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Armed Forces: BIR Commando Training Centre Graduates 1,850

Cameroon Tribune | The Minister of Defence urged the soldiers to be professional, courageous and patriotic.

Some 1,850 new infantry commandos have joined the Cameroon Armed Forces; reinforcing the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) elite unit. The Minister of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo officially declared them members of the armed forces at a graduation ceremony in the Rapid Intervention Battalion Command Training Centre in Man ’O War Bay, Limbe on December 21, 2017.

The graduation marked the end of a five-month technical aptitude training during which the recruits were trained in civility and morality, human rights, international humanitarian law, disarming improvised explosives, physical combat, shooting, among others.

2005 boys signed up for the 2017 contingent of soldiers but some failed the training while others were dropped in the course of training, for diverse reasons. The 1850 recruits who put up satisfactory performance were awarded Certificates of Technical Aptitude.

The top ten of the batch which is the tenth of its kind received prizes from the Technical Adviser at the Presidency in charge of the BIR. Minister Beti Assomo told the soldiers that the graduation marks the beginning of their career in the armed forces and urged them to be professional, courageous and patriotic in the exercise of their daily duties, which in conjunction with the duties of every other citizen, will lead Cameroon to emergence by 2035.

Quoting President Paul Biya’s recent resolve to stop ongoing hostilities in Anglophone regions and bring perpetrators to book, he emphasised it is now more important than ever for the military to exercise its duty of securing the integrity of the state, and protecting human lives and properties. Minister Beti Assomo ended his stay at the Man ’O War Bay with a security meeting with top officials of the armed forces.

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  1. The Ambazonian Defence Force ( ADF ) is ready for them.

    • As a reminder, Man-o-war bay is located in Bimbia, Victoria ( Southern Cameroons ) It is a historical site of memory linked to Slave Trade and slavery. It is the site of an old slave trading port where slaves were assembled for exportation to Europe and America during the slave trading period.
      Due to its cultural and historical importance, any government worth the name would have developed it for tourism. This would have attracted many tourists and provided jobs for the youths of VICTORIA.
      While the the Junta in Etoudi continues to develop Kribi for tourism, she decided to transform the historical slave port in Bimbia into a military base. Tourists are afraid to go there. Soldiers from this base from time to time conduct their “kale kale” using the citizens of Victoria as their guinea pig

      • “…..will lead Cameroon to emergence by 2035” ????


        Even a dog in an animal shelter knows that LRC can NEVER EVER emerge by 2099 let alone by 2035.

      • MVOMEKA….how can you explain the fact,you prefer using the name victoria that was forced un us to cut us from our land and make us objects of the queen?does that show respect to our ancestors who paid with their lifes to defend the land we call home today?it is not more appropraite to retain the name that was given by our ancestors?instead of betraying their memory, behaving like traitor ndah ngreh mandela who decided to join the enemy allowing all riches of south africa in the hands of the oppressor,even refusing to change the names of cities where our people were slaughtered and names changed to those compatible with the enemies mession of our phisical extermination?

  2. Any Ambazonian in that gang should defect immediately to the ADF.

  3. 2017 is drawing to its logical end and Cameroonians must be waiting patiently for the end of year message from their leader. Instead of hurling missiles at fellow citizens, this is the time for patriots to post messages that can give the president important ideas to incorporate in his speech.

    Already US president, Donald Trump has taken the initiative to encourage an anxious child to expect Santa Claus and his goodies from CAMEROON.
    Happy New Year to all those who will show a change of heart and be more understanding of the plight of the suffering masses.

    • Wise message.

      • Southern Cameroon militant Kills Commander, 2 gendarmes in Ndian Division

        26, December 2017

        Two Gendarmes and the Commander of the Toko Brigade in Ndian Division have reportedly been shot dead in an ambush earlier on Christmas day, CNA has learned.

        The house of the SDO for Ndian Etta Mbokaya Ashu has allegedly been set ablaze by unknown armed men.

        A resident confirmed to CNA that “Information from my village Toko – 36km from Mundemba head quarters of Ndian Division says there was an attack leaving some persons dead.”

        The government is still to react on this development. Cameroon News Agency has learned the corpses have been deposited at the Mundemba hospital mortuary. But we are yet to confirm the modus operandi of the attackers and what actually transpired during the shootings.

    • You are acting like our men of the pulpit. Instead of carrying the massage, even on Xmas
      day, to the army doors to preach peace to them, they stay in the church houses and
      tell the oppressed instead, to maintain peace.
      Did you and them, undertstand this?

  4. ALL TV,S should be Switch off in Ambaland ,No Ambazonian should watch the end of year message of L,a republique de Corruption Dictator on TV.All Ambas should wear black and Switch all TVs off.

  5. The Ambasonian president,HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe will be addressing the nation on the 31st of Dec 2017 on the Ambasonian state television, SCBC live, at exactly 8:00PM Ambasonian time.This would be his first end of year message to the nation. Am sure it is almost at the same time that the president of LRC,Paul Biya will be addressing LRC.

  6. You and your family will regret if you are sent to the Anglophone region.
    Train more soldiers while your people are dying in poverty, poor schools, no hospitals , no roads. You and your gang are involved in Sects. Where is Yahya Jammen of Gambia?
    Time will tell wicked dictator Biya.

  7. The military isn`t doing what their minister, claims they are trained and sent to the field
    to do.
    Or is that what they are doing in Mamfe and other areas of Ambaland?
    Just this alone, makes gov`t of lrc under biya, surely guilty of crimes against humanity.
    They tell the people we are protecting you, only to turn around and kill them etc with
    This carnage is continuing, because even those who should stop it, have refused to
    do so, probably waiting to benefit some way, from this without minding it will all
    be dirty and bloody gains.

  8. Good news coming for Ndian county .the commander of Toko brigade and two gendarmes have been gunned down by our brave ADF Forces.they met their fate on their way terrorizing the peace loving people of Ndian. LRC Sdo for median like all other illegal occupants of LRC who have been granted person non-grata house was set ablaze on Xmas day to taste the same fate LRC thugs inflicted on our hardworking and peace loving citizens of kembong in Manyu county. The struggle continues

  9. Even in the darkest sky there are some bright stars and we should be grateful for those. While some officers in uniform use their weapons “in legitimate self defence” and expect to be eventually decorated, others dutifully seek and arrest criminals and sanitize our society. That is exactly what some law enforcement officials did when they trailed an armed gendarme murderer from Douala and arrested in his hideout in a student dormitory in Soa, near Yaounde.
    Takam Wamba had used his weapon to murder his gendarme boss and two civilians before taking to his heels.

    He was brought from Yaounde back to Douala, the scene of the crime. This is what Cameroonians have been asking for – to try any criminals in the jurisdiction of their crime, not in Yaounde.
    Bravo to our Sherlock Holmeses
    Good job!

  10. Biya may parade these ewondo boys as much as he wants. In a recent visit, I watched how they operated when deployed to stop the seleka infiltration into eastern Cameroun. The rapacity of these guys in terms of indulging in extracurricular activities-mainly large bottled beer consumption, and of course insatiable affinity for ‘bearded meat,’ reminded me of Bataya the Lazy Farmer! BLF was a a notorious tapper, but all he did was get up early in the morning pick up a ten liter gallon, fill it with wine from the trees of other farmers, and rush to the market. Then one day fate got the better of him. He fell in the hands of the owners. Bataya returned home in a traditional coffin! Those Mamfe boys are to be feared! Be afraid ewondo militia, be very afraid!

    • You will be shocked to learn that most graduates of this promotion are actually grassfielders.
      I have the list if you need it.
      Your assertions are just plain garbage and no need to entertain you on the subject of tribes.

  11. this kind of internal confusion creating a contradicting situation base on foriegn imposed identities is prove we still do not understand that the world is in war;economic war.while farmers in thailand are growing rice that will be imported and consumed in cameroon with hard currency creating futher trade deficit.we are talking futile issues.

  12. What this Francophone morons in this forum fail to understand is that,in a dialogue,u don’t dialogue with your partner.U dialogue with an adversary,or an enemy,if u like to use that word.But,Biya and his Francophone brothers are struggling to choose a partner within the anglophone community to dialogue with..Until they have been saying that they have nobody to dialogue with.Ha ha ha ha…what a joke.According to them,it is either their way,or the highway…That is why HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe have said ”bring it on” If it is the highway,we are well equiped to go the highway.The level of this conflict shows that it is not only Cameroonians that would sit down and resolve this conflict.We already have more than 10.000 refugees in Nigeria.UN,AU,France,Britain and Commonwealth must be present.

  13. 1850 killers,who cares?Gadafi had better elite forces yet he still went down.

  14. **** BIYA Withdraws BIR, Sends RASS to Manyu ****

    “La Republique du CameroUn finally admits defeat of BIR special forces in Manyu but refuses to give up …
    And now, Etoudi moves to next military strategy : the withdrawal of gendarmes, police and BIR from combat in Manyu to replace with a dangerous and special force you probably haven’t ever heard of before. AmbaNews source at the presidency of La Republique revealed that a secret military force called RASS – Régiment d’Artillerie sol-sol – has been notified to be deployed to Manyu and other trouble areas in Ambazonia.”

    My take

    The BIRs have been defeated. RASS will also be defeated.


  15. 1,850 x 10 = 18,500.
    Cameroon Army = 15,000 personnel!
    Is Biya converting the entire Army into BIRs?
    Why is the raison d’être if not to cement his homosexual behind on the power seat?