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Anglophone regions gulps bulk of bilingual teachers

Journal du Cameroun | The South West and North West regions of Cameroon has taken 865 out of the one thousand bilingual teachers recruited for schools across the national territory.
The information was made public in a decree signed in Yaounde on Friday, April 20, by the Minister of Secondary Education, Dr. Nalova Lyonga.

According to the communiqué of the Minister of Secondary Education, this batch of teachers was made available to the civil service by President Paul Biya in order to solve the problem of teacher shortage in the English-speaking subsystem. In 2016, Anglophone teachers raised the issue of the shortage of teachers in the English-speaking Regions as one of the problems the educational system is suffering in this part of the country. This deficiency has been at the origin of several movements in this part of Cameroon, which has been experiencing a socio-political crisis since the end of 2016.

It would be recalled that President Biya had in 2017 ordered for the recruitment of some 1,000 bilingual teachers nationwide. As a result of this, 1,000 bilingual teachers were recruited in 2017 after a public examination was launched in order to redress the issue of shortage of teachers in the science and technical subjects.

In January 2018, after the recruitment process, some 336 candidates were pre-selected from the Northwest Region. To mitigate this situation, the Government has just assigned 865 bilingual teachers in schools across the national territory, mainly in the Southwest and Northwest Regions. The decision is the result of the work of the extraordinary session of the National Commission for posting and transfer of staff of the Ministry of Secondary Education. The recruitment process awarded positions to both French and English teachers as follows:

In the Technical field, there are 12 English subjects as well as 12 French subjects with a whopping 423 places for English subjects as against 107 for French subjects. In the scientific field, there are five English subjects and the same number for French subjects, with 372 places for English subjects and 205 for French subjects. In all, English subjects carry the lion’s share with 795 places against only 205 for French subjects.

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  1. Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue Nalova. Genuine and complete dialogue is what these people are seeking from King Biya. This will not go away even if you put a translator to each household in the NW and SW. All of you sitting up there including Yang should get that message to the King. Letting him keep painting a rotten apple red will not stop it from smelling. Right now it stinks horribly.

    • What exactly would be the term of the dialogue?? Ambazonian wants nothing but complete separation. For the gov’t the unity of Cameroon in non negotiable. What else is it to discuss??? At this point the most powerful shall win. Gov’t has met most if not all of the request formulated by lawyers and teachers at the begin of this crisis. The gov’t even freed some trouble makers with common agreement they will not return to burning schools, but most of them when back to do the same.
      It’s clear for the gov’t that nothing other than separation will work. No gov’t in the whole world will ever agree to the partition of its territory. You have to take it. So please STOP using the word dialogue.

      • The problems of these two regions goes far beyond what the lawyers and teacher grieved. Sisuku nor the government will NOT win. The opinion of the people is heavily divided between the two camps. The unity of Cameroon is non-questionable by the government and yes indeed, it is not. Nonetheless, there are several ways to look at unity. Only through a complete genuine and inclusive dialogue can Cameroonians find a way of living SEPARATELY TOGETHER. As you can see, there is a broad spectrum of options for dialogue.

        • Fon, that’s why there’s something called a framework for a dialogue; and the agenda is set by the government. So the government has stated the premise: unity is non-negotiable!

          Jameson, that was well-articulated. Keep that up!

        • Thanks Ras, coming from you.

        • @Jameson, the issue is not one of simply recruiting teachings and ignoring the fact that many Anglophones what to be heard, to participate, if it is not already too late.

          The essence of dialogue is not only about separation, but more so about coming together as a nation to set down inclusive housekeeping rules. Giving a sense of inclusivity will turn a new page, instead of Biya’s reclusive tactic of singlehandedly ruling from behind the scenes.

          He has to scale back the attitude of ruling by decrees, embrace consultation and put the people’s opinions first in the management of the day to day affairs of a united Cameroon. A full blown out civil war will paralyse the entire country and radicalised individuals can turn suicidal. Francophone Cameroon shouldn’t be too complacent.

        • ..recruiting teachers…

        • @Rat Thug, your utmost dullness is remarkable. Dialogue is not monologue. If two people are to have a conversation, the subject can be certain but no one lay down rules to drive the conversation to their camp. Unless you a dealing with Chimps, which in this case the other is too smart. Your mom should’ve aborted you. Stay quiet in that your grandma’s of a wife dungeon in Sweden…

        • Ras Pima

          I say you MAMI PIMA. Mouth Dey like Pima for nyankweh.

      • @Jameson

        you are on the wrong side of history.

        just a brief history before I get attacking here by fake secessionist.

        the name ” Cameroon ” where does it coming from?

      • When people dialogue, there is always a chance to come to compromise. That is, each party gives a portion of its cake and the result will be the quantity donated. To make things clear, the following scenarios are possible:
        1. Federation of 2 states. Francophone region to be purely decentralized.
        2. Federation of 10 states but autonomy to Anglophone region just like between Canada and Quebec.
        3. Decentralization but autonomy to the Anglophone region.

        • Those were good suggestions… Keep them coming. The possibilities are endless but we must be reminded that the African value system is the ultimate organizational principle.

        • What is the African value system? Please break it down from your perspective!

        • Break it down? That will demystify it!!!!!!

        • John [email protected] considering how greatly you contribute to this forum your rebuff to inquisative minds like [email protected] and myself is completely unfair ,please break it down for us ,even just a little bit,maybe your concept of it is even better than ras tuge @s .Thankyou.

        • Good friend, Phyrne, do not worry; FF understands the intended pun.

      • What is a government? Is it not the people of the country. Have the people spoken? Give them a chance to speak. Run a referendum…Stop dictating to people what country or system of government they should have. This is problem with Cameroon government representatives. They think they own the people and the people work for them rather than them for the people. Ambazonia is awake from the slumber and it will return no more. The earlier LRC wake up to reality the better for them

  2. What does Bilingual Teacher mean, are they simply FROGS who can express themselves in English AND French or do they posses the technical words in each subjesct they are to teach because each profession his or words and to some extend we can say a culture,
    what a supprise that in Less than two years LRC is able to produce 1000 technically qualified bilingual teachers which they could not produce in 56 years. I will never forget this once upon A time in the English Technical GCE exam before the advent of GCE Board the word ‘bougie d’allumage’ in FRench was translated into English as ‘Candle’ rather than ‘Spark PLUG’ in a national exam for student. The out come was deplorable that year.

  3. A prescription of the wrong medication, no matter how large the dose, will not automatically cure the disease at hand! At this point, two crucial questions need to be asked and answered. Did the patient articulate the disease correctly? Did the doctor make the appropriate diagnosis?
    Over the years of reunification “BILINGUAL” has been a giant TROJAN HORSE skillfully used to obscure the reality of the nation. Using an English trade name to conceal the near total French interior has worked wonderfully in promoting Cameroon Airlines, Camwater, Cameroon Development Corporation, Cameroon Embassy, etc.

    But of course every good music eventually loses appeal, n’est-ce pas?

  4. @fire

    sorry, you don’t have any prove most of the exams are writing by professional and intellectual people.

    if its the case which year was that?
    all exams have a record we can pull up and verify.

  5. And so, there is a big problem in that country and the minister is acknowledging it.
    And so, what she has done, will still not solve the problem in the long run. Reason:
    old wine in new wineskin, doesn`t taste new and is dangerous to the health of anyone,
    who consumes it.
    And so, the people`s will: STATEHOOD, is the better option, for a lasting solution.
    And so, they have to fight for it, because it can not come on a platter of gold, never.

    • @joshua

      now you re coming on your sense, I give you little credit for your statement

      • It is the few of you, Ras, bam`daboy for examlpe, who are gradually
        coming to your senses. You should do more, to bring the likes of
        Pinguiss etc along. And it all, boarders on the knowledge you failed
        to have as you were growing up. So now, start growing up.
        Tell Nalova, that in a decent society that regards the law of the land
        above all else, she would be in jail for supporting Ekema, instead of
        playing the Biya errant girl.

        • Joshua,

          You have been lost ever since the battle of Jericho… but you are gradually coming to your sense. It won’t be long before you reject your very own name in shame.

        • ‘Senses’

        • Ras Pima

          Your Mami PIMA. Dirty man, drink gari with mouth like Pima for Nyankweh.

  6. A Commission on Bilingualism or Bilingual teachers will NEVER resolve the Anglophone Question.
    This is so because the Anglophone Question is a SELF-DETERMINATION QUESTION. It can only be resolved by the people themselves and not by presidential decrees or cosmetic measures.

    In my opinion, the people of SC will resolve the Anglophone Question with the help of :

    1. A UN-supervised REFERENDUM or
    2. Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE WAR

    • The cosmetic measures of LRC will therefore NEVER EVER resolve the impasse. Lawyers and teachers are groups in SC. They speak for themselves and not for the people of SC. Yes, Biya has made some concessions to lawyers and teachers. However, SC does not belong only to teachers and lawyers. The people of SC ( lawyers, teachers, farmers, bendskin drivers, prostitutes, etc) have now taken their collective destiny into their hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels. This spring awakening of the Anglophones can NEVER be resolved by posting bilingual teachers, creating a commission of bilingualism etc.
      The Anglophones are a “people”. They differ from the Francophones. That was the reason SENEGAMBIA collapsed.

      • Canada will collapse.

        “one and indivisible LRC will also collapse into its constituent elements:

        “one and indivisible LRC = SC + 1960 LRC


        • @ Mvomeka

          That your equation relates to a European fabrication. The boundaries and the formation of our country cannot be determined by the Europeans or by their languages. Those days of slavery and colonization are gone. WE ARE BACK TO GOD’S CREATION that can never be changed again. Obosso Cameroon. God,s creation is more powerful than the European’s.

        • @Bobjazz
          Should this fantastic creation also involve stretching out and grabbing Chad, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea as well? Why stop at Southern Cameroons now renamed Ambazonia? Did you say “can never be changed again?” That is an important pronouncement worth remembering.

  7. Since the time for dialogue is over, only Dictator Biya’s war will resolve the Anglophone Question.

    1. If LRC defeats Southern Cameroonians, the country will remain “one and indivisible” FOREVER
    2. If LRC cannot defeat SC, the two AUTONOMOUS nations EQUAL IN STATUS will go their separate ways.

    The right of SELF DETERMINATION cannot be suppressed with the help of the military.
    France has accepted a REFERENDUM as the solution to the New Caledonia Question.

    France did not:

    1. create a Commission on Bilingualism, or
    2. translate the OHADA text or
    3. bribe the Fons to say they were against “secession” or
    4. send the military to commit war crimes or
    5. Shout that France is “one and indivisible”

    • Those were not part of Cameroon when the Europeans were doing their nonsense. They are called Gabon and Equatorial Guinea without the name Cameroon associated. We the majority of anglophones will never accept being separated from our brothers & sisters because of a European fabrication and language. Un point un trait. You are fighting an unwinnable war. There is no way you can defeat Biya and France with your AK-47s. Did you see Trump and Macron today? . No luck for you guys. Our cities might end up in rubble like Raqqa in Syria if you continue with your madness.
      To defeat Biya and France, you need the whole country and not just a small fraction of anglophones who call themselves Ambazonians. You guys are not even capable of occupying a village and you are talking of winning a war.

      • Apartheid came to an end, and it did so wit people fighting a powerful Militia with stones and sticks. Slavery came to an end and it did so with people fighting a wealthy whites with empty pockets. The Civil rights movement came to an end and it did so with blacks waging a war with one of the most powerful nations on Earth. The success of a struggle is more about persistence than all about might! David knocked down Goliath, America lost in Vietnam.

        I am entirely against war, but for how long have Anglophones been complaining. This is the first time Biya has acknowledged our problems, this is the first time that he is attempting to visibly do something about it, the first time an Anglophone, though a rotten seed, is the minister of territorial administration. We’re winning in small strides

        • Apartheid came to an end, and it did so with people fighting a powerful militia with stones and sticks. Slavery came to an end and it did so with people fighting wealthy whites with empty pockets….

          Never underestimate the will of a people when they stand together!

        • @ eyallow,

          MLK didn’t use terrorism neither was South Africa liberated through terrorsm. Intelligence did. I don’t see any intelligence in kidnapping one or two anglophones or killing one or two BIRS when it’s anglophone villagers who are going to pay the price. To me that’s stupidity not intelligence and will never make Biya blink.

  8. Nalova Lyonga awarded a fake certificate to Ekema. why should west Cameroons take more than 800 of 1000 if there was no problem? the very problem that everyone articulated and is jailed for. Atanga Nji says there is no problem, why pretend to solve a problem?
    No ambazonia wants to be bilingual and be in union with republic of CameroUn, that country that keeps payin colonial tax to slave master Francs.”The 11 Components of the French Colonial Tax in

  9. “Nalova Lyonga awarded a fake certificate to Ekema. why should west Cameroons take more than 800 of 1000 if there was no problem? the very problem that everyone articulated and is jailed for. Atanga Nji says there is no problem, why pretend to solve a problem?
    No ambazonia wants to be bilingual and be in union with republic of CameroUn, that country that keeps payin colonial tax to slave master Francs.”The 11 Components of the French Colonial Tax in Africa””

    • @Owon

      what about the UK, they are still collecting taxes ” Commonwealth countries”

    • @ Owon, Nobody is forcing the so-called Ambazonians to join Cameroon. You are free to join the Biafrans. They also want to separate from Nigeria. The boundaries of Cameroon will never be determined by some colonial master’s fabrication or language. Cameroon was Cameroon before the colonial master’s came and divided us for their own economic gain. Fortunately for us, God brought us back together and nobody can ever divide us again.

      • I still can’t understand why these so called “Ambazonians ” can’t pack their bags and leave Cameroon! They get it all wrong and are acting like Cameroon is begging them to stay. How many times are we going to tell them that the territory of Cmr will NEVER be divided? Why can’t they get the massage?
        Stop making live harder for our English speaking citizens.
        “Ambazonians ” = Terrorists.
        “Anglophones ” = English speaking citizens of Cameroon.

        • @Bikutsi

          very true let them park the bags and go back to Nigeria ” with Igbo people “

        • Pharaon Aka Bamendaboy

          Your bamileke people share everything common with the ibos. From keeping skulls in the house, through drug trafficking and disguising as business people with real intent clouded in human rituals. Take the peg out of your eyes before going after the log in ours.

  10. @MVOMEKA

    you can be preaching halleluhahahah

    don’t worry soon the queen Elisabeth will step down lol

    • @bamendayBoy, maybe you cant understand its documented and all over the web, fin out for yourself google this
      ”The 11 Components of the French Colonial Tax in Africa””

      • @Owon

        that is the best you can get ” google more ”

        Cameron will remain Cameroon

  11. The truth is that they willfully created this problem and they know the solution of the problem.For Cameroon to be together,it needs to function like the human body.The human body has several systems that are independent,but at the same time,inter-dependent. The respiratory system is independent from the excretory system,circulatory system and digestive system, but at the same time,they are all interdependent.
    West Cameroon have to be independent from East Cameroon,but at the same time,they should be inter-dependent on each other. When i hear people talk of harmonising the educational system,i laugh.Anglosaxon system is anglosaxon system.Francophone system is francophone system.There is nothing there to ”harmonise”.Just like Fon said, Yaounde is painting keeps painting a rotten apple red

    • @KONGOSA

      the best advice is to beheading all the rebellions we have ” ambasonia member”

      the USA did by killing all native American people and impose one language

      the UK did too

      nigeria did too
      ghana did too
      china did too
      Spain did too
      germany did to and other

  12. Nalova is biyas minister,working for biya in biyas ministry.whatever she does doesn’t concern Ambazonia.
    The day lrc starts talking about our terms of separation,that’s when we will start paying attention.

    • @ Palapala,

      She is an anglophone and not an Ambazonian. I don’t think she is referring to you Ambazonians. Anglophone Cameroonians don’t care about you guys. We have our different fight you guys have hijacked with your terrorism.

      • bobjazz @

        Nowhere in my comment did i refer to her as Ambazonian.the Ambazonian community doesn’t look up to people her like her who dish out fake certificates to tyrants like Ekema.

        By the way,when it comes to recruitment into the public service,96% always comes from lrc.
        They are now sending their new recruits to continue their policy of assimilation on us after the french ambassador flopped in his bid to convince the Bamenda man that he is one with the west man,and that the SW is one with the LT.

        By the way,can you enlighten me of the fight we hijacked because i last time i checked 98% of Anglopones(Ambazonians) want out of the mess our grand parents got us into.

        To all those who said they are going to take on biya in another way,the senatorial elections have come and gone.

        • @ Palapala,

          Stop your Ambazonia lies and propaganda. I was in Cameroon and the majority of anglophones are against your nonsense called Ambazonia. Secessionists have always been a minority in the anglophone community. Biya is our problem and not our Francophone brothers. If you don’t want to be part of Cameroon, you are free to join the Biafrans who also want to separate from Nigeria. After-all some of you separatists like your leader Seseku have a common culture and ancestry with the Biafrans. If you feel more comfortable being with them because of your common culture, you are free to join them. Our protest wasn’t against the Francophones or about separation. It was against the Biya regime’s marginalization and never involved terrorism as we believe in MLK and Gandhi’s tactics.

        • Bobjazz

          Craze dull thing. Shut your Mbouhdam mouth dirty pig. Mouth dirty like Pima for swine. Dirty smelling man.

        • bobjazz @

          You are accusing me of telling lies?why don’t you ask your lrc government to carry out a referendum for us determine the liar between me and you?

          Monopoly to fly into West Cameroon does not belong to you alone.i was there some months ago and travelled vastly from Buea through Mutengene,Bacho,Mamfe,Eyumojock,Batibo,Bali,Bamenda,Mbengwi,Wum,Belo and Banso.

          From what a gathered after my tour of West Cameroon(Ambazonia),i can clearly state that at least 98% of the people are for a complete separation from lrc.
          I think your opinion pool was carried out in Baffoussam,Douala and Yaounde.
          Ambablood might be right that you are not even an a native of the NW or SW because if you truely are,you will not be so much disconnected from the truth on the ground.

  13. This no news nor have any positive result to what is at stake.Tell biya and the family that ,this has nothing to do with the problem at hand.They should stop provoking us. Anyhow we are already in the battlefield,and the gun shall solve our problem when the enemy is kick out of our land.It is just a matter of time.But we regret that, by the time we have our freedom biya may not be alive to see us celebrating victory.Amba forward and backward never. It is a blessing while die fighting for freedom .

    • @ S

      dont forget to go protesting ” UK” with your AK47

    • @ Palapala

      There you go again with your silly lies. Whenever you can’t challenge somebody’s truth you start associating them with Biya. I am from the Mezam division in the NW. I have never supported Biya in any of my write-ups but condemn the stupidity of the Ambazonian tactics. All your madness does is destroy our villages. The anglophone villagers are now running to the Biya regime for protection from your terrorist activities. How can they be Ambazonians when they are running away from you. Ayuk Seseku has really done a good job with your brains.The Ambazonians are a minority and don’t represent the English speaking Cameroonians. You guys are joking with Biya. Wait after he wins the election then you will see de quel bois Biya se chauffe. Your AK-47 and Kalashnikov will be no match.

  14. Why do we need more billingual teachers in Anglophone region more than in the Francophone part? This puzzles me. Are there any hidden plans to assimilate us? Very stubborn gov’t.

    • LRC is totally confused. They claim that Southern Cameroonians constitute 20% of the population.However, they send 90% of the bilingual teachers to the 20% inhabitants in order to “appease” them.

      The 1961 referendum was not about bilingualism. It was about a federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS.
      Creating the commission on bilingualism or DUMPING 90% of so-called bilingual teachers in SC is simply a distraction from the ROOT CAUSE of the Anglophone Palaver.
      Unfortunately for LRC, this generation cannot be tricked like the generation of 1961.


  15. do we have a problem with freedom?why are we not talking about the possibility to install and african language eracing french and english?

    • @Bah,
      Don’t worry. 2035 the Bulu language is going to be the national language in the country.

      • it look like adopting swahili,already used by more than three hundred million africans in east,west,central southern and even some parts of northern africa is more intelligently geo politically speaking.
        the fact it enable africans continent wide to study,comminucate and do business without going through the enemies language seems supreme to creating linguistic units withen territories that will be invaible economically,technically and scientifically in the nearest future.

  16. All This Window Dressing is not Solving the problem in Anglophone Cameroon! Comprehensive Dialogue!

    • There can be a dialogue if Ambazonians can stop their foolishness. It’s only hurting the anglophones and not Biya. When somebody is stronger than you or has more weapons than you in a fight, you use your head to defeat them and not weapons. Using weapons will only cause more harm to you as it’s happening now in our villages. MLK freed the African Americans from the white supremacy system without kidnapping or killing anybody. He used his head and some white sympathizers to defeat the system. We can defeat Biya and France if we can eliminate the hatred of our Francophone brothers and sisters some of us have towards them.

      • Exactly @Bobjazz
        I wonder why they can’t think!
        How can you fight a brute regime with brutality and expect to ‘winn’?

        • @bobjazz,Bikutsi

          VERY TRUE

          let them go and protest ” dog ”

          china is a very very brute regime but that does not stop the USA, EU, and others greats nations in the world to do business with them.

    • And you are quite right. Dialogue in the present climate is a recipe for “DO NOTHING”. As a matter of fact, putting a sample of the interlocutors of this forum around a rectangular or round table to dialogue will simply produce a cacophony and exchange of snide remarks till they leave the problem unsolved.

  17. All greivances have been solved by the government of Cameroon they even decided not to prosecute thousands of ghost workers abroad running empty mouth on this platform for people not to say they are ‘marginalised’ if this is not enough then we will kill whoever don’t want us to live our regular life we have other concerns …

    • Shut your smelly Bamileke latrine you call mouth. With smelly bough like Pima for baboon.

  18. Selling after the market. This should have been done when teachers started the strike. Why should you wait until lots of souls have gone and boys have now had their hands on guns before you start to admit the problem and try to solve the problem. Terrible country.

  19. Anglophones students in Buea were raped, killed just for asking for basic rights at the university.
    Anglophones lawyers were arrested, killed and some jailed for asking to practice common law in West Cameroon,.
    Anglophones teachers have been killed, , arrested for asking for basic teachers in schools in West Cameroon.
    Apartheid in South Africa did not end by the whites appointing blacks as ministers over other blacks such as Nalova and Nji.
    To end apartheid the racist policies had to be addressed not just appointing black peoples, blacks wanted their right to self govern.
    In West Cameroon we want to elect a son of the soil as governor, SDO etc
    Cameroon practices apartheid towards Anglophones it is not about Bilingualism.
    Appointing a Jew to oversee Nazi policies is not freedom

  20. Soyakutsi,
    When I think of what French slaves of your ilk can spew , I laugh myself to sleep. You apologists of the statusquo have been mocking the Anglophones’ relationship and proximity to the Queen of England and now you are competing for a place in the sky making a distinction between Ambazonians and Anglophones. You are doubting why Ambazonians are still in Cameroon? Anglophones displaced by violence have left Cameroon for Nigeria, how many times have you visited them? I see you proudly saying Anglophones are English speakers who must be the ones to stay. 40,000 of them have been displaced by violence, what measures have you taken to come to the aid of these your compatriots who are not Ambazonians? Over to you!

    • Bikutsi didn’t drive them to Nigeria. It was the terrorist activities of the Ambazonians that drove them to Nigeria. All your foolishness does is bring hardship to the anglophone villages. Some are now even running to the Biya regime for protection from Ambazonia terrorists. You can’t even capture a village and you think you can separate Cameroon. Minalmi.

      • If terrorists drive out your loved ones, don’t you go inquire about their wellbeing? The ones going to Mbanga are easy political football for you, now you are stuck explaining away why you haven’t visited those in Nigeria! Weak knee propagandist!

        • There’s nothing, no gestures, no action, that prove that I refer to the monarch of England as my Queen. Unlike me, you sing your national anthem in France, study in French. The currency you use everyday was crafted by the French, your sovereign funds are in the French treasury. So where can we even begin to show that you are a French slave? Bollore considers you human!

        • Have you visited them in Nigeria? I forgot you are busy eating your dog in China. I’m not the one who drove them to Nigeria. It’s the Ambazonian terrorists. Right now I am busy protecting my people in the Mezam division in the NW province from you Ambazonia terrorists. I have nothing to do with Nigeria.

        • Hah hah hah. I don’t know what Ayuk Seseku did to your brains. You are calling others French slaves while fighting to protect some British fabrication during colonization for their national interest called Southern Cameroon. I don’t know how that doesn’t qualify you as a British slave.

      • @ Bobjazz
        I realised that interacting with people like @Ff is a waste of time. The grown-up African man like him is reffering to the queen of England as his queen! The old lady don’t even consider his kind like human!
        Black people are the only race on the battlefield thinking it is a playground. It will take time and energy to wake them up.