, we are going to flush all of you and your fellow Macquisards brothers out of our country.
          The Nigerians thought your cowardly scouts in Bakassi, Boko Haram did the same in the North. We are going to finish where they both left off.

      • @ Manjaka76, NOT UNDER DONALD TRUMP. Keep on dreaming. The USA gov’t is not interested in this matter as it is the responsibility of their ally France. They will only intervene if France needs their help as they did in Libya. Use your brains useless Ambazonians. Bikutsi has tried to educate you people on how the world operates but hate won’t let you reason wisely. Manyaka76 please stop using such filthy language. We the real anglophone Cameroonians are civilized unlike you Biafrans who have hijacked our protest. For your information literates never use foul language as they are always very diplomatic in their reasoning.

  7. Now that Biya’s war has started, Southern Cameroonians should stop begging for dialogue. LRC will benefit more from a genuine dialogue than SC. Southern Cameroonians should concentrate on supporting our Restoration Forces FINANCIALLY. LRC can NEVER EVER defeat us in the land of our ancestors

    Biya’s war will decide the fate of that God-forsaken INFORMAL COHABITATION

    1. If LRC defeats SC, then DECENTRALISATION will be introduced
    2. If LRC cannot defeat SC, then the two states will go their different ways

    Simply put, the window of opportunity for a 2, 3, 10, or 99 states FEDERATION closed after Biya declared his UNWINNABLE war against the peaceful people of SC.

    East Timor, Kosovo, Eritrea, S. Sudan were also offered FEDERATIONS by their occupiers.
    All said NYET.


    • The leaders of Gambia were very intelligent to remove their country from the French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels referred to as SENEGAMBIA. Gambia would have been fighting a war against Senegal and France if they remained in that God forsaken SENEGAMBIA.

      It is simply a question of time that Southern Cameroonians will kick out all (100% ) LRC terrorists from SC.

      Only the TOTAL, COMPLETE and UNCONDITIONAL SEPARATION will rescue Southern Cameroonians from the evil hands of LRC.

      Not a Federation
      Not the so-called Commission on Bilingualism

      It is easy to start a war but extremely difficult to stop it.
      Biya cannot sign a decree that the war has ended because Southern Cameroonians will say with one voice N Y E T.

  8. My comment awaiting moderation!
    Maybe I should change my name.

  9. It sounds ridiculous that Federalism which was jettisoned in the past should become the solution in the present. Some sort of Bafia dance?

  10. Épée Dipanda

    Cohen ….that name sounds strangely like the British Ambassador to the UN in 1959 who allegedly got us into this mess with Larepublique by refusing to allow the will of the people of Ambazonia freely expressed at the Mamfe Conference to be captured in the plebiscite questions.
    In any case truth stands.
    We will never be slaves in our own country. Ambazonia has experienced several free and fair elections since the early 1950s. La Republique has never ever experienced free and fair election
    Ambazonia must shine forth from Buea through Kumba Mamfe and Bamenda and accross all our counties.
    We fight for those gone before us and for those yet to come.

    • Slavery is only in your stupid mind your suffering from inferiority complex like many here flooding this platform with sh**ty talk.

    • Épée,

      that’s exactly where you have to start searching for lice, on the UK Cohen’s head. Not on the bald heads of many Francos, who know nothing about the deals that were sealed b/w LRC and SC, and/or FR and UK.

      Were you all men enough, you’ll be collecting all that money raised to purchase enough wax and wax some gray hair on the queen’s butt—that is where our trouble lies—Buckingham palace.

      But as usual, you can’t be men enough to face our history—save when it suits your narrative tho.

      You know, I know, and many know, that UK did all could to block secession in the mouth of Foncha, and Foncha was d’accord—only to change mouth when all was sealed.

      LEARN to face history, and by so doing, we’ll all be lies-free…

      • Épée Dipanda

        The UK wanted Southern Cameroonian resources for her Nigerian Federation which was why they made life difficult for Foncha’s that is true. However it is obvious to all that Ahidjo and France were also fooled into thinking that Ambazonia was broke which is why francophones in Larepublique and France were against reunification and even voted against it in the UN.
        So nobody should pretend that one and indivisible illusion was desirable.
        In any case we will accept help from wherever as long as it takes us as far as possible from the evil of Larepublique.
        It will be recalled when all is said and done that all that was asked for was a discussion on the nature of the state. A revisiting of the federation. So that Gendarmes and bribery can remain east of the Mungo.

  11. All this Cameroonians losing their lives because Absentee Landlords ,Paul buya doesn’t want to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Anglophone Grievances?

  12. Federalism, is not the solution to this struggle or the outcome of any dialogue. If we had
    stood with the RON instead of LRC, it will still be the same marginalization. When it is the
    statehood of whatever, the people decide their destiny. See, the frogs have decided to remain
    under france as a division, and that is fine with them. They are not complaining of whatever.
    We have tested federalism before and it did not stand the test of time, hence the change of
    names and the war declared by biya. We can not afford repeating the same errors over and
    over. That is foolishness and one of the reasons, why many countries have not known peace
    up to now. Those who are for federalism, can not see beyond the shadows.

    • Tell me what the drawbacks were from 1961 – 1972 and we can start talking. Federation is the only alternative to independence.

      • Ambazonia can federate with a francophone country LRC. Francophone states are stooges of France, they don t think outside the box. One man rule countries. Pay colonial taxes to France, their backward school curriculum designed in France. use colonial currency
        Are these the kind of person to be in union with?
        The worst thing that ever happened to West Cameroons was the union with colonial republic of Cameroons.
        Never and never again shall we Ambazonians ever accept union with the devil..

  13. Well said Mr Cohen unfortunately we have passesd that stage .Now it’s our independence nothing more ,nothing less

    • And when you wiil get independence sir ? There was a time undocumented migrants,weeds smokers, gays/ lesbians etc..were deceiving themselves parading all over the US and Europe with a diaper they were calling flag thinking they can intimidate the government today all of this is only souvenir and disgrace now I hope these thugs have come to the reality that we will kill all terrorists in our country including their backers to show that idiocy can be contagious !

      • “Contagious” again? You wanted to write contained font you? If you don’t know the meaning of that word then better stop the malapropism.

  14. An important event – Cycling Tournament – has just been cancelled for lack of funds. How can there be enough funds to feed Ayuk Tabe and all those arrested with him indefinitely? Or are they being starved to death?

    • Épée Dipanda

      Big John, many of their mouthpieces will scream racism when the ICC comes for them but these blatant violations of human rights which are being recorded are there for all to see.
      This struggle heralds victory for Ambazonia

  15. Only the adopted son of President Biya-Mr. Atanga Nji can tell Ahidjou’s chosen President Biya that the Federal System is the best way forward leading to the full Independence of Southern Cameroons. Nothing more nothing less.

  16. they have money to fight a dirty war, kill their own people but dont have money for cyling..
    you see when a state fails and dont even understand the people who gave them their votes…
    What is the country capable of finacing?.WAR?..Killings of the people of The NWP and SWP?.
    Those with their dirty thoughts claiming the fake ,mafia and corrupt government of Biya is winning should keep dreaming till the day they will realize that the state is not even capable of paying salaries and supplying basic neccessities..Its a fake broken government that has no Agenda..Its very sad that instead of gathering energy to chase those killers and terrorist raping the economy, we spend time here with fools who think cameroons problem lies in the NWP and SWP..

    • Point of correction. They are killing only terrorists attacking the security forces and not anglophones. In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You don’t expect the security forces to fold their arms when you attack kidnap and kill some of them. It looks like you guys have been confused by Ayuk Sissiku and his gang of terrorists.

      • Illiterate Bamilike swine, following your feckless irrational construct, an 85 year old woman burnt inside her own house, is a “terrorist?” A medical student shot through the groin on her way to work is also a “terrorist?” The savage brutalizing of university students falls under the category of “killing terrorists?”
        Evil is the bane of your heritage for all your claims to “Santa origins.”

        • @ Manyaka 76 alias Biafra chop dog. Please go and eat your dog quietly in your Biafra land and live us alone. This is a Cameroon forum and not a Biafra (Ambazonia) forum. We the real Anglophone Cameroonians are civilized and wise people. We don’t use filthy language.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Then you must expect an equal and opposite reaction to the underdevelopment of Anglophone Cameroon, the violation of the federal constitution of 1961, the abolition of the federation in 1972, the marginalisation of Anglophones, destruction of our marketing board, destruction of our Cameroon Bank and violation of our people including rape and killings of students.
        If you were honest you would expect and equal and opposite response right there.
        But obviously you are not honest

  17. Ambazonia can federate with a francophone country LRC. Francophone states are stooges of France, they don t think outside the box. One man rule countries. Pay colonial taxes to France, their backward school curriculum designed in France. use colonial currency
    Are these the kind of person to be in union with?
    The worst thing that ever happened to West Cameroons was the union with colonial republic of Cameroons.
    Never and never again shall we Ambazonians ever accept union with the devil

    • @ Nsum You are right. They can’t federate because Biafra (Ambazonia) is in Nigeria and not in Cameroon.

  18. Mr. Ambassador,

    You are blowing hot air. Your country has a drone base in Cameroon. It trains the Cameroon military both in your backyard and in Cameroon. Your country supplies arms to Cameroon.

    Is it relevance you want at this stage in your life? Or do you care about the people of Cameroon? You can’t get it both ways. You go around the world supporting regimes like Ahidjo/Biya then turn around and condemn the same people you sustain.

    This Afrikan will not fall for that shit..

    • At long last you’ve mustered the courage to shed of masked identity haven’t you?
      I wonder why you couldn’t address me directly instead of riding on the comments of your fellow
      incurable alcoholic @Bobjazz?
      “The Afrikan” my a**.
      Scums like you hide under all sorts of falls premises and connotations to mask the wickedness that is embedded in your rotten sickening souls.
      A disguised Bamilike got us into our current predicament. Another one will not succeed in derailing our sworn objective this time around.

      • ….your masked…

      • @Manyaka 76 alias Biafra chop dog. Can you please go to your Biafra (Ambazonia) site and live us alone? You are not civilized enough to be part of this forum with your foul and filthy language. I know your real name is Udo Akpan and not the sweet Douala name Manyaka. I believe that’s why you are suffering from inferiority complex. You hate your identity.

        • Épée Dipanda

          If you were learned you would know that Douala people are of Congolese origin. Only God knows what makes you think Cogo is better than Nigeria. The same way you believe a German creation is better than an English and a French Creation.
          You are panicking. You know we will not yield. You already know Anglophones. You know that they talk a lot and get consensus, dialogue is in their DNA and when they finally take action, you know they never relent until they get what they want.
          I pity you, the narrative is changing for all who have eyes, they can see the writing on the wall.
          Most of you will curse Biya for aggravating Anglophones.

      • Keep revealing yourself for the inferior carbon-copy european you are.

        First things first, go learn to write with clarity without invective-free.

        Didn’t you learn anything from your blood-thirsty but gentlemanly anglo-saxon masters?

        Your words are like cheap perfume; high-sounding but meaningless. You can’t f&$# with this Abakwa boy…

    • Brothajoe, You always make me proud to be an African. I hope you can educate some of these so-called Ambazonians with your wisdom.

      • Don’t you think he should begin by attempting to address your functioning illiteracy and irreversible alcoholism? Assuming he is capable of “educating” anyone. Lol

        • @ Manyaka 76 alias chop dog. It looks like the last dog you ate was a mad dog. You Biafrans should stop eating dogs especially a mad dog.

  19. you guys are all so stupid.how can you difine your history with only 1961 and 1972.what was Cameroon before those 2 dates.it is a pity that you guys don’t know history.you should rather ask mr Cohen to bring back our two states that joined Nigeria.if someone doesn’t know his past then he is nobody.can you guys can establish your family tree?where do your ancestors came from?how where they living before the arrival of the colons?With what did they feed themselves?what are their beliefs?let us not come here insulting each other.it is not mature.let us let other to dupe us.we are losing our blood which is very bad.let us stop to look only at our flesh let look our spirit.all of us will pass and that oil will remains and nothing will change.no cameroonian is either anglo nor franco.we are 237

    • Épée Dipanda

      My ancestors were not living with Ewondo people and Bulu, they would never have accepted their way of life.
      If you don’t accept 1961, why would you accept 1910?
      There is a madness going on with those who benefit from the current corrupt regime that seems to think a German colony is better than a British and/or French colony.
      Let me repeat for people who do not understand, we had nothing to do with Adamaoua, Fang Beti and other people in Larepublique.


    Brother them ,

    why cant you guys create an environment where we can all think of how the situation can be resolved on a win win solution …Most of us are very angry …..when we finished school there was no university ….when we studied in French university there was no job …..I can go on and on but

    If the Middle East crisis is something we can learn from …then we must be wise …..IN WAR THERE ARE NO WINNERS …..WE COULD CHOOSE TO BUILD CAMEROON RATHER THAN WAR BECAUSE LIFE HAS NO DUPLICATE ……



    • @ Eyong-life no get duplicate, THANK YOU SIR. YOU ARE A WISE MAN.

    • Épée Dipanda

      Was Cameroon German before 1890? If you are going back learn how to go back properly

      • Épée Dipanda

        Britain was in Limbe in even before the Germans established as far back as the 1840s….so if you must go back that would be a nice place to begin considering in any case even before that Ambazonia had nothing to do with Fang Beti so you cannot force us to live with people who have no respect for their ancestors or their descendants because if they did, they would not offer blood, arms and death in return for a request to discuss the nature of our union.
        We will never yield, we will never be slaves on the land of our fathers, never.
        Watch Ambazonia grow stronger